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Day 6 Reintroduction


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Finished my Whole30 with flying colors. The first few days had me grumpy and with headaches, which I attributed to sugar hangover. Those were over by day 6. I kept a detailed diary in my Day by Day book.  

The only other negative symptoms  I had were a tension headache/neck and shoulder ache for about 30 minutes - one hour after eating chicken breast on zucchini noodles with compliant marinara sauce on Day 26. I had chicken and marinara on zoodles the following night, with no symptoms.

I have experienced the same tension HA/neck ache the past two days after lunch. I meal prepped a compliant white chicken chili that I ate for the past three days. On Day 4 of reintroduction, I added a serving of black beans to the chili and had no negative symptoms. The past two days have been Day 5 and 6 of back on the Whole 30. Both days I had the HA/neck ache with mild gastric pain for 30 minutes to an hour directly after eating lunch.

The recipe was one that I had made before I started the Whole 30 and loved it. This one: https://therealfoodrds.com/slow-cooker-white-chicken-chili/

Any insight in to what may be causing the symptoms? And why only on days 2 and 3 of eating the recipe? The only thing I can think of in common is tomatoes in the marinara and bell peppers in the chili.. both nightshades. However, I have eaten tomatoes and bell peppers in other recipes both raw and cooked without symptoms.

Any ideas or similar experiences to share? I feel like finding these things out is the point of the Whole 30, so any help would be appreciated!

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