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KTCan's Log- Started 4/9/18


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Hello!  Today marks my 1st day on the Whole30 and I'm excited and apprehensive :) I'm using this log forum for accountability and to learn more from others who are also on this journey. In general- I consider myself "healthy" and working out (running/lifting) are already incorporated into my lifestyle- however I have found that my desire for sugar over the past couple of months has increased with my energy decreasing.  I also have noticed an increase in acne, extra bloat, and just an overall feeling of lethargy.  I want a re-boot!  I also want to get back to eating more whole foods and eliminating the sugar dragon!

My goal here is to feel an overall improvement in my energy levels, my sleep, and cut the unhealthy relationship I see building in sugar and processed foods.  Losing weight isn't a priority but a few lbs would be an extra bonus on top of my goals listed above.

Advice/feedback here is welcome! 


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Today is day 2 on the Whole30. As noted in day one my main goals are to: reduce my sugar consumption, increase my energy levels, and gain more focus.

Day 1 recap: not too bad- I enjoy whole foods in general and I know that prepping in advance is key to success.  I was able to stock up on compliant groceries and do some prep work on Sunday to start fairly well on Monday. I didn't get as much as I'd like done, but with the husband traveling for work I only need to prep/cook for myself and my two-yr old.  Therefore day 1 went overall well.  No major hunger issues, although I am more of a 5 mini-meal eater than 3 larger meals so curbing the mid-am and mid-pm snack is tougher for me right now.  I did pack small compliant protein & fats to eat during these timeframes and made sure I ate them before and after my workout yesterday- which worked for me.  I did find that I was bored after 6:30p...this is my "snacking" time with my daughter if I'm still hungry (or bored) after dinner with no one but her and I home. (Watching Disney Jr, playing barbies, and being stuck inside at night as it's still cold here in NH- can make a girl quite bored ;))

I did survive however and went to bed at 9:30p...had a tough time getting to sleep for some reason, I would think I'd be exhausted but my mind was in overdrive.

As far as foods for my first day- it went something like this:

Breakfast: - 2 over-hard eggs, with a 1/2 sweet potato, a 1/4 slice avocado w/ sea salt + 1 cup black coffee

Lunch: 4oz of lean organic grass fed beef, 1 pickle spear (no sugar in brine), romaine lettuce wrap, 2 TBSP of fresh salsa, 1 clementine

Pre-Workout: 5 Kalamata olives + 8 cashews + 1 cup of green tea

Post-Workout: celery + 2TBSP of crunchy almond butter

Dinner: 4oz of grilled chicken breast w/ rosemary, basil, and garlic, 7 asparagus spears with a dash of olive oil and lemon, 1/2 white sweet potato

Oh and WATER, WATER, WATER all day with lemon...and 1 la Croix seltzer after dinner

Onto day 2 today- will log again tomorrow for more accountability!


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Hey, @KTCan77 -- I've merged your two topics, just keep adding posts to the end of this one so your log stays together and you can easily find all the posts.

Have you checked out the meal template? You can download it here:  https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/ 

For each meal, add one or two of the fat sources listed, generally in addition to any oil you've cooked in as much of that remains in the pan and isn't consumed. The template also addresses the pre- and post-workout meals -- your pre-workout is fine, if it worked for you, but post-workout you want protein and optionally some starchy vegetable, with little or no fat. Also, fill your plate with veggies. Lots and lots of veggies.

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Checking in for my accountability- on Day 5 here.

Thus far I believe all of my meals have been W30 compliant- and there have been definitely some ups & downs this week, however I'm feeling pretty good despite the downs.

Meals today on the books...


- Pike's Place Coffee- black

- 2 eggs over medium with onion, garlic and basil, 1/4 sliced avocado. 1 compliant apple sausage, and 1 cup of diced & roasted sweet potato and cauliflower

- 1/2 banana with 1tsp of Almond butter


- 5 oz organic ground chicken cooked with garlic and basil + coconut aminos with roasted broccoli & onions + 1/2 purple potato

Plan for dinner:

- 1 "naked" organic turkey burger, over lots of greens & veggies, with t1bsp of Tessamae's zesty ranch dressing, Kalamata olives with a side of fresh salsa and a pickle spear (no sugar or chemicals in pickle brine :))

Additional thoughts on how I feel:

- Pretty normal the first couple of days, sleep has been an issue since my 2 yr old was born and there are nights she still doesn't sleep through the night so I'm privy to waking up multiple times during the night- whether she gets up or not.

- I do have to frequently pee (sorry if TMI), and I am used to that as I typically consume a lot of water throughout the day- but as of day 1 on Whole30 this has increased even more so!  Especially in the middle of the night...reminds me of being pregnant again, lol.  I have heard this is normal and may subside once my system balances out.

- Days 3 & 4- a little more sluggish- but over in decent sprits...however I definitely noticed on day 3 I was more crankier than normal and feeling more emotional lately. Sleep still is erratic.  I'm hoping to see some improvement in the "dullness" of my skin on this journey and less hormonal breakouts!

- Day 5: is today and thus far, I'm feeling pretty good! 

I am entering my first Whole30 weekend!  For me typically I'm pretty on point with most food/drink during the week- and on my weekends I'm more relaxed and tend to indulge more- so I'm sure this weekend (if not all!) will be a challenge for me.  We shall see...




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