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I just started my period yesterday. I am day 13 of my first whole30. Last night, I felt like I could ear everything. I did a bad thing... I ate 2 whole bananas and an apple all sprinkled with cinnoman and almond butter! Ahh! I'm feeling very bloated and not so good this morning! I'm just looking for some motivation to stay away from those "late night deserts" ! Help!

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Thanks for the post @_keli and the advice @ladyshanny .

Oh boy, PMS today in the final week of my 1st Whole30...wow. I only have PMS once in a long while, usually in a high-stress month, like now. This PMS came out of nowhere like a ton of bricks. Finally dawned on me today why I wanted to EAT ALL THE THINGS and KILL ALL THE THINGS. Makes a bit more sense why I've been overdoing the apples and almond/sunflower butters last couple of days as treats to satisfy my PMS sweet cravings. Good news is I've learned so much about clean healthy mindful eating on Whole30 that I know this too shall pass and I'll get back to normal eating and normal hunger soon when the crazy hormones finally subside. Ok, thanks for listening to my PMS rant. 

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