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Wow!! Worked for me.


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52 year old whte male/5' 10". Starting at 209lbs, I am down 25lbs so far to date, with my target goal weight of <179 by 6/16/18.  My first round started 1/2/18. By the end of the first round on 2/2/18 in time for the Superbowl, I had lost 15lbs. From 2/2 to 4/16, I continued to eat 90% healthy, but deviated with some alcohol, dairy, and grains. I had gained just a couple pounds, and was feeling a bit sluggish so I decided to go full force, and started again on 4/16/18 and just completed my second round of Whole 30 today (5/18/18), down another 12lbs. At this point, I have become used to not eating certain foods, and getting creative  with finding alternative salad dressings, oils, sweet stuff (dates are the best) and meal planning. I actually eat more now  (all healthy) throughout the day and stay full longer. Plus trying different foods and preparing in different ways has helped. Not to mention wifey is a little happier I am making dinner a couple nights during the week and also going to the market.

For me, the weight really started falling off after the 1st week(s) I started the plan(s). My wife started in April also, but lost only a pound and was discouraged. However, she started cross fit training, so what I think was happening, and I could tell visually, his her weight shifted from muffin top to a much toner upper body; muscle occupies 4x less space than fat. And she did not really need to lose poundage like I did. As for me, I would exercise a little here, a little there, where ever and when ever I could, never putting emphasis on duration or reps; 10 push ups here, a few crunches, a short walk, a couple of floors up/down stairs, and I kept a barbell at my desk. Little by little I would increase it, but no pressure on myself, and just kept mental note as to my increases.  I saw the shift in weight, lost a lot of the puffiness in my face and neck, and I just feel better overall. Now, since I have some time behind me with the exercising, I am starting to keep track and set little goals. For example, I try to complete 80 pushups, 40 air squats, 20 crunches, and 30 arm curls in a day. So I do it whenever I have the time. Also what I have noticed is I go to sleep quicker, and pop up out of bed even after only 6.5hrs of sleep; I just can't lay there, I have to get up. I am not sluggish anymore, my mind is firing better, and everything is "regular." My 10 and 12yr old boys are amazed. I haven't ran for 10 years, so this week I did a 1 mile walk/run (more walking). In time, I will increase the distance and maybe keep time.

My high school weight was 165, and although that is not my target weight, it seems with this plan that my body is trying to fix and rectify the food and drink abuse I have put it through over the last 35 years. I will continue to eat this way, with the occasional indulgence here and there for special occasions. I just feel better overall; less stressed, more calm, less pain in my joints, and more willing try different things that I would not have before. In 9 months,  I will be 53. I can be 53 on my way to getting healthier, or I can be 53 and live my life as I did before. Either way, I am going to be 53. 

Lastly, Iwent for the trifecta of going on Whole30, no drinkking, and even quit smoking after 37 years (started at 15). But the way I am eating, despite the amount, I am still losing weight. Whole30 takes some work in planning your meals, snacks, especially if you have kids you also cook for. Make sure you always have snack food around in case that will satisfy your hunger as that is when you are at your weakest. Bonus, you are going to save a lot of money on eating out.


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On 5/15/2018 at 12:51 PM, steve52 said:

I will be 53. I can be 53 on my way to getting healthier, or I can be 53 and live my life as I did before. Either way, I am going to be 53. 

Love this!!!

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