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I'm Committing... (Yikes!)


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I'm still in the preparing phase at the moment, but have decided on a start date for my Whole30, well sort of... Lol. My start date will be either May 28th or 29th. Which it is will depend on when I'm done preparing to start over the weekend. 

It all feels a little daunting, but I think it's time I give it a try. I've heard a lot about the Whole30 over the last year, and have also really struggled with my weight and energy levels over the last couple of years, so I think it's time to give this a shot. 

Any words of advice?! I'd appreciate them all.

Send good vibes! <3 :) 

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If it feels daunting, I'd go read success stories, and I'd highly recommend It Starts with Food. It goes into the science behind why you may be struggling with your weight and energy levels and how this program should help.

Good luck!

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First off, you can do this!! It's totally worth it! 

Here are my words of advice:

  • Understand the meal template. I'm surprised how many people undertake this journey not understanding the recommendation on how to structure your meals. If you aren't familiar with it, here it is: https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf
  • Always, always, always read labels. Learn what ingredients are and are not allowed, and make a habit of reading your own labels and doing your own research (hopefully you already understand that the Nutrition Panel and Ingredient List are not the same thing - Whole30 only cares about the Ingredient List). Don't just trust that something is "Whole30 Approved" just because some random blogger says it is. 
  • Check out Paleo Running Momma! She's my very favorite Whole30 food blogger and I love her recipes. My mostest favorite recipe is for her spinach artichoke twice baked potatoes. Here's a link to her blog: https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/. Her Whole30 section is reliable but still always check for yourself! 
  • Ground yourself in your reason for doing this and remind yourself of your goals if you're having a rough patch. 

Anyway, best of luck to you!! 

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