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Staying On Program 365

Nancy Warner

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Just now, Nancy Warner said:

My husband & I are feeling great on the Whole30. Tomorrow is day 30. Is there any harm in just staying on the program and making it a Whole365?

Nancy Warner

Harm persay?  No, nothing bad will befall you.  Is it what we want for you? To follow someone else's rules 365? Nope.  You can make your food freedom plan WholeNancyWarner... reintroduce the things you feel you may ever want to eat and then incorporate or exclude them from your own rules as you see fit.  It would be extremely onerous to ask at every restaurant forever whether they put sugar in their sauce or what oil they cook in... if you find during your reintroductions that a bit of sugar in ketchup and soy oil occassionally when eating out doesn't bother you, then that makes your life a heck of a lot easier.  You don't have to go back to the inflammatory foods that cause pain or unwellness for you, but you should do the reintroduction so you know what those foods are... 

Knowing whether ice cream on a sunny boardwalk is going to send you running to the outhouse or spiraling into a sugar binge would be good info because it's likely that at some point, you may want a summer sunny day treat and you should know what that treat is going to do.

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