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Can I have lily starch?


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Hi everyone,

I'm on day 13 and generally very happy. 

Tomorrow I wanted to make something that requires some starch to make it hold its form. I've not been able to find most of the approved thickeners or starches in shops, but I do still have lily starch at home. I tried searching the forum and the internet but couldn't find any information.

Is it allowed or not? 

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the reply.

It's Japanese and made from the Dogtooth violet plant, here's a link also http://www.eat-japan.com/j_recipes/glossary/flour-a-starch/katakuriko 


It's made from the bulbs of these plants: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erythronium_japonicum

I'm sorry if lily starch was misleading. It was translated as such on the packaging. I'm not a native English speaker. 

Very often now katakuriko is just potato starch but the one I have is the proper one. I usually use it to dust mochi to keep them from sticking to everything. Obviously I'm not making mochi right now. 

I plan to do gyoza filling without the gyoza skin, since I've found in the past that leftover filling makes for excellent burgers or meatballs. But with the added cabbage it won't really keep its shape without a bit of starch, it falls apart when frying, it's too wet. 

Just for curiosity's sake, potato starch is ok or not?

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Thanks, that's good to know, only unfortunately I don't have any right now. And shops are closed here on Sunday.

Sorry if I just didn't understand right. So the "lily starch" is in or out or you can't say at this time? 

I'll find another way and just fry it in its loose form, worst case, would just like to know as I planned to wrap them with grilled aubergine :)

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