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constant hunger

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Okay, I’m on day 5 and experiencing constant hunger.  I’m oddly hungry WHILE I am eating, like can’t eat fast enough, and hungry immediately after.  I would eat broccoli and steak, it’s not sweet-specific or even food-specific.

background: mom of a 2 year old and 1 year old.  Breastfeeding both kids.  Triathlon and half marathon training.  Generally active lifestyle.  Prior to this whole 30 I ate a healthy grain-heavy diet (oatmeal for breakfast, salad with protein and quinoa or brown rice for lunch, protein+starch+veg for dinner.  Definite sugar junkie: afternoon while kids nap & evening after they go to bed I would have dark chocolate or homemade raw chocolate with cacao sweetened with maple syrup, portion control is hard here). Prior to whole 30 drink 1 gallon of water per day plus electrolyte beverage after workouts.

sample day:

1.5+ gallons of water.

5:30: coffee with fat (coco oil or ghee) liter water

7:30: 3 hardboiled eggs.  2 large handfuls of kale, steamed, 1/2 sweet potato, a tomato, chia seeds and nuts on top.

8:45: handful nuts

9:00: run with double stroller 

10:15: water with lime juice and salt

11:30: 1.5xpalm sized piece of salmon, over half a zucchini, a baked potato with coconut oil, a cup of broccoli and some beets.  (All veg cooked), sliced black olives.  Hungry immediately after eating this.

2:30: hard boiled egg, 1/2 avocado

3:00: 15 mile bike ride

5:30: bone - in pork chop, large sweet potato, sautéed green beans, salad dressed with oil & vinegar

8:00 starving again - more salad topped with nuts, leftover salmon, banana & almond butter.


Do I have a tapeworm or what? Also of note I am feeling very angry for no reason but I read that is a normal phase.

Do I just need to get used to a different feeling from not eating grains? 

Help please and thank you!

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43 minutes ago, mamaoleary said:


background: mom of a 2 year old and 1 year old.  Breastfeeding both kids.  Triathlon and half marathon training.  


You are not eating enough food for a person who is training for marathons/triathlons while also keeping TWO other humans alive with your own body. Nope.

We recommend 4-full meals for breastfeeding women, pre and post workout food (protein and fat before, lean protein and starchy veggie after). You need to eat way more food.

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Noted, and thanks.  Maybe a “duh” question, like, if you’re hungry, eat! But the volume seems huge to me.  

Ill try adding a full meal maybe when I wake up.  My toddler told me after nap today I “only have tiny milk”, so hopefully I can keep up my supply while doing the w30.  


Thank you for the feedback!

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