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5th day into my first time


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I'm on Day 6, and until yesterday afternoon I thought I had no side effects...and then I was just depressed af, cranky and craving, and realized I had had a headache all day. Woke up with a headache this morning and it went away pretty fast, but it took me until about 3 to stop feeling useless and start feeling more myself. I guess I was hoping my body would go along with the Day groups outlined in the book, but it seems like mine are all mixed up. Makes me wonder whether worse is coming or if it's going to start getting better soon since I'm clearly on a different schedule.


Also, I went ahead and started last Tuesday despite knowing my birthday is the 12th, am def going off plan, but planning on restarting the next day. Wondering if my second First 10 Days will be as bad as the first? Or will my 9 days of eating balance that a little? I guess I'll find out...

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