Day 2.


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A 2-day fast (only lemon water), was a precursor to me finding the whole-30 program.

I Immediately knew I was gonna do it! I had to restart once for getting excited that a hummus had no bad additives in it, and after a lick, realizing The garbanzos itself were a no. I laughed it off thanks to my husband reminding me it's the learning process. Thank God for him!!

I fast for God, but it does have its physical benefits, and I believe it helped kickstart my whole-30. I also have nutritional experience, this is FUN and I already googled "whole30" shirt because I'd rep it.

to be honest, I'm having a bowel movement now and it's quite nice. Yesterday not so much. So I cut nuts down a bit. I also had salmon for lunch. Salmon and I are in love. 

Im experiencing heightened focus, mood, facial complexion, and I understand what a sugar dragon is, because I'm less rigid or uptight. Hoping for the best!


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Day 3,

im much more tired today...I've started eating potatoes, and I ate a lot for dinner. I think I'm overeating, or that the first 2 days I was just hungrier, so I'm going to switch to smaller portions. 

Sleeping like a baby princess, and waking up feeling good. I'm skipping stairs again when I run up the stairs. I'm mainly athletic, but inflammation and bloat, and pain slows me down from crap food. 

Cheers to another good night sleep! 

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Day 5,

im starting to experience gurgling in my tummy, and a little gassy. I feel great otherwise. The complexion in my face is the most noticeable I think, and also my mood is elevated. 


I have a headache, overall I'm very happy. 


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1 hour ago, Serenityhcost said:

I made pesto today!! So exciting, I'm gonna put it on everything!

If you like pesto, you should try the Moroccan Dipping Sauce here: It's a good recipe for chicken too, but the sauce is definitely the best part.

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