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Snack ok or muscle through?


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4th whole30 underway here! I'm 16 days in and still really working on my relationship with food, no snacking, and cravings (I'll likely extend past the 30 days to keep working on this). 

I am still getting hungry in between meals, so looking for recommendations if I should truly be eating a mini meal or try to muscle through and it's just some adjustment phase... 


Meal 1 {anytime between 730 and 9 am depending on hunger and my schedule) 

Broccoli or Brussel sprouts, 1+ palm full of chicken or turkey, and 1/2 avocado

Usually hungry around 10 or 11 am... Have been trying not to snack... 

Meal 2 around 12-130pm

Big salad with peppers, zuchinni, etc and lettuce. 1+ palm of chicken or turkey, 1 tbs olive oil with dressing 

Hungry around 330 or 4

Meal 3 around 730 or 8 (yes, we eat that late) 

Another big salad with grilled veggies, 1+ palm chicken or turkey, evoo drizzled for dressing 

Cravings after dinner but that's just MA trying to break the habit of seconds or munching. 

Since there's so much time between my meals (especially 2 and 3) I'm thinking a mini meal may be ok? Maybe more cruciferous veggies in meal 2 as well? I 

Water intake is 120+ and I'm also taking electrolytes. 


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I'd go for a little bit more substantial Meal 1. Maybe up the protein and fat some because it should be pretty doable for Meal 1 to keep you not hungry from 7:30am until noon. 

You're pretty low on fat all around so that isn't helping with not getting hungry. But that long stretch from Meal 2 to Meal 3 would leave anyone hungry. I'd go for a mini-meal. 

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