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  1. Ningxia Red

    All of those products are designed for "weight management" and "appetite management", so they are supposed to mess with your body's natural hunger signals. They really don't belong in a Whole30, even if it's a patch and not a pill.
  2. Reintroductions with a cold/cough

    I agree with Andrew. I would definitely wait until you're feeling well again. The steroids, medicines, and just generally feeling icky will make it really hard to gauge whether or not a reintroduced food is messing with you.
  3. Appetite

    If tracking and seeing you're typically eating 900 calories didn't tell you that you're not eating enough, then I'll say it: you're not eating enough. Make a point to wake up in time for breakfast. If you eating eggs, it should be as many as you can hold in your palm without dropping them. Then veggies and fat. Start with getting a proper breakfast and then see how you're feeling.
  4. Muscle Cramps

    Are you getting enough water? 1/2 oz per lb of body weight?
  5. Kirkland (Costco) Tamari Almonds

    Just in case anyone searches and wonders about these *during* a Whole30, tamari is a gluten-free soy sauce, so that would make them non-compliant.
  6. Favorite crunchy foods

    Sometimes if I just really want something to crunch on, I'll add some raw apple or carrots as a part of a meal. There's something inherently satisfying in sinking your teeth into an apple and knowing it's still a healthy addition to my meal.
  7. My mayo turned out bitter :/

    I typically make mine in a mason jar with an immersion blender. If it tastes metallic, but the oil is fine, quiltbabe's right, it might be the bowl.
  8. Day 27...I need some help

    Fruit is recommended as 0-2 servings per day. No one *needs* fruit. Pre-workout should be protein and fat, so I'd ditch the carrots. Post workout should be lean protein and maybe a starchy carb (might have those carrots post workout...). Your workouts are likely suffering because you're frequently doing multiple workouts a day and not eating enough as a result. Are you getting sufficient rest? You mention you're drinking a lot of water, but how about electrolytes? Are you salting your food and, with that much exercise, getting enough potassium and magnesium? First thing I'd say is to get rid of the dried fruit and nuts. Completely remove them from your house and don't buy more. If they're not in the house, you won't be able to graze on them. After that, make sure you're actually getting those post-workout meals. If you're only going to have one workout-related meal, post-workout is preferred.
  9. Apple cider

    Because no alcohol is allowed, the recipe is *NOT* referring to alcoholic cider. Here in the US, apple cider is typically an unfiltered apple juice. You can just use a compliant apple juice in your recipe.
  10. Dealing with sugar withdrawl emotionally

    Try other self-soothing techniques. Go for a walk, work on a craft or learn a new one to keep your hands and mind busy - painting, drawing, knitting, crochet, needlepoint, woodworking, whatever. People generally have difficulty just stopping bad habits on their own. The structure, rules, and tough love of a program like the Whole30 can give people a mechanism to actually succeed in breaking the bad habits. There's no sugar-coating anything (haha! I made a joke!) - you screw up; you start over. If absolutely nothing else works, then it wouldn't be unheard of to seek the help of a therapist for assistance in developing healthy self-soothing mechanisms.
  11. planning stages

    Ginger tea. You can also put ginger in seltzer if the bubbles help settle your stomach. Otherwise, make chicken soup with bone broth and store it in the freezer. Ready to warm up if you do get sick. Most folks also get by with bland foods such as mashed potatoes, softly scrambled eggs, plain grilled or roasted chicken, broths, bananas, that sort of thing.
  12. breakfast and "technically compliant"?

    It's all fat and sugar...where's the protein? Where are the veggies?
  13. Plantain crackers - no flour

    I'd say it's different because there's a lot more processing involved. In making your own plantain chips (which I totally did during Whole30) you're thinly slicing the plantain, maybe tossing it with a little oil, sprinkling on some seasoning and baking. For these crackers, you have to puree the plantain with the fat and then do some baking, cutting, and baking again. It's the cracker equivalent of the banana+egg pancake situation. You can't puree a banana with eggs to make pancakes, so it stands to reason that pureeing plantains (it's like a banana!) with a fat (like eggs but with none of the protein!) and making crackers is a no-go.
  14. What about Gnocchi?

    Yeah...I learned how to make gnocchi in Italy and it was potato, egg, and a sufficient amount of flour to make it the right consistency, plus more flour put out on the board for kneading. It is not simply potatoes and eggs.
  15. Whole 30 on a very tight budget

    I did most of my last Whole30 buying food at ShopRite, on sale, and WalMart. Except for buying some random things like coconut aminos and avocado oil to make mayo, it cost me no more than my usual grocery budget.