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    Yes, often there will be additives, but they're listed in the ingredients. I made canned green beans with dinner last night and the ingredients were: green beans, water, sea salt. And that was a can of green beans that I got for $0.88 in Walmart. There's already salt in them, so I didn't add any salt when I warmed them up. There are also no salt varieties. Nutritionally, unless you're buying super local and none of those fresh fruits and vegetables have been stored and shipped, canned or flash frozen may actually be a better bet.
  2. new - snacking question

    A better bet is going to be a mini meal or something with protein that you can eat quickly. Hard boiled eggs or pouches/cans of tuna. If you can find compliant jerky, that'd do. Protein and fat would be better, just maybe relying less on the nuts.

    As long as you look at the ingredients list (which you have to do on Whole30 anyway), there are no "sneaky additives". Because they have to list everything. There's also an affordability factor when looking at something like a canned salmon vs buying it fresh for something like the fish cakes. I will pass over a recipe calling for fresh salmon because I simply can't afford it. But I can buy canned salmon or tuna when it's on sale and hold onto it for when I want those fish cakes. "Canned is acceptable if you can't find fresh" really does come across as "sorry you're poor, but these probably won't be gross with canned" when you're looking for new recipes.
  4. Itching!!

    Is there something that you used to eat on occasion that you've eaten frequently in the last two days? Definitely sounds like an allergic reaction to something.
  5. Finding Frozen Chicken

    Get yourself a slow cooker and a meat thermometer. My mom used to cook meats to a barely edible death until I introduced her to a meat thermometer. When it reaches the appropriate temperature, it's done. And you can cook practically anything in a slow cooker.
  6. Easily digested foods?

    Blended soups made with bone broth may be hugely helpful to you. It's drinkable, but the bone broth has some protein and there will be veggies. Adding something like coconut milk will bring creaminess and added fat. You can also stir in beaten eggs while a serving of the soup is heating, kind of like egg drop soup from the Chinese restaurant, and those generally don't require a lot of chewing, if any. Good on you for trying to figure out how to continue your Whole30 through these complicated migraines. I really love Mel Joulwan's zucchini soup and cauliflower soup:
  7. horseradish

    As long as there aren't any non-compliant ingredients in the prepared horseradish, it's fine.
  8. Olive Recommendations

    My local Wegmans has them out in the Olive Bar and I've found them at a couple other grocery stores. I think they're gaining popularity.
  9. Olive Recommendations

    I, like you, am not a lover of olives. Castelvetranos are the only kind that I can eat and I actually kind of like them (I'll take avocado over these olives any day but heck if avos aren't expensive sometimes!)
  10. Beef polish sausage

    Looks good to me; is there a particular reason based on the ingredients that you're questioning whether or not it compliant?
  11. What to drink during low-intensity workouts?

    Put a label on the container of BCAAs and write "for power-training only". If it's a low intensity day and you're not sweating buckets, drink water. I teach 5 group fitness classes a week and go to CrossFit 3 times a week. When I'm teaching - all I drink is water. When not on a Whole30, I throw some BCAAs in my water for CrossFit. When it's the middle of summer and I start sweating when I get out of bed, I'll throw a nuun tablet in my water bottle when I go to teach (these are not Whole30 compliant).
  12. Can i have organic honey?

    This post is over 2 years old. Your body isn't able to partition the honey as "oh, this is medicine, so I won't let it trigger a craving for cake". Just like it can't say "this soy is in a medicine so, even though legumes mess me up something horrible, this will be fine because it's medicine". For me, the added sugar every day of going on a "natural" allergy treatment like local honey isn't worth the added sugar because I have an ridiculous family history of diabetes. I'd rather Claritin than Insulin. Regardless, the rules are the rules. No scale, no sugar/honey/stevia/etc.
  13. Is it really that difficult?

    There is, like, one thing you can order at In n Out and one thing you can order at Chipotle. Doesn't really scream to me that there are so many options for eating out at those places... Folks in a forum such as this also are primarily coming here when they need help, so it's going to be a lot of questions and struggles. Sure, there's a fair amount of tough love from some members and the mods (especially re: pancakes) but most of the time it's just people trying to do the best they can and preferring to double check instead of accidentally screwing up and starting over.
  14. This one's in a gelatin capsule This liquid's in sunflower seed oil so it's not ideal, but if you're not relying on nuts and seeds for fat on a regular basis, maybe the 1mL of sunflower seed oil per day wouldn't be terrible? (Not a mod, just positing a theory) This one's in MCT oil from coconut/palm kernel You can get K2 from egg yolks and organ meats, so that one is possible to get from a food source. It is also in fermented foods (such as the natto they derive it from in the liquid you got), so eat up if you like sauerkraut! The process isn't super efficient, but your body can also convert K1 into K2. It's fat soluble but following Whole30 means you're going to get enough fat to make the vitamin bioavailable.
  15. When to eat

    You're missing post-workout mini-meals all over the place. So your body is basically super stressed out because you're not feeding it enough *and* the added stress of 3 workouts a day.