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  1. laura_juggles

    Snack ok or muscle through?

    I'd go for a little bit more substantial Meal 1. Maybe up the protein and fat some because it should be pretty doable for Meal 1 to keep you not hungry from 7:30am until noon. You're pretty low on fat all around so that isn't helping with not getting hungry. But that long stretch from Meal 2 to Meal 3 would leave anyone hungry. I'd go for a mini-meal.
  2. laura_juggles

    Country Archer Beef Sticks

    Those ingredients are fine.
  3. laura_juggles

    Country Archer Beef Sticks

    Without an ingredients list, no one here is going to be able to tell you for sure. Pronounce-ability of an ingredient is not an automatic disqualifier.
  4. laura_juggles

    Paleo Bars?

    For emergency purposes only (as in you're trapped on the runway in an airplane with no idea when you'll get off the plane, not because it's breakfast time and you want something sweet) those ingredients are compliant.
  5. I think in this case, it's time to change cold meds. If you're taking liquid NyQuil, switch to pills. The liquid meds are designed to taste sweet so you can get them down and keep them down, but there's really not much taste to pills.
  6. laura_juggles

    Day 23

    3-4 eggs in one *meal* is typical if eggs are your only source of protein. There are vegetarians who do the Whole30 and eat 3-4 eggs at every single meal. I think you might be falling back on the old, debunked, "eggs are bad" thing. If you're not feeding your body enough and hitting all the major points at each meal (at least 1 palm sized portion of protein, a boat load of veggies, and sufficient *added* fat), then none of the other things you're looking for are going to fall into place.
  7. laura_juggles

    Day 23

    If you have time in the morning to make a smoothie, you have time to reheat an egg bake or some other food you'd previously prepped. That you need a snack is a pretty good indicator that you're not getting enough food in your meals and your breakfast is the first place I'd go to fix that.
  8. laura_juggles

    Coconut cream

    The grapes and coconut cream sounds like it's kind of going down the monkey salad route which is one of those technically compliant but not a good idea situations.
  9. laura_juggles

    Bare Banana and Cinnamon chips

    Any list of compliant foods on a website that is not can't just be taken at face value. Lots of "health blogs" write content to draw in readers without fully researching the actual program they're writing about. Or this could have been written before the "no commercially prepared chips" rule. Either way, the current rules say no commercially prepared chips or deep fried chips regardless of the ingredients. So that's what we're going with.
  10. laura_juggles

    Accidental dairy in breakfast taco?

    It could have been milk in the eggs, it could have been soy in the steak marinade, or you could have caught a bug. If you're already feeling crummy, starting reintros isn't going to be a good idea. You'll have no way of knowing if you're reacting to whatever may have been in the tacos or whatever you just reintroduced. I'd finish out the Whole30, find out every ingredient that was in the tacos, and do those reintros last. It still won't be great, but it'll be better than if you start now.
  11. laura_juggles

    ozzie ceurvels

    We need some more are you feeling discouraged? What were your reasons for starting a Whole30 and what results were you hoping for before the halfway mark? Also, it's really helpful to list out several days worth of meals with portion sizes, timing, water intake, and exercise so the mods can see where you might do well to make a few tweaks.
  12. laura_juggles

    Adding Coconut Butter To Coffee?

    Coconut butter is, like almond butter, ground up coconut meat. I imagine that it would make for a really weird texture in your drink. What about getting the culinary coconut milk in tetrapack cartons instead of cans?
  13. laura_juggles


    Carnitas. For more info, you can google Whole30+Chipotle and there are lots of discussions.
  14. laura_juggles

    I'm Freakin' Tired

    @Cmclean The mods are going to need a good listing of what you've been eating, portion sizes, timings, any exercise, etc in order to really give you better suggestions. Can you list out a couple days' worth of meals?
  15. laura_juggles

    Struggling to Make Mayo

    Congratulations on your mayo, @kaydeebakes!!!