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  1. laura_juggles


    If you are solely relying on your parents to support you, then you're going to have to find a way to help them understand why this is important to you. Make a budget and eat simply.
  2. laura_juggles

    MuscleTech protein shakes?

    it is recommended that you eat real food. Instead of an artificially sweetened shake full of who knows what, have some actual food.
  3. laura_juggles

    Whole30 when you can’t cook

    You can put a sautee pan or cast iron pan on the grill and cook things that way. Grilled vegetables are great. Summer salads. Or get an air purifier thing for the kitchen? Your realtor's got to have a suggestion.
  4. laura_juggles

    Caramel Color in Beef Broth

    Hmm...I could have sworn that it used to be on a couple different lists as a no-go. Hopefully a mod will come in and give a better answer, but I would say that you did your searching and could not find a definitive answer from the official Whole30 resources, so in the grand scheme of things you can just keep trucking along.
  5. laura_juggles

    Day 30 & Still Bloated

    The main thing that strikes me is you're eating only two meals and a fair amount of salads.
  6. laura_juggles

    Can we eat yucca?

  7. Okay...well, it wasn't clear that you were buying them by the case. For Whole30, it's going to have to be citrus juice or freezing. Orange juice may work, but it won't keep them from browning for particularly long. Anything else would be based around sugar, like you said.
  8. Like avocados, buy them in various stages of ripeness. Get a couple that are slightly softer and some that are a little harder...the harder ones will ripen later than the ones that were a little softer when you bought them. Peaches also freeze and thaw pretty well.
  9. laura_juggles

    Is Organic actually better?

    How about the Journal of Toxicology? I'd say it's less of a "carnivore vegan thing" and more of a "science" thing.
  10. laura_juggles

    Is Organic actually better?

    EWG is not a particularly reputable group. There's also a really good article on Influence Watch, but their site's down at the moment, so I can't link there.
  11. laura_juggles

    What can I haver for snacks?

    Rather than put out a carte blanche for snacks, we could try troubleshooting your meals if you post what you've been eating for your 3 meals along with portion sizes.
  12. laura_juggles

    Help! What to do with frozen avocado?

    Just let it thaw and slice it as usual.
  13. laura_juggles

    Are French fries made in an air fryer compliant?

    That's a situation that will largely depend on the person. If she finds herself making air fried fries at every meal and cooking herself several potatoes' worth of fries, she should step back. If they're an occasional inclusion in a mean, they're basically just roasted potatoes.
  14. laura_juggles

    Coffee Smoothie?

    Also keep in mind that lots of bloggers/websites/etc will tag things as "Whole30" when they have literally no idea what the program entails.
  15. laura_juggles

    Day 5 low water absorption

    If you know you've been low on salt, add more salt to your diet. Don't just up your water. That's how you give yourself hyponatremia.