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  1. I'm a little confused...are you doing a Whole30 right now? I'm assuming not?
  2. Honestly, it depends on the recipe. I usually don't use recipes for meat, though, so who knows...
  3. I'm going to kind of lean the opposite way of KTH1010...a brief glance at a nutrition panel for split peas shows over double the amount of carbs compared to protein. The same way nuts have protein but are mainly a fat, I'd say split peas have protein but are mainly a starchy carb.
  4. There really isn't one. Anything that isn't basically a spiralized veggie isn't going to be compliant. I do find that sauces tend to sort of cling to riced veg better than spiralized/julienned. It's one of those situations where you just want to go for eating a curry more like a soup and go at it with a spoon.
  5. I'm guessing/hoping that you stopped eating dairy and gluten after your first Whole30, so you're left with mostly legumes, non-gluten grains, alcohol, and the additives like MSG and carrageenan? Maybe take it as a slow roll reintro of those remaining items? A day for soy, couple days back to Whole30, a day for non-gluten grains, couple days later peanuts, couple days later other legumes? Because, like, if your hands hurt on soy day, but they don't hurt for peanuts or other legumes, then you don't have to avoid all the legumes. Does that makes sense?
  6. "Better" how? Easier? Faster? Healthier? I toss cut up potatoes with a little oil and some salt, then fling them onto a pan and stick it in the oven. There is no reason to complicate roasted potatoes. They're supposed to be an easy thing to make.
  7. Can't say it's definitely a cause of your headaches, but it looks like you may not be eating enough. You haven't listed portions, so it's just a guess, but there's also no protein in your lunch. Are you drinking any actual water?
  8. I haven't seen any actual studies that either vitamin C or zinc help fight SARS-CoV2. It's all anecdotal. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies should be evaluated by a doctor.
  9. I don't know anything about the app, but you probably had to choose Whole30, not vegetarian.
  10. The Nutpods Oat Creamer has oat flour. The Oat Creamer, in any flavor, isn't compliant. It's also a new product, so pretty much any post referring to Nutpods is going to be referencing the original one, which has always been compliant. Basically, if it doesn't say "Oat" in big letters on the front of the package, you should fine (disclaimer - always check the ingredients since companies can change a product's ingredients at any time without notice).
  11. Do you mean dairy milk or something else? Because dairy milk is definitely not okay.
  12. What was not compliant about it? Sugar honestly probably won't make a big deal of anything. Soy/peanuts/dairy/etc could be if those items affect you negatively.
  13. A big part of the Whole30 is getting you to eat whole, unprocessed foods. Fruit juice used in these recipes is, at most, blended and strained. The process to make stevia extract or the white powder we get in those little packets at Starbucks is, well, quite a process. And the resulting product is never just stevia. In the majority of Whole30 recipes where fruit juice is used, the juice is both imparting flavor and cutting bitterness with the sugar. Stevia's only purpose is to make things sweet. It's kind of amazing finding out what things actually taste like when your tongue isn't
  14. Wings tend to be more bone than meat, so if you're going for one palm sized amount of meat for your protein, it'd probably be ~3 palms worth of wings to get a decent amount of chicken.