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  1. Unless you feel icky, then it isn't really something I'd worry about.
  2. A little something like fish sauce for umami and/or some added spice is usually good to counter the sweetness from the coconut aminos.
  3. It's also including the time that it takes to get the pot up to pressure in the "closed pot" time.
  4. If you're someone with a generally robust immune system, no. You totally's a personal choice in that case. If you're pregnant, with small children who may eat it, or immunocompromised, you will likely want to. Personally, I'm allergic to practically every environmental allergen, but other than that I'm pretty healthy. I don't pasteurize my eggs before making mayo. Your local grocery store may carry pasteurized eggs. It's probably just going to be written in rather small font.
  5. Your best bet is going to be to make a fancy fruit salad or something like grilled pineapple or grilled peaches with whipped coconut cream. There really isn't a cake that fits Whole30.
  6. I know that I'm going to be talking about two different species here, but testing for food allergens via bloodwork is notoriously inaccurate for dogs, so I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it was also that way for humans. Have you done a skin prick test? They tend to be much more accurate. You may also not have an actual allergy, but certain foods may not agree with you. You may not be actually allergic to soy or whatever, but your digestive system just struggles to process it. (I know this is really not the most helpful suggestion, is what it is).
  7. I don't know where you're located, but pretty much everyone I know who has even the slightest hint of trouble when the seasons change has been feeling *massively* horrible this week. Started on Sunday for me with an incredible amount of sinus/ear pain and congestion. I'm still not feeling great despite continuing my allergy meds and stacking an NSAID on top of it. Not fun. Hope you're feeling better!
  8. Following for what? The calcium question was answered? Just not sure what info you're looking for.
  9. There really isn't one. Anything that isn't basically a spiralized veggie isn't going to be compliant. I do find that sauces tend to sort of cling to riced veg better than spiralized/julienned. It's one of those situations where you just want to go for eating a curry more like a soup and go at it with a spoon.
  10. Portioning is not a rule because portioning is a very individual thing. The recommendations are based on lots of people having done Whole30s and what has been the most effective. Dude, you're also telling a moderator they're wrong. Just don't. There is no Rule limiting fruit intake, but there are Recommendations. Based on what has been observed to work best for most people. Most people are addicted to sugar and their body isn't going to care if the sugar comes from cherries or chocolate when it's having a craving. Best way to crush the sugar addiction is to cut out the sugar, wherever it
  11. You don't seem to have a lot of fat in those meals. Just cut out some of the fruit and add more veggies. Also, check and make sure you're drinking enough water (roughly 1/2 oz per lb bodyweight).
  12. Also, dude, that list of "worst diets" was a list of "worst diets for weight loss". Absolutely nowhere is Whole30 advertised as a weight loss plan. In fact, it's regularly mentioned that it's not. Lots of people do lose weight on a Whole30 because by giving the body better quality food and not a free pass to snack (lots of those "weight loss plans" basically have you eating little bits of food constantly), folks lose some weight. Blood sugar spikes can cause headaches. What causes blood sugar spikes? Sugary foods, whether it's a Snickers or a Larabar. Most folks don't know how to l
  13. Those E numbers are for nitrates/nitrites which are acceptable. If you can find one without them though...