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  1. laura_juggles

    On day 3

    It could also have nothing at all to do with food. You're just hyper-focused on food right now because you're in the very beginning of your Whole30. Have you done any exercise or carried anything heavy or has the barometric pressure changed lately? Heck, you could also just be low on magnesium and tada, epsom salt bath helped.
  2. laura_juggles

    Sulphites in vinegar

    Give this a read and decide for yourself
  3. laura_juggles

    Sulphites in vinegar

    Any of the ones with sulphites listed in the ingredients, no. Any of the others, yes. So the red wine and white vinegars are okay. The others are not. The balsamic contains caramel color which is non-compliant.
  4. laura_juggles

    Swapples and Beyond Meat

    Beyond Meat products are made primarily of pea protein, so they're out.
  5. laura_juggles

    Zoe's Kitchen - No longer W30?

    I feel like the official stance, as with everything, is check the ingredients at each individual location.
  6. laura_juggles

    Feeling Hungry Often

    It's also 4 for me, but I am not the biggest fan of eggs, so I typically do 2 eggs and some homemade sausage or some other protein. Saves some money because eggs are cheap, but keeps me from hating my meal because it's all eggs.
  7. laura_juggles

    Feeling Hungry Often

    Add some plated fat like avocado or olives. Those tend to be a bit longer lasting than using ghee as your only fat. You likely haven't had an issue after breakfast because your breakfasts have been basically all fat.
  8. Mixed greens, spring mix, and baby lettuces will all go gross a lot faster than the heartier salad greens like iceberg and romaine. They're more delicate and tender so it takes less to make them icky. I bought a 3 pack of romaine 2 weeks ago and finished it yesterday. Not a leaf went bad. If you really prefer the more tender greens, you'll need to buy them in smaller packages more often. I decided that I didn't like them *that* much more and switched to the romaine. It's saved a bunch of money and wasted food.
  9. Skipping lunch and lowballing all your meals like you have been has caught up to you, basically. Set yourself an alarm on your phone to go eat lunch. You're sacrificing how you feel for not wanting to stop working to go eat. The break for lunch is not only good for your overall nutrition, but also for your brain. Trust me; go eat some lunch. Get yourself a couple bags of pre-chopped salad greens and throw them in a mixing bowl with the chicken, olives, and cukes you have in the picture. If you've pre-cooked some protein and have some bagged salad handy, lunches become really easy. You *will* start to feel better when you're getting enough fuel.
  10. "Just try harder" isn't always the most useful thought process. That's what we're here for, though - to offer suggestions that may help you navigate this Whole30 business *smarter*. What about 3 meals a day is hard? Do you get busy with life and forget to eat? Do you have trouble figuring out what to eat when you're hungry so you skip it? If you can give us a little bit of a better idea why you're having trouble with 3 meals a day, we can offer some help. And you're probably not eating enough, which contributes to the foggy hangover, which makes you not eat, which contributes to the hangover, etc etc etc. What are some things you've eaten so far? Might be able to offer some tweaks there too
  11. laura_juggles

    Should I restart

    Vinegar is not a situation where alcohol gets "cooked off". It's similar to how sugar is eaten up in the first fermentation of making kombucha. The alcohol is eaten up to make the vinegar.
  12. laura_juggles

    Should I restart

    My other question would be was it sherry or sherry vinegar? Sherry vinegar is fine and I can't imagine putting sherry in a dressing, but sherry vinegar is delicious.
  13. laura_juggles

    a banana and hard boiled eggs for breakfast?

    @cthew - also, compliant sriracha: or make your own:
  14. laura_juggles

    Substitute for harissa seasoning?

    Harissa is a lot more than just the hot chile pepper. Tomato paste will leave it rather lacking. Here's a compliant recipe for harissa; just leave out the chile.
  15. laura_juggles

    HELP I’m poor!

    Most stores will have one variety or another of frozen veg on sale. I get mine at ShopRite for $0.99 each. Lots of that will get roasted straight from frozen. Other times, I'll turn it into soup. Get the meat that's on sale. Conventionally raised is fine and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Keeping it simple makes it less expensive. You can do it.