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  1. I mean, a pretty easy way to test it is to add a little more fat to your meals and see if that stops your need for snacking.
  2. Unless you're scraping all the cooking fat onto your plate, all that cooking oil really isn't adding much to the total you're eating.
  3. laura_juggles

    Keeping strictly Kosher

    Is there a reason you can't just make a fabulous looking pork chop recipe using chicken instead? Or if there's a recipe that looks awesome but has bacon, you can make it with turkey bacon instead? Most of the time the protein's essentially just a vehicle for the seasonings/sauce.
  4. laura_juggles

    Soy in olive oil cooking spray

    For someone who doesn't have an issue with soy/legumes, probably not (but that doesn't mean you can go back to using the spray during your Whole30). For me, it would have totally skewed my progress and results because I can't tolerate legumes. It's one of those situations where you won't really know until you've gotten them out of your system and then properly reintroduced. But if you're feeling crummy at all, it could be the soy.
  5. laura_juggles

    Sweetener, stevia hydration powder

    Instead of coconut water which, let's be real, is mostly sugar water, you can just get a couple bottles of SmartWater or LIFEWATR or the electrolyte enhanced water that Whole Foods sells under their brand name. It's water with added electrolytes. If you don't like the taste, you could put a couple orange slices or berries in the bottle before heading out on your backpacking.
  6. laura_juggles

    Sugar in whole-cut meats?!

    The reality is that if you eat the turkey, there are not going to be any Whole30 police that show up at your house and stamp across your forehead that you broke the rules. We're adults. Even within the confines of the program, no one's going to slap the turkey out of your hand. But no, that turkey is not compliant because it contains added sugar (which is clearly called out as not allowed per the rules). The official line from anyone is always going to be "don't eat the turkey", but you do you.
  7. laura_juggles

    Sugar in whole-cut meats?!

    Because not eating added sugar is in the rules. Putting in exceptions would make the rules (which are actually simple but get so overcomplicated) even harder for people to understand. Prepackaged turkey breasts or tenderloins are very often brined before they are packaged and the overwhelming majority of brines contain sugar. The turkey will keep in the freezer (or heck, return it to the store and tell them you didn't realize there was sugar in it and you can't eat it) and chalk it up as an unfortunate lesson that you need to read every single label every single time.
  8. laura_juggles

    What if I skip Saturated Fat?

    Your brain is also ~60% fat and needs a sufficient supply of fat in your diet so it doesn't start eating itself for fuel. Don't skip the fat.
  9. laura_juggles

    Ultimate replenisher

    I can clearly see the rebaudioside A in the ingredients list.
  10. laura_juggles

    Ultimate replenisher

    "Sweetened with stevia". That's a no.
  11. Nuts are generally rough on people's digestion and don't have a really good fat ratio so they're not recommended to be a primary fat source. Fruit is provides a quick hit of sugar and then it's gone. It doesn't provide a sustainable source of energy and can cause blood sugar spikes. A well composed meal that has some fruit in addition to the proper amount of protein, veggies, and fat will be able to slow the digestion of the sugar and moderate the sugar crash. That said, if you have no energy, I'd guess off the bat that something's not quite right in the amount or proportion of what you're eating. We'd need to see a couple days of meals listed out to troubleshoot.
  12. laura_juggles

    Day 22 - Fatigued and Mental Fog

    Not getting enough fat is a *huge* contributor to brain fog. The brain is ~60% fat and needs healthy fats to stay healthy.
  13. laura_juggles

    Diet Coke Dragon

    Those artificial sugars in diet sodas are crazy addictive. You're completely right in that it's like an ex-smoker who still wants a cigarette. I would recommend not giving in and having a diet coke on day 31. Do the other reintros and save diet soda for last. Personally, I loved Quest bars before my first Whole30 and dutifully cut them out for the 30 days and through my reintros. Couple weeks after I finished the W30, I had a big crazy event at my gym and thought "Let me grab a Quest Bar because I will be on the run all day". Had a good breakfast before my scheduled 3 hours teaching at the gym (not a usual day for me; it was a big event). Nearing the end when I was feeling peckish, I took a big bite of the bar and thought I was going to die. It tasted so horrible. Haven't had a Quest bar since. It might be the same for you with diet coke or it might not. Are you drinking coffee or black tea? I'm wondering if your craving for diet coke could partially be because your body's looking for the caffeine from it.
  14. laura_juggles

    Coconut milk/cream powders any good in coffee?

    There's also this one, that only has 3 ingredients and seems to be a decent price. But make sure you get the unsweetened one because they do have sweetened varieties. Ingredients as of today are: Coconut Milk Powder, Aquamin(tm) (Calcium derived from marine algae), Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  15. laura_juggles

    Glute free fat

    Ghee would also be gluten free and it's a much more natural (and compliant) food than a margarine that was concocted in a lab.