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  1. laura_juggles

    Eating Within an Hour of Waking?

    I'm perplexed about why he'd need a bathroom in order to eat breakfast? I'd eat meals on the train frequently when I worked in NYC. His breakfast is too small and I'm thinking that since you're posting here for him, you're also packing his meals? Which would mean that it's possible that all of his meals are too small. Constipation can be caused by a variety of things - is he drinking enough water? Is he getting enough fats? Are those nuts/seeds affecting his digestion? If the salad's all raw veg, that can also mess with digestion.
  2. laura_juggles

    Probiotics or plain Greek yogurt?

    If you're doing a Whole30 with the intention of eliminating dairy, having yogurt is exactly the opposite of what you're trying to do. Are you also getting enough fats, in addition to enough water? Being dehydrated and going too low fat will block you up.
  3. A better idea for a lifetime of eating for you. This whole program is about learning what's best for you. Nothing can be applied with such a broad brush. I can't eat legumes. So it is basically impossible for me to do well with less animal-based protein. Can't do tofu, lentils, beans...that leaves me with nuts and??? Seitan?
  4. laura_juggles

    Coconut Milk upsets our stomachs

    A new can doesn't automatically mean there couldn't have been something wrong with it. I also have always been under the impression that you're not really supposed to put canned foods in the fridge in the can. Maybe try a different brand, cartoned, not from the fridge and see how you feel.
  5. laura_juggles

    Coconut Milk upsets our stomachs

    If you all three reacted to it, it sounds like there was something in the meal that was a bit "off". Coconut milk does spoil, so maybe it had actually just gone bad.
  6. laura_juggles

    not possible

    Make soups. Soups are wet, so it should ameliorate your swallowing/dry mouth issues. You can load up a chili with ground meat, tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, etc and top with some guacamole or avocado.
  7. laura_juggles

    What is the acid for?

    There is not a single citrus fruit or vinegar that you like? In salads, the vinegar or citrus juice largely aids in the mouthfeel because otherwise it's just straight oil. The oil just coats your mouth and makes it really hard to taste anything else.
  8. laura_juggles


    You don't need to have dates or fruit juice or stevia to do a really successful Whole30. Cut out the stevia and other sweeteners for 30 days and see how your tastebuds change. It happens (happened to me); look at the people posting in the thread above you who said the same thing. Your body may not process stevia like it does sugar with the corresponding blood sugar spike and whatnot, but your brain processes it the same as sugar. It's sweet, I like sweet, give me more.
  9. laura_juggles

    Whole30 Approved Brands

    In the same way that a product not having a Whole30 sticker isn't automatically non-compliant, brands being listed on the Whole30 Approved page of this website does not mean that every single product from that brand is compliant. You have to check the ingredients of every product, regardless of whether or not there's a sticker on a product or website. It's always possible that a brand can change a recipe and they're not required to notify Whole30 if they do that.
  10. laura_juggles

    Snack ok or muscle through?

    I'd go for a little bit more substantial Meal 1. Maybe up the protein and fat some because it should be pretty doable for Meal 1 to keep you not hungry from 7:30am until noon. You're pretty low on fat all around so that isn't helping with not getting hungry. But that long stretch from Meal 2 to Meal 3 would leave anyone hungry. I'd go for a mini-meal.
  11. laura_juggles

    Country Archer Beef Sticks

    Those ingredients are fine.
  12. laura_juggles

    Country Archer Beef Sticks

    Without an ingredients list, no one here is going to be able to tell you for sure. Pronounce-ability of an ingredient is not an automatic disqualifier.
  13. laura_juggles

    Paleo Bars?

    For emergency purposes only (as in you're trapped on the runway in an airplane with no idea when you'll get off the plane, not because it's breakfast time and you want something sweet) those ingredients are compliant.
  14. I think in this case, it's time to change cold meds. If you're taking liquid NyQuil, switch to pills. The liquid meds are designed to taste sweet so you can get them down and keep them down, but there's really not much taste to pills.
  15. laura_juggles

    Day 23

    3-4 eggs in one *meal* is typical if eggs are your only source of protein. There are vegetarians who do the Whole30 and eat 3-4 eggs at every single meal. I think you might be falling back on the old, debunked, "eggs are bad" thing. If you're not feeding your body enough and hitting all the major points at each meal (at least 1 palm sized portion of protein, a boat load of veggies, and sufficient *added* fat), then none of the other things you're looking for are going to fall into place.