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  1. Fody! I've seen these in the "organic" section of my local ShopRite.
  2. Ideally, you're going to want to portion your meals so you're not snacking at all. Keep some extra cooked protein and vegetables on hand for a mini-meal if you need one, but also take a look at the composition of your meals to see what you can tweak so you don't need a snack.
  3. Probably start by making sure that you're getting enough protein, veg, and fat at each meal...your meals look a little light on the fat too.
  4. That's definitely not enough food. Are you also getting enough water?
  5. Can you post a picture of the ingredients? Because "contains suflites" doesn't automatically make the vinegar a no-go since sulfites occur naturally in vinegars (like naturally occurring glutamate in tomatoes is OK but added MSG is not). So, a vinegar that's ok may say something like "Ingredients: red wine vinegar reduced with water to 5% acidity (contains sulfites)" and that's ok. But if it says something like "Ingredients: red wine vinegar, sulfur dioxide" that's not okay because it's a separate ingredient.
  6. What are you eating? What have you been eating for the last several days? Sounds like it could be a combination of missing caffeine and not eating enough.
  7. Allergies are not the same as intolerances and it's always been that natural flavors are allowed. That said, you can decide to do *your* Whole30 with no natural flavors.
  8. Beef broth in particular is notoriously hard to find compliant, in my experience, which is such a bummer.
  9. You're probably more likely to find oil packed tuna that's compliant, but I have found "low sodium" cans of tuna in, like, Walmart that were compliant. Tuna, unfortunately, requires a LOT of label reading. Bars are ok as emergency food as long as they're not maple or peanut or other non-compliant types. Can you do some compliant jerky and those mini cucumbers or something too for something easy to grab and eat? Just trying to think of some options that don't really rely on refrigeration or needing to be heated up.
  10. Go with what the bottle says. Stores and other websites can copy and paste random information from other places or just throw in information from other products if someone doesn't feel like researching what that particular product actually lists. Always go with what the label on the product in your hand says.
  11. I tend to keep my meals fairly simple so that there's usually always food around, but I still have choices. Yesterday I roasted potatoes and broccoli (the broccoli was already cut into florets so it literally involved dumping the bags on a pan, spraying them with some coconut oil spray, and putting it in the oven) and made vaguely taco-seasoned ground turkey. I can just plop those things into a bowl and eat it cold from the fridge, or warm it up, or turn it into something fancier if my mindset's in a place to cook up an omelet or something. I also use the instant pot to make soups and stews
  12. I love this tea and (personally) don't find it to be sweet. I think the maple brings almost a smoky depth to the tea rather than sweetness.
  13. This has nothing to do with Whole30. Wash your fruit and veg as you always have.
  14. As long as the coconut water and the juice don't have any non-compliant ingredients, everything else looks good (without the honey as you said). Might need a smidge more juice to counteract the saltiness if you're used to making it with honey.
  15. I *love* that biltong. The hatch green chile sticks are also compliant and yummy.