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  1. Help! Akward topic...diarrhea

    Sounds like you just caught a bug and ignored it for a couple weeks until it got to the point that your doctor felt you needed multiple antibiotics to deal with it. The immune system doesn't fight toxins; it fights bacteria and viruses. The liver and kidneys are your body's "detox" system.
  2. Raw Milk/Cheese

    Post-Whole30, you can ride your own bike and what you choose to add or not add back into your diet is completely up to you.
  3. Compliant Deli Ham

    It's called "sweet slice ham". I'm sure that has sugar. Ham, like bacon, is nearly always cured with sugar so it's safer to assume non-compliance.
  4. When will I start to see improvement?

    It's possible that, because you're going in with pre-existing issues that have been chronic for a while, you won't see changes until nearing the very end of your 30 days or possibly beyond that. Have you been to a doctor about these issues? Unfortunately, no one here is going to be able to give you any sort of medical advice. I would also recommend posting a couple days' meals with serving sizes to give the mods a bit more info to see if anyone can offer any advice with regard to tweaking meals.
  5. Fructooligosaccharides

    The rules regarding sugar have not changed, so this ingredient would still not be compliant.
  6. Panera Chicken

  7. Starbucks Hot Chai Tea

    I'm in the US and it's discontinued here. The replacement is the Teavana Organic Chai, but there aren't ingredients listed for that either.
  8. Sodium Metabisulphite

    Here's the thing: Whole30 removes the most common foods that cause trouble for people. Yes, there are people who find out that they can't tolerate eggs or coconut or cashews or raw bell peppers and need to remove those too but those things don't warrant a restart. If you tolerate eggs, you can do a vegetarian Whole30 using eggs as your protein source and then you're not forcing yourself to eat meat. Sometimes "keep on trucking" works and it doesn't derail your Whole30 too much. Sometimes, you want to actually get the full effect by starting your reintroductions from a place knowing you got all of the really bad gut disruptors out of your system so your reintros are the most accurate. In that second case, you need to get a full 30 days without them. No one here will say that the prospect of having to restart when you were on Day 28 isn't discouraging. The mods aren't heartless; they're not dumb. They're experienced and want people to be able to get the absolute most benefit out of the program. If that means that they're telling someone who accidentally ate a crouton or two on Day 28 that they should restart, that's what they're going to do. Not to be cruel. To help people get the most out of their reintros when they get there.
  9. Breakfast struggles

    Ooh, carrot cardamom soup sounds divine! Have you tried Mel Joulwan's golden cauliflower soup? That one's my favorite.
  10. Breakfast struggles

    I post this on practically every "what can I have for breakfast" thread that I click into, but if it helps people, I'll sound like a broken record Blended soups in the morning are *awesome*. It gets your veg and often fat (coconut milk/cream!) and can be paired with eggs or whatever variety of protein strikes your fancy. Then, once your hormones are more cooperative, you can get into your egg bakes or whatever.
  11. Compliant pumpkin breakfast bake

    I love blended soup in the morning. Something like Mel Joulwan's golden cauliflower soup is warm and savory. Pair that with some lighter protein like chicken breast and it's a good, compliant, filling meal that doesn't venture off into having sweet baked things for breakfast.
  12. Coconut Cream in Coffee (ingredient check)

    If the ingredients are compliant, you can use the coconut cream in your coffee.
  13. Homemade ghee

    If you chill it so it hardens, you should be able to remove those little bits.
  14. Lupin Flour

    From what google just told me, Lupin/Lupine flour is made from a legume and legumes are not allowed. There is a search function. I used it to search the word "lupin" and found a handful of posts. You can also simply use google and search for Whole30 lupin flour. Google does pull search results from this forum too.
  15. Hibachi Restaurant

    Hibachi can be tough because pretty much everything is cooked with soy sauce.