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  1. laura_juggles

    Day 16 and Feeling Worse than Day 5

    Your meals look pretty okay. Maybe you're actually just getting a cold? It is that time of year.
  2. laura_juggles

    Found at Family Dollar

    Maybe try sturdier fruits? Apples or oranges instead of bananas? Anything with enough force to actually bruise an apple would likely also pulverize some freeze dried fruit. Baby carrots are also practically indestructible and would be a decent choice.
  3. laura_juggles

    Blue bowl superfoods

    That right there is a bowl of sugar. It's basically an ice cream sundae masquerading as something healthy.
  4. laura_juggles

    Red Wine Vinegar but no Vanilla Extract????

    If you're baking something with vanilla extract in it, I can pretty much guarantee you that it's non-compliant under the "no recreating baked goods/not even pancakes/SWYPO" rule. Wine vinegars are made with wine, but once they're ready to be used, the alcohol has been eaten up in the fermentation process. That's what makes it vinegar and not just old wine.
  5. laura_juggles

    WaWa Whole 30

    You'd have to go through and check the ingredients, but I'd be shocked if there was anything from the touchscreen menu that you could order. The eggs have soy, and pretty much everything has some kind of sugar. I'd try to bring more food with you in a cooler if possible.
  6. laura_juggles

    Weight Loss?

    You might not be doing anything wrong. It's a Whole30, not a Whole9-and-a-10th-morning. That said, some thoughts: are you drinking enough water and sufficiently salting your food? Those are usually the two biggies when it comes to retaining water.
  7. laura_juggles


    There are better options for a sore throat than popsicles. Have a glass of ice water or some Throat Coat tea or some bone broth. There's also a certain amount of planning that has to go into those popsicles..."I have a sore throat *now* so let me put some apple juice into the freezer so I have have something to soothe it in 8 hours once it's frozen". Your body also isn't getting a big hit of nothing but sugar when you eat two gummy vitamins (because, let's remember, that if there was sugar in the vitamin, it would be non-compliant). If your body's fighting off something which results in a sore throat, it also doesn't need to deal with blood sugar spikes and crashes from the sugar in juice since there's no fat or fiber to slow down the digestion.
  8. laura_juggles

    Mrs. Dash Steak Grilling Blend

    Anything listed as "vegetable oil" is questionable at best because it's likely to be made from corn, soy, sunflower, safflower, or canola which would make it a no-go.
  9. laura_juggles


    You don't seem to have a lot of fat in those meals. Just cut out some of the fruit and add more veggies. Also, check and make sure you're drinking enough water (roughly 1/2 oz per lb bodyweight).
  10. laura_juggles

    Compliant Ham/Deli meat

    Ham is generally a toughie if you're trying to find a compliant one. Deli meat in general seems to be one of the harder things to find, but ham practically always has sugar.
  11. laura_juggles

    Chipolte Peppers in Abdo Sauce??

    Honestly, that's the kind of thing where you'll just have to check labels.
  12. laura_juggles

    Starving & worried about high cholesterol

    First of, welcome! The easiest way for anyone to be able to make some meal suggestions or ideas for tweaks is to list out a couple days worth of what you've eaten (with portion sizes and water intake if you remember all that). It's unlikely that what you're eating has much, if anything, to do with your blood serum cholesterol. This article breaks it down pretty well - Lastly, I would honestly stop tracking the nutrients with your app for a while. Make your meal and look at your plate: does it have at least a palm-sized portion of protein, a heap of veggies that are not just potatoes/sweet potatoes, and some fat? If yes, then you've got a really good start. Tracking is stressful and then seeing numbers that are unexpectedly different is more stressful. Stress in this area doesn't particularly help anything. Vary your veggies and you'll get plenty of a variety of nutrients (with the possible exception of vitamin D, though that's in salmon).
  13. laura_juggles

    Am I doing this right?

    I'd mainly switch up that breakfast. Make it an egg bake with veggies instead. Top with some avocado or (my personal favorite) a spicy mayo and off you go. Unfortunately, just because someone lists something on a blog or listicle as compliant, it might not really be in the spirit of the program. Those recipes to me read as a bread pudding/french toast masquerade. Totally agree with Randi in that you're definitely not going over on the fats. If you do, you'll know. Like, you won't be hungry for half a day.
  14. laura_juggles

    Good Quality Coffee Suggestions

    I agree with Elizabeth. First try to find a local roaster. It'll likely be roasted, packaged, and sold in significantly smaller batches than most grocery store coffee (or Dunkin' or Starbucks) and will therefore be fresher. They may even let you taste test different roasts to see what you like.
  15. laura_juggles


    @Walkswithdogs The rice powder would make that product not compliant.