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  1. I hit a plateau.

    With Whole30 not being a weight loss diet, no one here is going to tell you how to "hack" it to make it into a weight loss plan.
  2. Post-Workout Meal After Evening Crossfit

    My typical post-workout on Whole30 is like one chicken tender and a wedge of sweet potato because I'd be eating either lunch or dinner shortly thereafter, but I need to get the post-workout fuel in. Try seriously shrinking the portions post-workout.
  3. Magnesium Carbonate

    Which Natural Calm have you been using? It's a little bit confusing in that page on their website, but if you are using the *unflavored* Natural Calm, it is compliant. The other varieties have no sugar, but do contain stevia as you listed so they are not compliant.
  4. Cauliflower patties

    Really sounds like the same thing as cauliflower tortillas but by another name.
  5. Soy in tuna?

    You don't even have to go the expensive route. I get canned tuna from Walmart on the cheap. The low- or no-sodium kind is actually packed in water as opposed to broth.
  6. Breakfast Advice

    Hard boiled eggs can be *so* tough to eat. I like eggs and there are some days when there is nothing in the world that could convince me to eat a hard boiled egg. The egg drizzled into soup (like egg drop soup from the Chinese restaurant) might go down easier. How about cold meats? Chicken that was grilled or roasted the night before and you can eat it right out of the fridge? Then it doesn't have that "cooking meat" smell. Even if it's just a bite or two at first. Then maybe a couple days later it'll be 4 bites, then 5, etc.
  7. Why does my mayo taste like metal/meat?

    Is it possible the oil's gone off?

    You may want to look at picking up a copy of Food Freedom Forever for some help. I just searched the Whole30 site to find the article about vegan Whole30 and the page was recently updated with this info: Vegan Reset: I created a Vegan Reset (starting on page 50 in Food Freedom Forever) to help vegans improve cravings, hormonal balance, digestion, and calm systemic inflammation while still honoring their desire to eliminate all animal products from their diet. It uses many of the same guidelines as the Whole30, but helps vegans choose less commonly problematic plant-based protein sources, and plans a careful reintroduction to help them figure out which protein sources are healthiest for them going forward.
  9. Sodium tripolyphosphates

    I'd be more concerned about it saying that the shrimp may contain bisulfites. Shrimp are sometimes treated with sulfites when they're caught because it prevents them from developing black spots. Not every boat/facility does it, but since sulfites are a *huge* issue for a lot of people, better safe than sorry.
  10. Can I have bean threads?

    Just make sweet potato noodles from a sweet potato and a spiralizer. Not some mixture of starches extruded into a "noodle".
  11. Can I have anything at panera bread?

  12. Well, olives and avocado also have fiber, so that would definitely give you another reason to stay full longer...could it have something to do with the rest of the composition of the meal too?
  13. Bacon a plated fat?

    If you're having bacon, eggs, and veggies for breakfast, it's possible that you won't really need more fat added to the meal to be satiated for 4-5 hours, assuming that you're eating the 3+ eggs that make up a serving (based on how many you can hold in your palm; for most women that's 3-4 and potentially more for men). But if you're crumbling 2 slices of bacon on a salad, you're going to need more fat.
  14. What Counts as a Protein?

    There's nothing to say that you can't continue making frozen vegetable stir fries and salads. Just check and make sure the veg doesn't have non-compliant ingredients. You can also throw a whole bunch of chicken pieces (or boneless chicken thighs/breasts if you don't want to deal with bones) into the oven to roast while you do other things. Roasting meats has a very small active working time and can be used to get a whole lot of protein done at once. So, while you're watching TV or taking a shower or putting away laundry, your meats are roasting away and all you had to do was put it on a pan with some salt/pepper/spices (if you feel like it) and a little oil. Roasting meat requires less active participation in the cooking process than cooking eggs. If you haven't tried it, go for it.
  15. Bacon & cooking fat

    Not every store carries every product and "whole30 approved" lists of anything should be viewed with a grain of salt unless it comes directly from the folks at Whole30. It's honestly easier to skip lunch meat altogether and roast some meat at home, then slice it thinly. You have to check all the ingredients on all the sausages every time anyway because recipes change. The only store where I've ever seen compliant bacon is Whole Foods. And what are you looking for in regards to cooking fat? Pretty much every grocery store carries olive oil and coconut oil. If you're looking for lard or tallow, I've seen them at ShopRite and Wegmans local to me in NJ, but you don't *have* to use them.
  16. Late Night Compulsive Eating - HELP!!

    Maybe when you do wake up in the middle of the night, if it's really way to overwhelming to try to muscle through the craving or that horrible feeling from the night terror, you could try tweaking that craving into making a small cup of herbal tea? (something warm and without caffeine may be soothing enough, or the act of making something can help slow you down and get control of the craving)
  17. Multi-Vitamin

    It's got several different corn starches and a couple different sugars. Really, if you're eating a variety of vegetables and meats and are able to get some vitamin D from the sun, you should be fine without the vitamin pills.
  18. An additional 18 grams of protein is *really* not hard to get. You're looking at less than half a cup of cooked chicken breast to get 18 grams of protein. It's not a huge amount of food you'd be adding over the course of a day.
  19. There are plenty of things that, when naturally occurring, are generally not problematic, but when added are not okay. Tomatoes contain MSG, as another example.
  20. Compact Lunches (physically compact)

    Instead of shorting yourself the proper portion sizes of your lunch, which will catch up to you quickly, the ice pack may just be the easiest solution to not throw a wrench in your Whole30.
  21. Tea Brands!

    It's really impossible to give someone a list of brands or flavors of anything since there can be (and are) regional variances in recipes and companies can (and do) change ingredients on a whim without telling anyone except the people who print their packaging. Basically, you'll have to read every label. You'll likely have an easier time finding "plain" teas without fruits or flavorings that are compliant. But anything with stevia is out; lots of fruit teas have candied fruit and that's out. I had a vanilla caramel tea with "natural flavorings" which is allowable, except that it also had soy.
  22. Smoothie Boost

    Smoothies are generally discouraged no matter what...I'm trying to figure out the purpose of this powder, though. Fiber?
  23. Orange juice

    Or if you want to put a little splash in a big ol' glass of water to add a little variety to your water, but like kirkor said, not your best bet for drinking straight
  24. Unity kombucha

    The health benefits of kombucha (when fermented to just that negligible alcohol content in "normal" kombucha) outweigh that negligible alcohol content. When it's further fermented to have a significantly higher alcohol content, then it's more boozy beverage you drink for the sake of getting a buzz than a fermented beverage you drink for the good things it does for your gut. You can't have freaking vanilla extract because of the alcohol content; I would think any liquid with a higher ABV than most beers would be obviously out.
  25. Leg cramps: tried mag, cal + potass

    I know I'm going to come across as "that guy", but that supplement has soy in it... Have you ever done foam rolling? Assuming you're drinking enough water, foam rolling your legs before bed could help release the tension before bed so you're not waking up with a cramp. And a foam roller will more evenly distribute the pressure so you're not bruising yourself.