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  1. Unless you feel icky, then it isn't really something I'd worry about.
  2. A little something like fish sauce for umami and/or some added spice is usually good to counter the sweetness from the coconut aminos.
  3. It's also including the time that it takes to get the pot up to pressure in the "closed pot" time.
  4. If you're someone with a generally robust immune system, no. You totally's a personal choice in that case. If you're pregnant, with small children who may eat it, or immunocompromised, you will likely want to. Personally, I'm allergic to practically every environmental allergen, but other than that I'm pretty healthy. I don't pasteurize my eggs before making mayo. Your local grocery store may carry pasteurized eggs. It's probably just going to be written in rather small font.
  5. Your best bet is going to be to make a fancy fruit salad or something like grilled pineapple or grilled peaches with whipped coconut cream. There really isn't a cake that fits Whole30.
  6. I know that I'm going to be talking about two different species here, but testing for food allergens via bloodwork is notoriously inaccurate for dogs, so I wouldn't be terribly surprised if it was also that way for humans. Have you done a skin prick test? They tend to be much more accurate. You may also not have an actual allergy, but certain foods may not agree with you. You may not be actually allergic to soy or whatever, but your digestive system just struggles to process it. (I know this is really not the most helpful suggestion, is what it is).
  7. I don't know where you're located, but pretty much everyone I know who has even the slightest hint of trouble when the seasons change has been feeling *massively* horrible this week. Started on Sunday for me with an incredible amount of sinus/ear pain and congestion. I'm still not feeling great despite continuing my allergy meds and stacking an NSAID on top of it. Not fun. Hope you're feeling better!
  8. Following for what? The calcium question was answered? Just not sure what info you're looking for.
  9. You can have potatoes, but you can't have crisps/chips/anything commercially made things of that nature.
  10. Limited studies have shown that people with coronary artery disease may benefit from taking extra D-Ribose, but outside those circumstances, your body makes it on its own and supplementation is not necessary. You can also get Ribose from foods like beef and eggs. Again, though, if it has been recommended by a person's doctor (and not some doctor on the internet), it's fair game.
  11. If you can give us a few days worth of what you've been eating and we can take a look to see if something stands out as maybe causing your bloating. Hope you're feeling better though!
  12. Kulfi is basically ice cream, though. There are other flavors from the Once Upon a Farm brand that would probably be better choices...skimming their website (I'm always looking for mid-endurance ride fuel that's actually made of food), there are ones with apple, banana, spinach, and avocado, or apple, banana, kale, and hemp seed.
  13. If you have a headache or start to feel icky with a stomachache or whatnot, you can take medicines so you feel better. It's really like "drink some tea instead of having cough drops" or like "no, you still can't eat spoonfuls of honey because you have a sore throat". No need to make yourself suffer Hope you're feeling better!
  14. If you're doing a Whole30, you shouldn't be drinking wine at all? This post is about vinegar.
  15. We don't want you to be in pain. Assuming you're not going to start popping tums for a sugar high (really, don't do'd be terrible for your digestion, lol), then you don't need to start over.
  16. I've never met a flavored protein powder that doesn't have an added sweetener.
  17. Yeah, not gonna lie, I don't really get it either. Back in the day when the flavors were the "normal" ones like hazelnut and vanilla it was pretty clear. But if cotton candy (which is melted sugar) isn't okay, how are marshmallow (which is also basically melted sugar) and caramel (hey, another variant of melted sugar) okay?
  18. This is going to be the hill I continue to stand on. Try adding some dark leafy greens into your meals. Kale, chard, spinach, mustard greens, beet greens, collards - they're all best cooked anyway. Carrots are teetering on the edge of being a starchy vegetable and zucchini is practically water. Try some greens.
  19. No, because it contains dextrose.
  20. I cross-referenced AIP and FODMAP lists when offering you more suggestions. Green beans and leafy greens came up as OK across the board.
  21. Get yourself some more veggies. Basically the only vegetable you're eating is zucchini? Get some other one in there - green beans, kale, chard, lettuces... Your meals look super high protein so getting some more plants in your meals will not do much harm. Also, it's really hard to gain weight when you're eating a high proportion of non-starchy veggies.
  22. That's a no. It's still a sweetener.
  23. Basing your food choices on a company listing the scientific name for an ingredient is a little reductive, in my opinion. You can google the ingredient and find out what it actually is.
  24. If you wanted to make something like an enchilada that'll be wrapped and then cooked, chard or kale or cabbage would make a good wrapper.