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SOS Day 21- bad side effects


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Hi there,

I know I still have  some time left in my program, on #21but I am frustrated with the lack of changes I have experienced thus far.

I have had uncomfortable stomach pains, bad bloating and bathroom issues the past week or so. I feel no such thing even close to tigers blood and my skin has broken out worse than it has before the program.

My clothes definitely do not feel looser, in fact tighter around my stomach. Pretty sure my stomach has gotten larger! 

I’m starting to feel like what’s the point if I’m not experiencing any of the positive side effects, such as feeling better, and definitely not losing weight?

here are what most of my meals look like;

m1- coffee with nutpod creamer/ 3 eggs/ 1 compliant sausage/ 1 serving of fruit

m2- large chicken breast with green beans

snack if needed- peanut butter with 1 serving of cashew butter

m3- salmon, Brussels sprouts, serving of potatoes in air fryer

Notes: I know i’m Probably not drinking enough water. I did not have the healthiest diet before so I was hoping that such a drastic change would result in some weight loss, better body composition. I work out 1x-2x a week, just cardio.

Any insight would be much appreciated, I am gettting so frustrated because this is one of the only programs I have ever tried that I have stuck with !


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Have you seen the meal template?  None of your meals match it unfortunately which is really where the magic of the program is in regards to feeling great.  Your breakfast has no veggies – the recommendation is to fill your plate with veggies… that’s usually 2-3 cups, more if it’s leafy greens.


Your lunch has no fat and I suspect you didn’t eat 3 cups of green beans.  We recommend you add a plated fat to every meal and don’t rely on cooking fat as much of it is left in the pan or split between portions when batch cooking.  Add a half to a whole avocado or some mayo or olives to that meal and up the veggies.


Your dinner looks better altho again without fat and it’s hard to know how much salmon you ate.

You also workout but don’t list pre and post workout meals… preworkout is not always necessary depending on when you workout compared to when your last meal was but post workout is always recommended as an addition to your three meals a day if you do a workout of any intensity (if you sweat or breath heavy, eat that post workout meal of lean protein and starchy carb).


Try making your meals for the rest of the program match the template (which is a range so don’t shy away from eating to the mid/high end).  I think you’ve been undereating overall and if the last 21 days resemble what you’ve listed, then it’s not that surprising that you don’t feel good.

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