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Can I have Moose Bone broth in place of Beef Bone Broth? 

I am not sure that this question has been asked, I have searched and come up with nothing. I have moose bones that I can use in place of beef bones, as it is difficult to get that here in Alaska from a butcher that can give me the information on grass fed vs not. It would be prepared at home and would follow the same guidelines given in the recipe for Beef bone broth.  I am about to start this journey Monday and would like to be fully prepared. 

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Yes, you can make broth from whatever type of animal you want -- as long as the stuff in the broth is compliant, it's all good.

The grass fed vs not is not even a requirement -- it's best to get meat from animals raised as close to their natural environment as possible, because that's what's healthiest for the animal, but what the animal ate during its life doesn't affect whether it is Whole30 compliant or not, so if you do want to get beef at some point, it is fine. 

Just a side note, I don't know what moose smells like when it's cooking, but I know when I made beef broth, I felt like my whole house smelled like it and I wasn't super fond of the smell, it wasn't quite the same smell as like cooking a roast, it was, I guess I'd say stronger. I would imagine moose might be the same way, so if you're doing it in a crock pot and can put your crockpot somewhere sort of out of the way -- on an enclosed patio or in a garage for instance -- that might be something you want to consider doing.

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Thank you for your quick response & advice!  I meant more or less I have found it challenging to find beef bones to make a broth with lol. 


& YES! Moose is a very strong smell so this process will be done in my garage. It is too potent for inside my home. 

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