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I'm a little late to the game on the log for my meals, but here is how Day 1 and Day 2 have gone so far

Day 1 

Breakfast - Spinach Fritatta with a banana

Lunch - Left over Stuffed Delicata squash with coleslaw

Snack - cashews

Supper - Grilled Chicken breast, Grilled potatoes and Coleslaw

Day 2

Breakfast - spinach fritatta with berries and half an avacdo

snack - left over stuffed delicata squash

lunch - left over grilled chicken, grilled potatoes, and coleslaw.

I have been doing well so far - staying away from candy and all things sweet. I have been drinking some cold care tea in the morning, but there is no sugar in it. Which is a big move for me as I usually have to add some sort of sweetener to it.

So far day 3 has been a success also! 

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Day 3 

Another successful day. Wednesday is usually the day that I grab coffee at Starbucks while my daughter is at Church/confirmation. I looked at their teas and looked at the ingredient list to make sure everything in the tea was compliant. Of course the tea that I was wanting had sugar listed so I found a mint tea that was complaint. Of course I was hoping to have left overs for lunch on day 4, but all of the left overs were gone. Which meant running to the store to make something for lunch. I am super proud of that as I typically would have said it is ok and just grab something somewhere for lunch. After coming home from a busy day our house smelled so yummy. Which meant one thing my husband baked brownies. Thankfully it was late and and I just got things done and went to bed. I am bound and determined to make it though 30 days with 100 percent complaint and hoping to continue through the holidays even though I know it is not recommended.

Breakfast - Southwest breakfast scramble 1/2 avocado and home made salsa

snack -  Epic Chicken stick and berries

Lunch -  Classic Chili with fruit

snack - epic venison stick

Supper - Classic Chili and coleslaw

Starbucks Mint tea

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Day 4

Day 4 went really well. It was Kill all things Day and I didn't have that feeling. I did have the feeling of Eat all things though. I stayed strong even when my husband and daughter cut into the brownies that were baked last night. But let me talk bacon for a quick minute. I live in ND which is hard to find some of those special foods and apparently bacon is one of them. Flipping packages of bacon over and reading the ingredient list - all contain sugar. I will have to check our local food coop or a local butcher shop to see if I can get some bacon without and sugar or find some prosciutto as I know that will work, will just need to continue to check to see if I can locate some without sugar. Even breakfast sausage has sugar. It has been an eye opener turning items around and reading what things are made of. I went to the grocery store last night for eggs as I apparently didn't buy enough when I was at the store over the weekend. Spent almost an hour. I did try buying a pig belly thinking I could turn that into bacon - nope was very salty and hard. Not good. I will continue to search or just make my own breakfast sausage which I think will be easier.

Breakfast - Southwest Breakfast Scramble with salsa and Avocado

Snack - apple and two hard boiled eggs

Lunch - Mexican Tuna Boats

Snack -  left over Mexican Tuna Boats

Supper - Spaghetti Squash with left over meat sauce

I think I might need to up my food consumption as when I look at what I am eating it just doesn't seem like I am not eating enough.

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1 hour ago, dana_schweitzer said:

@BatyaChavaGeee Thank you for the information. I think I need to drink more water as well. My water consumption is not the greatest. Have you completed the 30 days yet? are you going beyond the 30 days?

I'm on day 26. (!) But I plan on doing a slow roll reintroduction. The first week passed by super slow but after about Day 8 I stopped even counting. 

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I wish I would have started this earlier. My Father-in-Law had his 75th birthday party this weekend and with family in town and not being prepared as I should have/ wanted to I had a few slip ups. I am not being overly hard on myself. And we still have family in today which means going back over to my in-laws house for supper to celebrate birthdays. My goal over the next few months is to just continue with the Whole30 and understand that there are going to be days where everything isn't going to be compliant. After I get back from a work trip in January I am going to do the Whole30 and follow the rules 100% with hopes of only having to do it for 30-60 days unlike the 90 that I was planning on. I'm not giving up on this I'm just being realistic. The biggest thing for me is cutting down on how much I eat out which I have this last week. I went grocery shopping yesterday and have our meals planned for the week - which is a big life saver as then there isn't a guess of what I am going to eat for my meals. Which also helps make me make better choices and not eating garbage. I also am going to continue to document the food that I eat and hopefully also cut back on the amount of sugar that I eat.

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3 hours ago, dana_schweitzer said:

IAfter I get back from a work trip in January I am going to do the Whole30 and follow the rules 100% with hopes of only having to do it for 30-60 days unlike the 90 that I was planning on.

You can find some online help on Facebook, there is usually a Whole30 group going for times like January 1st and they start up a week earlier to help you prepare for the start date.

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October 29, 2018

I had some wins today and some losses. I was complaint at work - breakfast lunch and snacks. However, it was my FIL birthday and his little sister was in town as well. We had family supper that consisted of pizza - I can tell you that after we got home I felt icky. But I got all the items that I needed to get ready to have a successful day the following day. Made up some home made breakfast sausage and made egg muffins  in the oven which makes a great take on the go breakfast because the plan is to get up in the morning and go for a run. These will work great as pre workout fuel. Even though I am not following the Whole 30 100% right now I plan to continue to do a food log as I am hoping it will help me be more mindful of what I am putting in my mouth because do I really want to log food that isn't good for you. Nope not really. This will also really help me have a good base of food planning and some good recipes on deck for when I do the whole30 completely!

Breakfast - egg scramble with half an avacodo, salsa and berries

Snack - Apple with and Epic beef stick

Lunch - Taco salad - salsa, red pepper and avacado

Supper - all fell apart here - pizza - cupcake(did scrape off all the frosting) - and jello cup

Tuesday will be a better day as I have all my meals planned and everything will be complaint

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October 30, 2018

I had another day that had some wins and some losses. I was once again complaint at working. Learning to enjoy my morning tea without any sweetener. The biggest win for me during this is less eating out. Sitting down and planning my meals has been the biggest win for me. Not having to stop at the gas station for breakfast because I didn't have anything for breakfast or not having lunch and running some place to pick it up and eating it at the office. This will save me so much money without eating all the crap food. I enjoy cooking as long as I know what I am making and that I have all the ingredients to make it.

Pre-workout - egg muffin with a teaspoon of almond butter

Breakfast - egg muffins with berries and avocado

Snack - apple with a venison stick

Lunch - taco salad with salsa and avocado

Supper - Stuffed Peppers with roasted vegetables

Prepped supper for tomorrow night so that I all need to do is turn on the crock pot.

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@Swamp Yankee that sounds awesome - I haven't tried to make that yet, but sounds super easy and yummy. Last night after using the cut up squash for my stuffed peppers I put them in the oven with some broccolli and roasted them together. Was amazing. Yes I am excited about supper tonight. White Chicken Chili is what is in the crockpot for tonight for supper. Looking forward to supper.

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October 31, 2018

Halloween was pretty much a success - I did have a few pieces of candy, but I didn't go over board with them. I came home from work and it was so nice that supper didn't take a lot to finish. I think I am going to go out and buy the new Whole30 Crockpot cook book as I can see those coming in handy. It was nice to not have to fuss too much and withing 45 minutes or less supper was ready to eat. We didn't have a lot of trick or treaters and all of the candy was outside with my husband, which was good. I haven't seen my daughters candy and she has a peanut allergy and has braces right now so I can only about imagine all of the candy she isn't going to be able to eat right now. As I stated before it is nice to have a plan for anyone who is new to the program I am here to tell you that planning is the key to success with the plan!

Breakfast - Left over Egg Muffins with 1/2 an avocado

Lunch - Had lunch with a friend at Panera Bread

Snack - Apple with Roasted Vegetables (didn't have any protein with this snack)

Supper - White Chicken Chili (this was so yummy!)

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19 hours ago, dana_schweitzer said:

Breakfast - Left over Egg Muffins with 1/2 an avocado

Glad Halloween felt like a success, that is a huge part of this process, feeling good about you and your work.

do you have a egg muffin recipe you like?  I don't seem to find one I like enough to finish off the 4 or 6 I make and it would be easy to use on my late gym days when I am pressed for time between the gym and the office. 


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@Swamp Yankee My egg Muffin recipe changes every time I have made them. I add some veggies - peppers onions spinach to them and I did even add some breakfast sausage to them. I have seen some recipes for wrapping bacon or prosciutto and then adding an entire egg. I just haven't been able to find compliant bacon and I haven't been able to find prosciutto where I live. It is just a continue process of trying things to see if I/my family likes them.

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Sunday November 4, 2018

Deep dark Rabbit hole - I feel that is what I have been going down the last couple of days. I had training on Thursday night. When I came home I was eating a lot of candy as they had given candy at the training. Friday night we went to the Globe Trotters and of course I had popcorn. Saturday was pretty good - stayed pretty complaint for the most part. Today I had to work and of course after I got off work we had running to do. Ended up at Starbucks and ordered one of normal drinks loaded with sugar and had a chocolate chip cookie. One of my saving graces was before I went to work this morning I sat down and did some meal planning. Since this week is going to be a little busy with evening meetings, evening work schedules I am utilizer the slow cooker a lot this week to allow good food that I won't have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. I will be able to utilize the left overs for lunch and supper the nights that I have to work or have work meetings. I am going to remain on track with this and set myself some goals! I just want to feel healthy and good again in my own skin! I know that will take time, but I am ready to put in the time and to up my workouts!

Breakfast - squash and two fried eggs

Lunch - small amount of left over chicken chili

Coffee and chocolate chip cookie at Starbucks

Supper Grilled walleye and potatoes with some left over squash

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