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Eating enough?


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I'm on Day 9 of my first Whole30 and I worry that I'm not eating enough. I work full time (out of the house from 7:30 until 7 or 8) and don't have much access to food in that time unless I bring it from home. I've never been a very big eater - before the program, I would have small meals with a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit between lunch and dinner. 


True to the program, I haven't counted calories or weighed myself, but I have noticed my clothes fitting more loosely and that I look slimmer. The problem is - I don't have much weight to lose and I'm concerned that it isn't healthy. I haven't been overly hungry between meals, though after the first few days I started eating a small handful of almonds again in the afternoon when I need it.  We've been prepping a bunch of different meat and cutting up veggies so that we can quickly throw breakfast together (typically eggs, another protein, and veggies) before work and bring a salad with protein & nuts for lunch. Dinners have been delicious and filling - typically protein, avocado or another fat, and veggies. 


Any recommendations? I'd rather not eat more when I'm full, but I'm interested in hearing if there are ways to know that your body needs more.

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