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Taylor's 1st Whole30! Jan 2 Start Date


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So I'm a few days late to begin logging for my first Whole30 experience, but I've been trying to find a good app or website to track my meals (not specifics in terms of nutritional info, just the basic content) as well as my mood and symptoms (especially since I have some food sensitivities in terms of my gut health).

Background info before we get into the good stuff:

- 24yo active female

- Lactose Intolerant w/ gluten-sensitivity

- Hormonal acne since age 14

- Anxiety Disorder affects daily life & experience frequent fatigue/decreased energy levels

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January 2nd, 2019 (WED) - DAY 1

Woke up pretty excited to get started! Felt energized and motivated...until I realized I was NO WHERE near prepared as my start day really snuck up on me! I knew today was going to be quite the creative challenge while at work.

(Meals for the day are slightly fuzzy - bad memory, I apologize! - but I'll list what I can remember!)


  • Blueberry Lara Bar
  • Banana


  • Pink Lady Apple
  • Plantain Chips
  • Dry Roasted Pumpkin Seeds w/ Sea Salt (Whole Foods)

Dinner: *Don't remember*


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January 3rd, 2019 (THURS) - DAY 2

Woke up VERY sluggish. I definitely did not eat enough on Day 1 - especially in terms of protein - too many foods with natural carbs in them that my body burned through for energy very, very fast. Currently battling a sever acne break-out on my chin and cheeks (began prior to starting Whole30) - skin is very dry so it is pretty flaky and itchy.


  • Polish Sausage (from local butcher) + Eggs
    • Total side note on this! This is a family breakfast we always make on Easter or for birthdays/holiday mornings. Clean-eating, but lots of flavor and incredibly easy!


  • Citrus Grilled Salmon (from Whole Foods)
  • Avocado
  • Fruit Salad - 1 Banana, 6 Strawberries, 1c Green Grapes
  • Cran-Raspberry La Croix!!!!!

Late-Afternoon Snack:

  • Cinnamon Apple Chips from Whole Foods


  • Grilled Chicken Breast prepared w/ Olive Oil & Kick'n Chick'n Seasoning
  • Avocado
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • 1 Glass Dry Red Wine (Smith + Hook)


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January 4th, 2019 (FRI) - DAY 3

Feeling a little more motivated today. In all honesty, the condition of my skin is what's bogging me down, not necessarily this Whole30 journey. But got up, got dressed, put on a little mascara and concealer and started to feel more motivated to conquer the day! But 15 minutes into my drive to work, realized I left my breakfast & lunch at home...today was about to get very interesting and test my creativity & will-power!!!!


  • Fruit Salad - 1 Banana, 6 Strawberries, 1c Green Grapes
  • 1 cup black coffee

Mid-Morning Snack:

  • Cinnamon Apple Chips (Whole Foods)

Late-Afternoon Snack:

  • Fuji Apple
    • Was babysitting after work & was SO tempted to munch on these chocolate chip muffins that they had in their pantry, but I talked myself out of it and walked away! While (especially after writing these food log journal entries) it is beyond evident that I have not been consuming enough food daily, I didn't want to jeopardize the process that I had started and decided to wait until I got home to eat something of greater substance.


  • Lemon Pepper Grilled Chicken Breast
  • 1/2 Avocado
  • Sweet Potato slices
    • seasoned w/ Olive Oil, salt + pepper & baked in the oven on a sheet pan at 450F for 12 minutes
  • 2 glasses Dry Red Wine

Mood, Symptoms, & All the Things:

  • Lethargic for about the first 2 hours after waking up
  • Chocolate cravings
  • Breaking out - skin not improving
  • Sleepiness set in around 7:30PM
  • Bed @ 12:00AM
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Hi Taylor ... I'm also Taylor haha!

My W30 crept up on me too, I had so much prepped... in my mind... I just didn't get executed in time, oh well, we are resilient and we adapt ^_^.

Wow, way to stay strong in the face of the muffins and way to get creative when you're in a pickle. If you're grabbing apple chips (which I think is a SWYOP food so proceed with caution) at Whole Foods for lunch maybe try to hit their salad bar too? If you have canned tuna at your desk you can just add that to a whole foods salad bar with some oil and vinegar or something.

I keep a few pieces of epic brand jerky (they have salmon, elk, bison, etc.), some RxBars (compliant flavors) and nuts in my car, bag and desk.

Also, if you have access to a fridge/freezer at work maybe bring a few meal prepped things to leave in the freezer (like leftovers of that delicious sounding lemon pepper chicken you had for dinner) for future forgetting your lunch emergencies?

Your W30 so far is reminding me a lot of my first attempt ... I was eating foods that were all technically compliant but weren't really in the 'spirit' or following the rules, I had only read about what foods were compliant I wasn't really familiar with the value in eating the protein/veg/fat all at the same time. I'm a notorious grazer throughout the day and I've been struggling a little to eat an entire meal that leaves me satisfied long enough, some days I'm only getting two meals in, and a snack... but I'm making sure my snacks are 'mini meals' so they have all 3 W30 food groups. I'm attaching some photos below that helped me .... I think it may help with your fatigue a lot if you try to stick to the W30 meal format.

As for your worries with skin ... is the wine you're drinking sulfite free? That might help! (um also, red wine always activates a desire for chocolate within me, so I could see where the cravings are coming from!) What is motivating you to make it your exception for this round?

Sounds like everything was conspiring against you for your start date but you got creative and are staying so strong and as compliant as you can, kudos to you and good luck! :) 




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