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I’m on day 22 and have been experiencing heartburn the past week, every time I eat meat I feel it burning as it goes down and into my stomach. I choose meals that are low in acid, such a no chili’s, tomatoes, etc...I don’t eat meat for breakfast because I’m up to my eyeballs in meat. I’m starting to get a little grossed out by it.   I’ve never suffered from heartburn, even while pregnant. I’m also following the Medical Meduims protocol and having 16oz of celery juice in the morning, which is supposed to be a super healer for your stomach.  I drink kombucha consistency and even before Whole30, I drank it.  Tho if I can only drink a half a bottle or I’ll have diarrhea. I only drink one cup of coffee in the morning. However,  I could be better at drinking water.  Maybe some digestive enzymes? Any thoughts and or suggestions? 

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Is the celery juice new since starting Whole30?  It may not be the cause of the heartburn but we really recommend only following one protocol at a time - otherwise how do you know what helped and what didn't and what to thank or blame for either?  Also the Whole30 has recommendations against juicing and drinking your food so that might be something to try after your Whole30 is over.

Digestive enzymes might help if you've not been used to eating a lot of meat prior to this program... i'm guessing this might be true to you due to the 'up to my eyeballs in meat' comment.

Water recommendation is 1/2oz per pound of bodyweight so you might want to aim for that... 

For more specific recommendations and for us to see if anything stands out, you'd need to post a few days of your meals including portion sizes, specific veggies, fat, protein and fruits and we can have a look.

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