Starting Feb 11th

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hello there!

I'll be starting my first round of whole30 on the 11th of February. As I live in Europe, I have the feeling that I'm reinventing the wheel because there are no recommendations for compliant products for this part of the World. Mostly because of that I'm thinking of starting a blog to help other German-speaking folks find their way through European whole30 jungle.

as you could have guessed English is not my mother tongue, so bear with me and my mistakes ;-)

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Good luck to you!  It has been hard for me to find the compliant bacon and sausage links at times.  Sometime I feel like I am cheating when I use a store-bought compliant condiment.  It is so simple to make it myself.

Most of the time I am making enough steamed or roasted veggies that I can mix and match different stuff to make it different each day.  But sometimes, I go for the frozen sweet potatoes, canned green beans and Dole fruit cups.

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