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Lorna from Canada

Reintro Day 2 - I think I'm just going to stay W30 forever...

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I've been thinking about reintroduction since W30 Day -3. Of course, looking back on January 1 when we were planning to start W30 January 3rd, I was mostly focussed on how fast I'd be able to get all my favourites back into action ASAP. Little did I know that I would hit W38 and be like "meh - don't really want to eat that now". Seriously? From a 2 cup a day Greek yoghurt habit to "Dairy? Shmairy - don't want it." So, this is going to be weird because I know I need to try things to determine if they do have any impact on me so I can make an informed decision about whether I should actively avoid them rather than my current attitude which will have them just casually creep back in over tme and, what information will that give me? Huh? nothing. So. Here I am.

Day 1 - there was wine. As I always knew there would be as the first reintroduction - wine. A glass of Fiano - a medium dry white wine that thrives in the dry heat of the Clare Valley - this one from Pikes was a bit fleshier than I like my Fiano but had an interesting texture and was perfect for a coolish, overcast summer's day. Can you tell I've missed my wine? Sooo much... but, one glass and I was done - the fatigue set in an hour later and I could hardly keep my eyes open. Ah alcohol - you rotten neurotoxin that you are. Without capacity built up in my system, one glass and I am done. So, that was wine - now I'll be off it for a week until next Friday when I will try something else. 

Now what? Other than the need to close my eyes and drool on the sofa, there were no other notable effects from reintroducing wine. And that one was completely expected. So - back to W30 for now until something pops along that interests me enough to try it out. So much for all the forethought.

Back on the home front, Hubs reports that he has only reintroduced beer and popcorn thus far - I'm impressed! Of course, he's still trying to lose a few more pounds so he'll look great for his business trip to Mexico in a few weeks. Gee is also doing well - she's gotten into experimenting with her Instant Pot (that I bought for her just before I left) and is still doing mostly W30. Neither have had any challenges on reintroduction so far. Time will tell.



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