Day 23, hello Influenza


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I’m on day 23 and have been really good about making sure i avoid all non-complaint ingredients. This has entailed a lot of at-home meal prep, which has been fine since I was a pretty healthy eater to start. Over the last 24 hours i’ve come down with all the classic flu symptoms, including a fever of 102, and was told to drink “lots of fluids” like gatorade and pedialyte. I’ve had no appetite, nothing to eat since supper last night.

Please tell me there is a whole30 approved sugar free drink with electrolytes, or at least that exceptions can be made in the case of illness.  :(

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There are these:

There are some homemade electrolyte drinks, but many have honey or stevia, i don't know how they'd be unsweetened since they're basically salt water, sometimes with lemon or lime juice.

There is a version of pedialyte, the clear unflavored one, that has dextrose, so it isn't completely comoliant, but that is the only non-whole30 thing in it -- if I were going to pick one that I could buy at a local store, I would go for that over the Gatorade or Powerade drinks.

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