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Day 18 - still bloated- not feeling tiger blood

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Hi, I have been on the program for 18 days now. I felt great the first week and a half. On day 11 I started getting bloated, and constipated. I suspect my increase of coconut products is not helping. I eat 3 meals a day with protein, veggies and fats. Staying away from fruits and nuts. 

I got really fatigued after a big salad with chicken yesterday. 

I am trying to drink more water but I am puzzled a bit to why it feels like my body won’t budge. 

Looking forward to any suggestions. 

Thank you 


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Hi @Sylvaine - are you able to list out a few sample days of eating including portion sizes, meal timing and veggie/protein/fat types? Coconut products can definitely cause issues if you increase your intake. I'm not sure what you mean by "body won't budge"?  Around Days 8-10-ish it's common to experience digestive distress anyway so I would suggest back off the coconut products and see how you go. But in the meantime, give us a rundown so we can provide more detailed feedback.

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Hi, thank you for responding , I really appreciate it.


9:30: 2 poached eggs with ham, few olives, plantains and little blueberries 

pre hike: tuna with mayonnaise and jicama 

lunch: steak with mushrooms and greens 

dinner : sweet potato with ground beef and salad 


breakfast: tea with coconut milk , 2 eggs , ham, little mango ( was running out door)

exercise right after breakfast 

lunch: big salad with prawns, not enough extra fat 

dinner: 1palm  fish,  cauliflower mash with ghee,greens


8:am tea with coconut milk 

9 am breakfast: eggs, bacon, veggies 

12:30 lunch : big salad with chicken and oil ( felt super sleepy afterwards

8:00 dinner : jicama with guacamole, zoodles with bell peppers, tomato sauce and prawns 


8:00 team with coconut milk 

9:00 2 bacon 2 eggs mushrooms and spinach, 


i just feel foggy after food still and super bloated = body not budging feeling 

i tend to not drink enough water during work 




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