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Here I go again... W30 v2.1 reboot countdown

Lorna from Canada

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So, after eating chickpea infected Baba Ganoush (still don't understand why chickpeas were even in the %^$#! stuff...) for a week thereby obliterating my second W30 efforts, I am about to embark on v2.1 starting tomorrow. I'm kind of glad I didn't decide to restart immediately - I'm in the Adirondacks at a work conference and there isn't a compliant morsel of protein on offer. I have some provisions in my room - guac and carrots, a bag of navel oranges and some mixed nuts that aren't even compliant because of peanut oil but it's just been easier to have a little gut busting cheese and butter soaked scrambled eggs while all this work stuff is going on.

Tomorrow, however, is another day. I leave early and the trek home is 6 hours in the car with my friend and colleague so, I will have better control of my food. 

Can't wait to get home and back at it.

Anyone else starting this week?


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