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W30 v2.1 - Day 4

Lorna from Canada

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What an Easter weekend that was - cold, wet, non-stop rain, gray skies, freezing, awful, foggy, puddles everywhere - please Spring - where are you? 

We spent the weekend camping (we have an Airstream so, please don't picture us bailing water out of our sleeping bags!) and basically were trapped indoors. Luckily we had a new puzzle to do and lots of coffee and had been to market first thing Saturday morning so lots of good food too. It's our typical habit on a rainy or cold Saturday afternoon to have a nap - a nice long one. I was working away at the puzzle and noticed Hubs curled up with an afghan having himself a snoozefest and it got me to thinking - when was the last time I had a nap? If I discount jetlag (and I must), I realize that I haven't had a nap since I started my first W30 Jan 3. In fact, on the rare occasion when I have decided to have one, I haven't been able to fall asleep.

This is really significant as I am a champion napper. Pre W30 I could not only nap in the afternoon for 60 to 90 minutes, it wouldn't have any impact on my sleep quality at night. And now I can't nap at all. I'd love to say I have a lot more energy but I haven't noticed any real Tiger Blood but, I think this is how my increased energy is showing up. Very cool!


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