UHOH Bowel Trouble

Gail Lovingdale

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Digestive disruption isn't uncommon on the program but 16 days in does seem a bit long. Can you list out what you've been eating including portion sizes? Some common contributors to digestive distress includes too many nuts/nut products, raw veggies, cruciferous veggies (broc, cauli) and a vast increase in something you aren't used to having (coconut products is a common one).

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It's possible I have been eating too much nut products and/or coconut products. My usual day consists of:

Breakfast-2 eggs w/veggies and potato

Lunch-Salad w/protein (usually chicken) and homemade dressing

Dinner-Protein and veggie-Usually a piece of chicken or fish in a homemade sauce

Snacks-Nuts, Fruit, Dried fruit, Veggies...

My gut has always been troublesome for me but this issue has been more relentless than the usual stomach pain and bloating.

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If I were you I would immediately put aside all nuts, dried fruits, coconut and raw veggies. Focus on cooked proteins, cooked veggies and fat sources such as ghee or homemade mayo. These are all easier on the stomach and you will be able to see if the above have been causing you issues.

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