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Day 3 and counting! Suggestions for quick meals?


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My wife and I just started Whole30 and we are super excited (and a bit nervous) about it! Today is day 3 and so far we've managed well. Day 1 we were feeling hungry throughout the day. Day 2 we increased portion sizes and did not feel hunger throughout the day, although we both felt a persistent craving to snack. Wish us luck on Day 3!

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for super-quick meals? I'm thinking about the long days in which we don't have the time or energy to whip up nice meals, and might be especially tempted to go get some fast food.

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Look up sheet pan dinners, they're generally very fast to cook, can be seasoned any way you like, and can even be made faster by using pre-chopped or even frozen vegetables. 

When you do cook, cook with the intention of having leftovers, so you aren't cooking every meal from scratch. 

Eggs tend to be fast and easy -- cook up whatever vegetables you have in the fridge, then either throw in beaten eggs in the last few minutes of cooking and scramble it all together, or fry some eggs to put on top of the vegetables. 

I try to always have cans of tuna in the pantry. It's not my favorite, but it us super easy to mix a can of tuna with some mayo or smashed avocado, plus whatever veggies you like in your tuna salad, and then pile all that on top of a big pile of salad greens.

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