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Day 26 - Still looking bloated

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Hi Team,

I'm on Day 26 and I feel great. Physically, I feel like my body is getting the nutrients it needs and I can feel the impact of that in my energy levels. I am in this for health and wellness, and am happy to feel the way that I do. I'm hoping to make these eating habits stick for life! However, I'm surprised to find that I'm still looking sort of bloated. There's not a lot of difference in my appearance physically, not as drastic as the last time I'd done a Whole30 in August 2018. 

Wondering if maybe my diet isn't balanced enough? Hoping to get some insight on my typically meals. Appreciate your expert opinion! Breakfast, lunch and snacks typically stay the same. Dinner varies.



      2 eggs scrambled with red peppers, broccoli, and TJ's everything bagel seasoning

           Veggies cooked with 0cal TJ’s olive oil spray

Morning Snack:



     Salad with spinach, beets, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli

     1tbs of Primal Kitchen balsamic dressing

     1 hard boiled egg

After Gym snack:

     1 hard boiled egg

     1 apple

Afternoon Snack:

     ½ Avocado

     Salad with spinach, baby kale, roasted sweet potatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, raspberries

      1tbs of Primal Kitchen balsamic dressing

Dinner: (Today's dinner)

      TJ’s bison burger with guacamole and compliant bacon

     Side of steamed string beans

      Side of oven roasted sweet potatoes (cooked in EvOO)

Other typical dinner:

     ground turkey with onions & garlic cooked in coconut oil, with compliant tomato sauce

     served over zucchini noodles or cauliflower rice

     steamed broccoli or green beans or side of roasted sweet potatoes

Thanks for your support!



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I'm not sure if my suggestions will relate to bloating but I do have a couple comments on your meals.

For the 2-egg breakfast, you likely need to add more protein and a fat source in order to keep yourself going 4-5 hours. We encourage you to eliminate snacking, especially on fruits alone. if you desire to eat fruits, include them with a full meal once the protein, veggie and fat portions are satisfied (ie, don't let fruit push veggies off your plate). 

Lunch including only 1 egg as protein is not nearly enough. If eggs are your sole protein, a serving is as many as you can hold in your hand without dropping (usually 3-4 is a good start for most people). Again, you should be aiming to eat enough so that you can easily make it 4-5 hours between meals without having to snack.

If you are hungry and you do need to eat between meals, we recommend sticking with protein + fat or protein + veggies. Post gym food would be recommended as lean protein and starchy veggie. Fat (from the yolk) slows down protein uptake and fruit replenishes liver glycogen preferentially over muscle glycogen.

In summary; eat more. :) 


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