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Oh my goodness I’m so excited!!! I’ve gained about 35 pounds in the last year and I’m discouraged with dieting and feeling defeated all the time! I’m really pumped about this plan!! I LOVE that it’s not “dieting” that the benefits are so much more than weight loss! I’m turning 42 next month and I’m tired of blaming my age for my health!! I’m worth the effort, the challenge and the commitment!! :wub:

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This is my first whole 30! My daughter, a nurse practitioner midwive, who is very fit and active did the whole 30 with her stay at home husband/dad/cook/ school volunteer etc. the only thing she observed was that she slept better! She actually participates in a 5:30 am boot camp gym class. 

I have significant health issues - I’m significantly overweight, have diastolic heart failure which in turn causes congestive heart failure. I tend to retain fluids, so I already cook with and eat with no salt. I’ve been doing well, until today. I’m on day 10 and awoke already feeling exhausted. I have had crazy nightmares last night and the night before. I talked myself into going to my Physical Therapy session. Took it a little easy. I’ve been going for 6 months and plan to continue for another 6 months. I go 3 X a week for at least a full hour to an hour and a quarter or more. 

Im a retired teacher, retired, along with my husband of almost 52 years , from Los Angeles Unified School District, in 2009. We have 4 adult children, and  7 grandchildren. We moved to Spring,Tx after retiring to help out our older son with his then 6 yr old son while he worked and went to college and his son’s mother attended law school. We now live in the San Antonio area with our younger son, and his 18 yr old daughter, who will be a senior in High School in August. I’m 72 years young. My oldest daughter turned 50 this year. Her daughter, my oldest grandchild, is 29 years old and writing her masters thesis at UCLA and preparing and applying to doctorate programs. My youngest grandchild is turning 7 tomorrow in the Philippines, in Legazpi City. Our son is in the process of applying for permanent residency for  wife and his son’s mom- one and the same person. 

Good night all!



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