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Poo Questions

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So for my first post on here I need to ask about some poo issues...hooray...

I am not new to Whole30 and this is the first time I’ve had any problems. I did some snooping and I can find some information but not answers as to what’s going on or if I should change my diet a bit. My BMs are pleasant. Not difficult to pass and no smell. However they are not always solid and it looks like there are seeds or gains in them. I’m only on Day 4 and my diet was not good previously. I was trying to add more whole grains for heart health, but I was gaining weight and felt awful. Stopped eating whole grains a few weeks ago and started Whole30 this past Monday. Everything else feels great. My energy is up, my waist is less bloated, sleep is good! Crave sugar like no tomorrow but everything else is great minus the odd poop. No stomach pains or any other symptoms. 

Here’s my basic meals and I’m following the suggested portions  

breakfast: eggs and veggies cooked in oil. Mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, red yellow and orange peppers, and sweet potato. 

Lunch: grilled chicken or shrimp. Salad with tons of veggies or side of veggies. Whole30 approved dressing if I have slaked. Avocado 

dinner: meat like chicken, steak, deer and veggies like broccoli asparagus summer squash or zucchini  

too add fat I’ll have olives or nut (which I know can show up but it’s too much to be the little bit of nuts I’ve had) to meals when needed  

ive never had problems with these food types before  so I don’t think it’s a FODMAP thing  I’m out of ideas  



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Is the "seed/nut" looking poo stuff dark like coffee grinds? Or light colored?

I would probably say if your poos are pleasant and odorless and you aren't experiencing bloating or pain or discomfort, you're probably just adjusting to a revision in your diet. if you are concerned it's always best to seek out a medical professional though. (<-- legal disclaimer)

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They are light in color. I was thinking about asking my doctor if it continues. It’s just never happened before and I was like what?! Thanks for the response. Hopefully it will just take a few days of adjustment and I’ll be back to normal. Today was a little better 

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