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To bratwurst or not to bratwurst


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I have a business meeting Thursday night and I'll be Day 10. I've looked over the menu at a beer joint ;) and I have a couple options. (they make home brews and while it will be tempting, it won't happen)

For food choices I have the following:

One is the standard "grilled chicken breast salad" it looks pretty good. The other would be a goat cheese salad minus the goat cheese and add some grilled chicken.

Then I noticed bratwurst and beerwurst option with saurkraut and German potato salad. The brand for the suassage is Usinger. I'd skip the potato salad, but I'm curious about the wurst.

I can't find if these have added sugar.

Does anyone know?

Should I just stick to the salad option for the Whole30?


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Thanks! I looked at that but didn't see the buttons for the "nutrition information" the first time. I will skip it because the beerwurst has nitrates and I stay away from them. It might be something I'd choose after the Whole 30 as my 80/20 rule. But for Whole30 I'm working very hard to be 100 percent compliant, even if it means bring a snack and eat lettuce and water.

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