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Hot flashes worse?


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Hi. I don't know if that's related to detox or not, but I do know that when my weight changes just a little bit - up or down - I notice a few more flashes. This can happen sometimes after months of no noticeable flashes. I'm eleven years out from my hysterectomy and I really thought I'd be past that by now. I'm 61, if you need context.

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I experienced the same thing in the first week or 2.  I'm 55.  But they were not full heat, drenching hot flashes like in the past that are mostly over with.  These felt to be about 40-50% of the intensity of those and much shorter duration.  I'm on day 28 now and I haven't noticed them at all lately.  I don't have any science to back it up, but I think that "detox" is a good way to put it!

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