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  1. I felt and sometimes still feel the very same! My day 30 was on 9/10, but I'm reintroducing slowly and still doing full W30 on the in between days. I've had such an inconsistent relationship with food for so long that I'm still learning what is hungry and what is satisfied. I eat a LARGE amount of meat, a LARGE amount of veggies and an appropriate amount of fats when it's mealtime regardless of how hungry or not I was when I sat down. And when my plate is empty, sometimes I still feel something that I identify as hungry. How can this be when I've just consumed SO MUCH? I've been telling myself that whatever that sensation is, it's NOT hunger. I busy myself with cleaning up, talking to someone, slowly drinking a cup of tea or glass of Kombucha and then reassess. Usually after 15-20 minutes that sensation formerly known as hunger is gone and sometimes I'm downright full. I'm trying to aim for satisfied instead of full, so I make a mental note to have slightly smaller portions next time. I'll agree, that's it's... weird, that funny feeling after eating. But for me, I have to remind myself that just because my stomach (or whatever it is) has a sensation, it does not mean it's hunger. Maybe it's full and I just can't completely identify it yet? So basically, I have nothing helpful to add whatsoever other than to say, Me too!!
  2. Angelia

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    OMG - SO FUNNY! My Wednesday nights are always my challenge due to my schedule which is fully self-inflicted. I don't get home until after 9, but usually have dinner on the road (although I didn't last night) and then I sit my exhausted ass in front of the TV show Botched and I CAN'T LOOK AWAY!! It's like a car crash. Every Wednesday I remind myself that I'm going to feel like crap the next day if I don't shut it off and get to bed, but I want to watch just until the next commercial, then the one after that, then I might as well see the final results, then I want to see the intro of the next episode, etc., etc. I need to treat Botched like added sugar and just cut it out completely!!
  3. Angelia


    Almost 10 years ago I did this same thing for too long with beer. I would make this big to-do over sitting down to relax, watch a little TV and have a beer. Which often became 2 or 3 and almost became a problem. And it helped me to avoid (not manage) family stress and added to my weight problem. When I finally took a look at this problem I realized - I can sit down and watch TV whenever I want to, I don't have to be drinking a beer to do it! So basic. But it was one of the early steps in the right direction for me!
  4. Angelia

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    LOL, I love the pants bit! Mine get longer because my tummy gets smaller and so the pants sit a bit lower. My solution is to wear higher heeled shoes or boots until I have time to do or get alterations. Today was supposed to be reinto day for none gluten grains, but I think I'll also stay in my comfort zone and maybe try for that tomorrow. Oatmeal for breakfast, chips and salsa with lunch, rice with dinner. The only thing in that list that I really miss is oatmeal. Overnight oats with almond milk/cut up fruit/sliced almonds was a 2x per week staple before W30. My other dilemma is all the non compliant foods that I still have hanging around. Vanilla whey protein (artificially sweetened) in a container the size of a fish bowl, numerous protein bars also artificially sweetened, about $50 worth of very high quality jerky (beef, pork and turkey) that is made with added sugar. Sigh. I'm too cheap to throw it all away. If I try to work it in little by little, I'll still be at it this time next year!
  5. Angelia

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Hi Emma! I lost you there for a bit, but found you again and have now caught up. All of this (food/health/family/work/life) is an amazing challenge, is it not? I think one of the hardest things for us as humans is to find joy in everyday life. It is a constant work in progress. But you keep saying something positive with each post, so I believe you are on the right track! Now that I'm well past day 30, I'm weighing again and I'm pretty content with what I'm seeing. The usual ups and downs, but I'm averaging about 1 lb lost per week. The joy I continue to celebrate is the sugar dragon is now a tame little gecko. She can be ignored and brushed aside fairly easily. The one time she flared up was Friday night. Possible factors: end of a work week, daughter home from college for the weekend, added an extra gym session, not planning to have wine until Saturday. I was SO, SO glad I did not have anything at home that would have served as sugar dragon fuel! The urge was very concrete. But I got through it. It's an effort every day, but that day it was a big effort and I beat it!
  6. Angelia

    Starting Whole30 Monday Sept 16

    I hear you! I tried not to over talk about W30 during my 30 days which ended on 9/10, but the people around me often asked about my food choices and marveled at the quantity I was eating. When I described W30 most people would exclaim that they could NEVER manage to follow the rules for 30 days. I always replied that I'm fairly disciplined in the short term so it's not the 30 days I'm concerned about but the 335 that follow! I need to keep on the forum after my W30 more so than during! Good luck to you Sweetbrook! I hope your sugar dragon is as tamed as mine has been!!
  7. Angelia

    My Journey from a Day 31 perspective

    Now that the kids are grown, I have a little more disposable income so I also got braces and Lasik surgery. Both of these were VERY GOOD decisions for me! We're not getting older, we're getting better!!
  8. Angelia

    My Journey from a Day 31 perspective

    On Saturday, I joyously reintroduced red wine! I had been looking very forward to that!! And it went fine, no ill effects, no over consuming. I'm planning to keep this as a once per week item but will move to a dryer wine. One thing I did finally put my finger on last Saturday was how much my "taste buds" have changed. Some things that I never thought of as sweet now taste very sweet to me. I bought a few LARA bars to have on hand that I did not eat during my W30, so on Saturday I had one as a rushed snack on the way to a late lunch. I have never liked dates (but love figs), but dates are often used to sweeten recipes without sugar so I don't make those recipes. My LARA bar was nuts, coconut and dates - and I LOVED it! I was expecting to turn my nose up, but it was delicious. Then the red wine I chose was just a "dry red table wine", one if my favorites. It tasted so sweet to me that I actually wondered if they had mislabeled Sangria? My last example is strawberry skyr yogurt. Prior to W30, I could eat it but always thought of it as more sour/bitter than sweet. Yesterday it tasted like frosting! I really like this recalibration of my definition of sweet! So about the yogurt - I was planning to give it 2 days after Saturday wine before my next reintro, but my fella took me out to Sunday lunch to an Italian family restaurant. I was planning on a salad, but saw their Chicken Primavera. It was described as a "light and delightful grilled chicken dish over fresh vegetables and penne". I ordered it without the penne and it arrived SWIMMING in Alfredo sauce. When they placed it in front of me I thought - Well, I guess today is when I reintroduce dairy.... and I was SO GLAD this did not happen during my W30. I ate 1/2 the dish, then got the strawberry skyr yogurt for the afternoon, and then put plenty of shaved parmesan on my grilled shrimp and spinach salad for dinner. The Italian chicken dish was delicious, the yogurt was VERY sweet and the cheese on my salad was fine, but certainly not a requirement for next time. I think my bottom line is that I don't really miss dairy that much. I don't plan to add it back much if at all, but I won't make a scene trying to avoid it, either. So far today I seem to be a little "backed up", which may be a result of the dairy? However, I'm not planning to give any updates in that department. We don't need to know each other that well!!
  9. Angelia

    My Journey from a Day 31 perspective

    Thank you!! I AM in such a good space! There are before and after pics in my profile, if you can find that. I wouldn't have spent my youth dreading middle age if I'd only known how much I was going to enjoy it!
  10. Angelia

    My Journey from a Day 31 perspective

    Agreed! That is my plan after other reintro's. I'm not in a big hurry to get back to peanuts or soy, so I'm in no rush but I do want to know which is the guilty party.
  11. Angelia

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    Hi Kirbz! I just sent this to Emma in Your Post Whole30 Log, but since you asked...! BTW, my day 30 was Sept. 9. My NSV of the day - Due to busy schedules, we moved the celebration of my daughter's birthday up to last night. I made her favorite strawberry cake from my grandmother's old fashioned recipe, meaning it is dense and heavy and moist and delicious, but not too pretty to look at. And I DID NOT HAVE A SLICE! But to be fully honest, I did lick my fingers after slicing and serving others. (They are my family, they don't care... ) I made myself some sliced fresh strawberries and coconut milk, which was sufficient after the little tastes I got from the crumbs. I did not feel sad, I did not feel left out, I did not feel any enormous urges and I left the entire remainder of the cake at her house for her to share as she cares to! Thank you Whole30!! I feel so free!!
  12. Angelia

    Whole 30 (July 2)

    Great review Emma, thanks for sharing! It is awesome how well you recognize your improved energy and attitude!! I believe that finding joy in everyday life can be a challenge but you are meeting that challenge admirably! My end of journey story is on the Success Stories part of the forum. So far I've only reintroduced peanuts and soy, with mild consequences that I will investigate more after other reintroductions are assessed. Tomorrow is the formal reintroduction of RED WINE!! Yippee!! Trying not to be overly excited about that... My NSV of the day - Due to busy schedules, we moved the celebration of my daughter's birthday up to last night. I made her favorite strawberry cake from my grandmother's old fashioned recipe, meaning it is dense and heavy and moist and delicious, but not too pretty to look at. And I DID NOT HAVE A SLICE! But to be fully honest, I did lick my fingers after slicing and serving others. (They are my family, they don't care... ) I made myself some sliced fresh strawberries and coconut milk, which was sufficient after the little tastes I got from the crumbs. I did not feel sad, I did not feel left out, I did not feel any enormous urges and I left the entire remainder of the cake at her house for her to share as she cares to! Thank you Whole30!! I feel so free!!
  13. Angelia

    My Journey from a Day 31 perspective

    Well, this is very telling. Yesterday I had some peanut butter on 1/2 a banana with breakfast, soy sauce on tilapia for lunch, edamame with dinner and a small handful of peanuts (about 15-20) after dinner. Today my chronically drippy nose is drippy again for the first time in, oh, I'd say 31 days!! I have a mild headache and I also HIT A WALL about 22 minutes ago and had to go get an afternoon cup of coffee. Again, this is the first time I've needed an afternoon coffee since the middle of W30. So 2 full days of W30 eating before trying the next thing. After I've completed my reintroduction experiments, I'll go back and try just some peanuts or just some soy and see if I can determine which is the guilty party. Then maybe some pinto or black beans after that. I feel like a lab rat. A lab rat with a very good diet! (My work friends can't believe I've lost weight with all they have been watching me eat lately. Generated a lot of good cafeteria conversation!) This is awesome! I'm so happy with the knowledge gained!!
  14. Today is day 31 and I lost 4 pounds. I was hoping for 4 - 8, so not disappointed especially considering I've been eating like a lumberjack. Seriously. I've had ribeyes at least twice a week, handcut French fries under the broiler, everything sautéed in ghee and I've finished off 4 JARS of different nut butters. (Walnut butter is my fave.) I'm reintroducing legumes today, just to see what's up, but I'm planning to keep the general W30 thing going for about 14 more lb. with limited exceptions (my daughter's birthday next week, wedding in late Oct, etc.) Just FYI about my start - I'm 55. 5 years ago I weighed 274. After starting Zumba, then walking, then eventually running, then cutting calories, then adding weight training, then counting macros, I lost 105 lb. in 2.5 years. And I have been on a solid plateau since. W30 is my jump-off-the-plateau plan to get to my goal of under 155. My journey is pretty text book, days 5-6 I thought I was getting the flu! I had itchy skin on my neck and upper chest for 8-10 days in the middle. My constantly drippy nose has almost completely cleared up, except during the hardest workouts. Day 28 was literally the hardest day ever. I desperately wanted an English muffin, then a Snickers bar, then a cocktail, but I survived. Because I don't need it I don't have my 10am nor my 2pm cups of coffee anymore. I also don't have a snack after work anymore. I never mastered Pre workout meals. I'll focus on that as I continue. I have not seen a huge change in running or workout performance, but a dress I bought 2 summers ago that I could never really wear comfortably now fits well and looks pretty good on this ol' girl! My favorite W30 hacks are: 1. Breakfast sausage of ground pork seasoned with cayenne/cumin/paprika, hand-pattied and fried in the same pan as the eggs and spinach. 2. Steak sauce made with Murray's olive tapenade/tomato paste/Coconut Aminos. 3. I found the 2 W30 salad dressings I tried to be overly tangy, so I drizzled some tahini over my salads and added 1/2 the usual amount of dressing. 4. Plantains cut in half, then each half cut into 4 slices long-ways, then browned in ghee, served with a drizzle of coconut cream and a dash of cinnamon. 5. A wine glass of Kombucha to round out the evening while relaxing before bed (the spot formerly filled by wine). I honestly can't believe how fast this time went. After 1 week, it was all fairly routine. My biggest struggles were days with little structure which for me is Saturdays. I even managed to attend a couple of local baseball games with little difficulty. In the morning when I packed my lunch for work, I also packed my dinner. When I got home, I popped it in the microwave, took it in the car with me, and ate it in the parking lot before entering the stadium. (On both occasions, I sneaked in a La Croix and a baggie of mixed nuts. Shhhh....) Problem solved! Thanks so much W30 community! I have enjoyed reading everyone's questions, getting advice and growing healthier together!! Let's keep at it!
  15. Angelia

    Hot flashes worse?

    I experienced the same thing in the first week or 2. I'm 55. But they were not full heat, drenching hot flashes like in the past that are mostly over with. These felt to be about 40-50% of the intensity of those and much shorter duration. I'm on day 28 now and I haven't noticed them at all lately. I don't have any science to back it up, but I think that "detox" is a good way to put it!