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  1. And this is my second favorite quote of the day. I don't want to cheat my way through the entire season, but I plan to have a no-rules (or guidelines) day on 12/25! Including the big chocolate-peanut butter Reece's tree Santa always puts in my stocking!
  2. This might be my favorite quote of the day! Isn't this so true?? That is actually one of the ways I continue pursuing my fitness program, so I'm accountable to the hype. When someone says, "Oh my gosh, you didn't run TODAY, did you?", I simply love it when I can follow with a humble - yes.
  3. LOL! I'm victim to a consistently runny nose, too. Removing peanuts and soy seemed to help me the most with that. I quit my supplements for my W30 because of the soy oil base. Your fitness is impressive and inspirational!! I'm unfamiliar with many of the terms from your other post in the athletes forum, but I want to investigate now! Good luck! As you already know, one day at a time or even one meal at a time. You don't have to worry about the next 23 days, just your next meal.
  4. Angelia

    Biometrics report

    OH MY GOSH!! I just got back the medical summary from our yearly health screening at my workplace. I AM AMAZED!! For the past 5 years I've been actively losing weight, exercising and eating better. Each year my results have improved, but the jump in results this year is nothing short of miraculous!! I'm lucky that my glucose has always been good. My blood pressure was controlled by medication prior to 3 years ago when I lost just over 100 lb. and was able to discontinue it. Since then it has been in range and holding steady. But this is the great news: HDL (good) cholesterol is up 5 points. LDL (bad) cholesterol is down 14 points. Total cholesterol is down 11 points. Triglycerides are down 17 points. ALL my numbers are in the green/optimum range!! (Except BMI... Still working on that one.) THANK YOU, THANK YOU WHOLE30!! I AM SO HAPPY!! I was genuinely worried that all the meat and eggs I had been eating lately might have a negative impact on my health screening results. Silly me!! REAL FOOD is the answer!
  5. This will be my second mini reset since my day 30 on September 10. Peanuts seem to be the only thing I *need* to avoid. I've never been a big fan of legumes, so that probably means I don't know how to prepare the properly. I just had blood taken to get the health insurance discount at work. It will be interesting to see the difference in my cholesterol and triglycerides after all the meat I've been eating. If those numbers are trending the wrong way, I may investigate more legumes, too! My biggest concern is avoiding peanuts, gluten and added sugar. Got to keep that sweet tooth tamed!!
  6. I get that, I do. But one thing I did not count on... IS ALL THE MONEY I'VE SAVED!! I was online paying bills lately and I was rolling in cash!!! I was afraid I'd forgotten to pay something important so I started to look through trends from the past few months v. earlier in the year and I'm spending much, much less on food. I'm eating MORE, eating better, feeling better, losing weight very slowly and saving money. It's phenomenal. I also spend more time standing up and moving around the kitchen either in prep, cooking or clean-up instead of spending that time being sedentary looking at a screen. For me personally, I haven't missed a single thing by reducing screen time. I'm still mostly W30 except for sauces/condiments, breakfast meats, and wine. OK, and the occasional REAL dessert. But when I find myself slipping back into old habits, I take a W30 "break" for 4 - 5 days and go back 100%. That's usually enough to make me behave again.
  7. Angelia

    Full Body vs. Split Routines - Which to Choose?

    I believe my trainer would say BOTH but alternately. Do split routine for 2 weeks, then switch to full body for 2 weeks, then switch back. She would say - Keep your body guessing... "Oh my gosh, what is she doing? I've never done this before and I'm exhausted. BURN MORE FUEL (fat) !!"
  8. How's it going Amura? I feel like I need to do the same. I've been to several weddings and other celebrations this fall, my birthday was recently (which one must enjoy several times over with different groups: friends, family, work friends!) Thanksgiving is just around the corner, etc., etc. I'm afraid I have fallen off the wagon and it has run me over. This is a very good time for a reset - starting Friday, after my work friends and I have gals' night out!
  9. Angelia

    R1D31!!! I did it! My thoughts on how it went...

    Love this!! Isn't it great and greatly freeing to FEEL the difference??!! My day 30 was Sept. 10 and I'm continuing as close to W30 as reasonable for me. (Ex: now I eat ketchup sometimes, breakfast sausage sometimes, I don't order anything with cheese but if cheese comes on it I don't made a big fuss, red wine now and again.) And just now I'm starting to notice my portions have been too big. I'm actually satisfied with about 75 - 80% of the amount of food I've been eating since mid-August. During W30, I made my plate and ate the whole thing regardless. It was A LOT of food! Now I'm actually in touch enough to know I can stop before the plate is empty because I'm satisfied. HUGE STRIDES!! Congratulations! I can see a noticeable difference in both photos!!
  10. Angelia

    Possible pre-workout meal option?

    Well, now that you mention it, I'm not sure either...? I read the WHOLE30 book and that is what it suggests to get your body amped up and ready to start burning. In my mind running is a workout, so I was looking for ways for me to get in a pre-workout meal. I've been running routinely for about 5 years prior to my W30 and never had anything to eat prior to running, but if it would help my performance, my energy, my fat burning/muscle building then I was ready to try it. As stated, I've thus far not figured out something that works for me - so maybe I DON'T need this piece! How eye-opening! Thank you so much for your input, @slc_melissa and @True Primal !! At ease!
  11. Angelia

    Possible pre-workout meal option?

    Very good point, thank you! I guess I've been thinking almonds = peanuts, and "everyone" is always talking about eating peanuts for protein. Everyone except the W30 tribe! Thank you for the excellent suggestions. I love sweet potatoes and can certainly work with that. The protein is pricey, but looks ideal for my purposes. I have a hand-held immersion blender and I'm not afraid to use it. I'll give this a go next week!
  12. Angelia

    Possible pre-workout meal option?

    Heavens no! I do not ever feel overly hungry or tired or that my performance is suffering. I lost 4 lb. during W30 and another 3 lb. in the 5 weeks since. My goal is to lose 11 lb. more to hit "normal" on the BMI scale. I don't know why that's my goal, but it is... so continuing on this gentle path is working great for me! I run 5K on Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat mornings. I workout (45 min) at the gym on Mon/Wed and most Fridays, unless I get a better offer! *Sometimes* (2x per month max) I do Zumba on Tuesdays, Pilates on Thursdays, yoga on Saturdays. Just trying to keep my body guessing! I'm divorced and my 2 kids are grown, so fitness is my hobby now! I've also been working for the same company for almost 30 years so I'm well established enough now to LEAVE ON TIME and get to my activities. I started this pilgrimage in Feb. 2014 and have worked up to the schedule above. Thank you for asking!! If you care to and can find it, look at the photos in my profile. As I've stated before, I can fairly easily do W30 5.5 - 6.5 days per week and I feel great! The only thing I can't seem to master is the pre-workout meal. Sigh....
  13. Angelia

    Possible pre-workout meal option?

    Yes, I'm post W30, but I figure if the "chewing to make our body know it's time to start burning fuel for energy" works during W30, then it should work for me in my post ~ 85% W30 life style?? There is protein in the almond butter, but not a lot. I could add some protein powder, which I lived on prior to W30, especially if I can find some not artificially sweetened? My bigger problem is I'm TOO FREAKIN' LAZY to miss even one minute of sleep, so I want to eat something in the mornings that is as compliant as possible but doesn't take a lot of time to prepare and is not hard to digest resulting in GI issues during my run. I was hoping I had stumbled onto a *genius* W30 hack to meet all needs! Thank you for the links, I will continue to research and pursue!!
  14. I'm too old for the hormone train to run me over, so thankful for that! But I so agree with how much easier it is when you are following strict W30 rules than when we're flying solo! When people asked me about my W30 and exclaimed over how they could NEVER manage it, I always answered that it's not these 30 days that worry me, it's the 335 that follow. I love your guidelines above and doing much the same for myself. I lost 4 lb. during my W30 (day 30 was Sept. 10) and 3 more lb. since. I feel very good about that, this is very sustainable for me. One tip I learned elsewhere about guideline #7 (sweet treats) - the best bite is the first bite and the second best bite is the last bite, all other bites are just the ones in the middle. So limit yourself to 2 EXCELLENT bites! I pick apart my dessert serving until I have separated out the *perfect* bite and I savor it. Then I do that all again for my last bite. Yes, those 2 bites are pretty big bites, but not as big as the entire serving. Just wanted to share what is helping me! My biggest W30 benefit was getting over thinking I needed dessert at every meal and tricking my sweet tooth into thinking things are sweet that I did not think of as sweet before, like plain almond butter and dates. If you have this in your area, look for Kalot Superfood nut butters. THEY ARE WORTH THE MONEY! As long as I don't fall back into the habit of finishing each meal with a serving... Here I would like to say "Bless your heart!" and me, too - except my parents have a problem with alcohol, not desserts. It's like I've grown a tail and whiskers when I say no thank you to a beer, wine or cocktail. They are flabbergasted that non-drinkers exist. I started pouring myself a glass of Kombucha to carry around and sip. They finally left me alone when I told them this is a fermented tea. I guess the term "fermented" put them at ease... Cheer to us! We're killing this!!
  15. I'm continuing to struggle with a pre-workout meal. My post-run meal is called breakfast and my post-workout meal is called dinner, so I've got those covered. But getting some fuel at 5:30am and again in the car between work and the gym is perplexing me. Is this an option?? Over the weekend I made a smoothie with a gooey banana, almond butter and coconut milk THEN I PUT IT IN THE FREEZER! The next morning I took it out and thawed it in the microwave enough to be able to get a spoon in it. I added some blueberries and sliced almonds to the top and ate about half of it before my run. Is this an legitimate option since I'm using a spoon and chewing? Or am I cheating by making a smoothie? Just FYI, my W30 was up in early September, but I love how I feel and I'm working to stay W30 about 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 days a week.