I Quit Smoking and Started Eating— I start Whole 30 tomorrow!

Amada Grace

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Hi fellow travelers :) I am 30 years old, a secretary, a recovering alcoholic (4.5 years sober), and am currently playing whack-a-mole with other less destructive but equally distressing addictions. I quit smoking/vaping this past Monday and it has really been a tough week. I ate sweets every time they were around and as a result I am just feeling flat out ‘ugh’ in a word. I am committing the next 30 days to the whole 30 process in hopes of helping my body to recover and detoxify from the harmful chemicals that are transmitted through all nicotine products, and subsequent sugar that I’ve inundated my system with this week, to regulate my hormones as much as possible. I don’t have any food allergies or adverse reactions to foods, so I’m not troubleshooting anything like that. But I do notice a difference in my moods and spiritual connection, focus, energy, and sleep when I eat certain kinds of foods. I hope to gain more insight into how I can remove obstacles to living a full and unimpeded life through this journey. 

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Congrats @Amada Grace! So glad you are here. I am so proud of you for quitting smoking and vaping (and alcohol!). I quit smoking 7 years ago and I know how hard it is. Stay strong and pay attention to how much better you feel little by little every single day you get further away from the nicotine and the addiction. I think that doing a Whole30 now is going to be a great experience for you. You are already changing a lot you might as well go for it and change the way you eat too! Let me know if you need any help! You will find great resources here and on Instagram so make sure you check it all out!



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