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Seeds and Nuts


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Why are seeds and nuts specified as something to eat in moderation?  I’m confused / curious as to why a meat stick is preferable to a handful of almonds or pumpkin seeds.  I am not opposed to eating meat, but typically eat plant based 80% of the time so a meat stick gives me the heebie jeebies!

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Nuts and seeds are a fat source on Whole30. While they contain some protein, they aren't complete sources of protein like meat, eggs, or fish are -- they just don't have quite the same mix of stuff in them. So in general, you'll be eating less fat than you would protein.

Additionally, nuts and seeds don't have a great omega-3 to omega-6 ratio, so in large quantities they can increase inflammation.

Some people also find that nuts and seeds eaten in larger quantities can cause digestive problems, especially if they have any underlying digestive issues already. 

On a more psychological/emotional eating note, nuts and seeds are very easy to over eat -- you may see them referred to as "food with no brakes." If you're eating some protein, some fat, and plenty of vegetables at every meal, you're unlikely to overeat any of it, but sometimes with nuts, they hit that crunchy-salty-easy-to-eat sweet spot that causes people to just keep eating them, without realizing they really aren't hungry anymore.


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