Oatmeal, corn, rice...Which is the culprit?


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Hello :)  I followed the suggestion “oatmeal to your usual Whole30 breakfast, wrap your tacos in a 100% corn tortilla, add a side of rice to your Whole30 dinner.”   

The rest of the foods were compliant at each meal.  I did not feel well the next day.  How do I know which is the culprit? Are all non-gluten grains off the table for me or do I reintroduce each of those three separately (oatmeal at 3 meals, rice at 3 meals)? …or conclude if I react to oatmeal, I will react to rice, etc?  I’ve tried to reintroduce before, and was not very good at figuring out which foods I was reacting to. I just gave up and tried to eat Whole 30 as closely as possible. Would like to figure it out!  I appreciate the input. Thank you!  Elle

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If you really want to know which item affected you, you could do separate reintro days for each of them. If you feel like you could live without any of them, you could just say non-gluten grains aren't a great fit for you.

It might be that any non-gluten grains will affect you that way, or it could be one that affects you more, or it could be that if you'd had one serving of any of them, and then several days of whole30 eating, you'd not have noticed anything, in other words it could be a matter of how much you have of it. 

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