Worse digestion on Whole30?


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So I've been doing Whole30 for 4 years now on and off, in fact I'm currently on day 43 of my first Whole100. And while there are many amazing benefits, I've always noticed that my digestion seems to get worse on the Whole30. The diet does help with urgency/frequency, but it feels like when I'm off Whole30 and eating a lot more rice and occasional grains that I'm a lot more binded, in a good way. Is there something that I'm eating or perhaps not eating enough of on the Whole30 that causes basically daily diarrhea?

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Sorry to hear that, @gtinari - my husband is actually the same way - we've never figured out what it is that bothers him but a daily intake of rice or bread makes him feel a lot better. We're all different! 

Is there a particular reason that you are doing a Whole100 instead of just navigating your food freedom and including a bit of those things that do make you feel good?

As far as why - my guesses would be extra veggies, possibly more nuts/coconut/avocado than you normally eat when not on Whole30.

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