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On Day 8 - JUST found you guys!

Jamie No Pancakes

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Hey everyone!


i just wanted to introduce myself :) My name is Jamie and I’m so excited and already impressed by the program. I did it whole heartedly for two weeks starting 9/16, but ultimately took a four day “break” because I was able to skip town to visit my mother the weekend she was having a ladies weekend in Florida. Needless to say, I took the break the moment she handed my a mimosa after my surprise arrival.


I had already lost some weight, yes... I’ve been checking the scale, so I knew I wanted to jump back into the program when I arrived home. After a few days of not being totally committed, I jumped back in to my honest and resilient vigor, and here I am on Day 8. 

This program is teaching me how to actually cook, almost with a knowing opposed to arriving at the kitchen with no flipping idea of what to do to create some magical tasty food. 

Its really thrilling and I feel very empowered. I’d glad to know you’re all here and can’t wait to see where I’m at three weeks from now. Gratitude, light and love!




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