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Book Club Meeting at French-Vietnamese Restaurant


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Hi there! Today is my Day 1 of my first ever Whole30! I cleaned out my fridge and I am ready! However, I have a Book Club Meeting on the 15th at a local French-Vietnamese Restaurant. Here is their menu:


Any tips on how to navigate this!? The French and their delicious butter! Not going is not an option :)

Thanks so much in advance!!!

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You're probably going to want to call them before you go there, during a time they won't be too busy, and ask some questions. 

The bistro salad looks like a good option, just be sure you can get it with no cheese or croutons, you may need to take your own dressing or ask for just olive oil and either vinegar or lemon juice. Ask about the meat add-ons, which ones you could get cooked dry, no butter or sauces. Ask about seasonings, be sure there's no sugar added.

There was a steak listed, that might be a good option, you'll just need to confirm they don't cook it in butter or add butter, you'd probably have to leave off any sauces, they'll probably have dairy and/or alcohol. You'll want to ask about any vegetables or sides too, to see if you can get like plain grilled vegetables. 

Another option is to eat before you go and just have coffee or tea, or eat your protein before you go and just order salad. 

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