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3 hours ago, kevin petrone said:

Hi everyone

Just starting program and I feel like I have litle to no energy, feel sick-like. I also had a difficult time falling asleep last night.Is this normal? It's only my second day...

Hi Kevin;

This is not 'not normal'.  Depending on how your diet was before starting, energy can take a hit and some people feel 'sick-like' symptoms.  Make sure you're eating three meals a day matched to the meal template, drinking 1/2oz of water per pound of body fat and salting your food... then just take it easy on yourself, get extra rest and you should start to feel better.  If you want us to assess whether your meals are composed well, feel free to list out what you've eaten in the last couple days.

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Completely normal! You are withdrawing from sugar, which is intense. Hang in there for a few more days -- by day 7 you'll feel like a million bucks with loads of energy. BTW on the sleeping -- I even had nightmares and crazy dreams when I did sleep those first few days -- that's normal too.

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