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Whole 30 Journal - Weeks 1 and 2


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Day 1 – Monday 10/28 – Spent today travelling and in airports, so options were limited. Stuck with coffee, fresh fruit and then grilled salmon and asparagus for dinner when I got home.

Day 2 – Tuesday 10/29 - Meal 1 was scrambled eggs with olives, tomatillos, green onion and half a sweet potato. I was on the go today, so packed my lunch box with an apple, walnuts, 2 hard boiled eggs and the other half of the sweet potato. I was able to eat part in the car, and then bring the nuts and fruit with me in my bag. Work lunch provided catered sandwiches which I declined for my snacks. In the evening for meal 3, I had grilled salmon with roasted veggies – the Normandy mix from Costco, tossed in olive oil and herbs.

Day 3 -  Wednesday 10/30 – On the go again today. Meal 1 was eggs at a cafeteria in the building. Meal 2 was at the same location. They had a salad bar, so I had arugula, cucumber, olives, sunflower seeds, peppers and chicken, dressed with olive oil and vinegar. Meal 3 was at a restaurant, so I found an option for grilled salmon, asparagus and an avocado, tomato and cilantro salad. For snacks, I had walnuts and 2 pureed fruit packs I could easily keep in my bag. I found them at Costco, similar to applesauce. Costco Fruit Packs At night, I made roasted pumpkin seeds, with salt and olive oil and prepared roasted squash for later in the week. Squash was the ambercup variety, cooked with olive oil, allspice, salt, and just a hint of garlic.

Day 4 – Thursday 10/31 – After being gone last week, still haven’t had time for a trip to the store, so had almonds and fruit packets from the pantry for meal 1. Meal 2 was leftover salmon and roasted veggies from Monday with some roasted squash. For Meal 3, to satisfy a craving, I picked up ribeye, potatoes and fresh broccoli. Grilled the ribeye, baked the potatoes and served with tessame ranch and sautéed the broccoli in olive oil. Snacked on pumpkin seeds in the evening.

Day 5 – Friday 11/1 – Meal 1 was leftover ribeye, eggs and squash. Meal 2 was walnuts, zucchini basil soup and cod from freezer. Soup was frozen too from making bulk batches during bumper harvest of zucchini this summer. Recipe is here: Zucchini Basil Soup. Obviously, I don’t use sour cream, but I’m sure coconut cream would give a nice finish if anyone wanted it silky smooth. Snacked on almonds. Meal 3 was fish stew – cod, can of tomatos, potato, onion, broth, Italian herbs, old bay seasoning. Here’s a fish stew recipe, similar to what I made: Fish Stew Modifications include: added white potatoes to bulk up meal; no fresh parsley available, I omitted clam juice and white wine, but added hot old bay seasoning and franks red hot sauce. I love heat and spice.

Day 6 – Saturday 11/2 – Meal 1- leftover fish stew from Friday night; Meal 2 – ate out at a restaurant and had the zoodles with chicken. I requested olive oil instead of cream sauce and they did it. I finally made it to the grocery store, with a list and plan, so I could prep for the week. Meal 3 was sautéed shrimp, broccoli and squash with coconut aminos and sesame seeds.
Day 7 – Sunday 11/3 – Meal 1 –  leftover squash and 1 egg fried egg. Meal 2 was a family meal and one of my favorite whole 30 staples, Zuppa Toscana, thick soup with potatoes, sausage and kale. Here’s close to the recipe I used: Zuppa Toscana I made a double batch and used a little more potato, kale and sausage (2.5 pounds), so the soup was thick. I omitted bacon because I have a hard time finding sugar free. For the sausage, I used plain ground pork and made my own seasoning which was perfect: Italian Seasoning recipe. Meal 3 was grilled chicken thighs with taco seasoning and salad – lettuce, avocado, tomato, cucumber, carrot, celery, and onion. Dressing was Tessame ranch with chile garlic sauce and lime added. Again, I made my own taco seasoning to use for the thighs and for burrito bowls that I prepped: Taco Seasoning recipe

Day 8 – Monday 11/4 – Meal 1 – leftover Zuppa Toscana, easy to bring to work to heat up. Meal 2 was a beef burrito bowl I made Sunday night. Included ground beef seasoned with the homemade taco seasoning, cauliflower rice, tomatillos (finishing up what I harvested from the garden weeks earlier), onion, jalepeno, a spoonful of salsa, and then topped with half an avocado. I had a pear and almonds for a snack. Meal 3 was stirfry made of broccoli, carrot, onion, shrimp, garlic and coconut aminos.

Day 9 – Tuesday 11/5 – Meal 1 was a slice banana with frozen berries and 2 boiled eggs.  Meal 2 was a beef burrito bowl. Meal 3 was leftover Zuppa Toscana. I had a pear for a snack.

Day 10 – Wednesday 11/6 - Meal 1 was leftover zuppa Toscana. Meal 2 was a beef burrito bowl. Meal 3 was a family dinner that included grilled chicken breast, roasted white and sweet potato wedges (seasoned with garlic powder, onion powder and salt) and a chopped kale salad tossed with tessame dressing, olives, carrots and sunflower seeds. During the day, I had a pear, almonds and lara bar for snacks.

Day 11 – Thursday 11/7 – Meal 1 was the last of the zuppa tosacana. Work was busy, and I wasn’t hungry so I skipped lunch and had half a lemon RX bar, a chomp stick, and veggie pack  (carrot, celery and radishes) on my commute home. Meal 3 was grilled salmon, leftover potato wedges, and salad made with more tomatillos, cucumber, avocado, cilantro, jalepeno and lime dressing,


Reflections/NSVs: Week one went well despite not being able to prep and plan. I had the benefit of past whole 30 experience, so I knew what was compliant and what was off limits. Starting out, I had mild headaches off and on through the week, and was fatigued, but felt good by the weekend. Week 2 has been awesome. On the days I work, I’m up really early, and away from home for a minimum of 12 hours, depending on what the day looks like and traffic. Having meals prepped and plan written out make the whole 30 much easier. This week, I’ve had good energy, have exercised 4 days this week, and have been good about going to bed early. Motivation has been high and is fueling goal setting in other places of my life. The weekend is almost here and I’m looking forward to catching up on sleep, getting ready for week, being productive and having some fun. 


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Day 12 – Friday 11/8 – Meal 1 was leftover grilled chicken and kale salad with tessame ceasar dressing, sunflower seeds, carrots and olives. Meal 2 was finally the last zuppa toscana. Meal 3 was the best, pot roast with potatoes, carrots, a little chicken broth and herbs in the instapot. This was only my 3rd time using it, but it turned out perfectly. I went to the store to restock on veggies, fruit and meat.

Day 13 – Saturday 11/9 – Meal 1 was 2 eggs over easy with sweet potato hash browns cooked in coconut oil with some green onion. Meal 2 was leftover pot roast, potatoes and carrots. Meal 3 was grilled sausage and green salad. This was the first day I felt a little off and had cravings. Between meals 2 and 2 I snacked on leftover hash browns, pot roast, a chomp stick, and a cashew cookie lara bar. I was tired too and napped late in the day which threw me off.

Day 14 – Sunday 11/10 – Meal 1 Breakfast – 3 scrambled eggs with half an avocado. Meal 2 was leftover grilled sausage and sautéed kale. Meal 3 was the last of the leftover pot roast, potatoes and carrots.  No snacks today and I don’t feel any of the snackiness and cravings I experienced yesterday, so I’m back on track. Energy was high too, I had a great work out at the gym and spent a good portion of the day in the yard cleaning up leaves. For the week, I prepped chicken burrito bowls, made a batch of zucchini mint soup with the last of this years’ garden, and portioned out meals to take to work for the week.

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Day 15 – Monday 11/11 – Meal 1 - tuna with olive oil and kalamata olives. Brought soup to work, but didn’t have time to heat it up. Meal 2 was a chicken burrito bowl with avocado (included ground chicken, homemade taco seasoning, cauliflower rice, tomatillo sauce, and cilantro). Snacks included apple, almonds and an rx bar to fuel before a work out. Meal 3 was my favorite this week, Korean beef and  cauliflower rice. Here’s the recipe: https://www.thehealthnutmama.com/paleo-korean-ground-beef-cauliflower-rice/ I subbed purred pineapple for the honey.

Day 16 – Tuesday - 11/12 – Meal 1 wad tuna with olives again, and zucchini soup. Meal 2 was a chicken burrito bowl with avocado, and apple. Meal 3 was stew meat beef cooked with green chile sauce over cauliflower rice. Snacks included a lara bar, banana and almonds.

Day 17 – Wednesday 11/13 – Meal 1 didn’t happen today, so I only had coffee in the morning. Lunch was zucchini soup and leftover Korean beef. Meal 3 was leftover beef with green chile sauce. Snacks included pineapple, banana, almonds, and an egg, and I got a run in.

Day 18 – Thursday 11/14 – Unusual day to react to, so again, Meal 1 did not happen, so coffee until about noon. The real meal 1 was early afternoon and was leftover green chile beef with cauliflower rice. Meal 2 was rotisserie chicken, radishes, cucumber. I get snacky when I don’t eat earlier in the day, so snacks in the evening included almonds, banana and an egg.

Reflections/NSVs: Feeling good this week, and I love how not drinking alcohol feels. I've been listening to podcasts and reading material to explore extreme moderation or even abstinence moving forward. I had more sweet cravings this week than the first 2  weeks (rx bar, lara bar, bananas), but I worked out Sun/M/Tu/Wed so I'm not concerned. Pants are fitting better too and I feel more trim. Mental clarity is at a 10.

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Day 19 – Friday 11/15 – Meals one and two were the last of the leftover beef with chile verde. I had a lara bar before my work out and olives for a snack. I ate late morning and later afternoon, so I skipped my last meal so I wasn’t eating right before bed. I’m trying to space out meals and snacks so that there’s at least 3.5 to 4 hours in between, but also not eat too close to bedtime. That’s a struggle on week nights. If I work out after I get home from work, I’m not eating until 7pm or later, and then I try to be in bed by 9pm to leave the house by 5am the following morning.

Day 20 – Saturday 11/16 Meal one was a favorite from my 2nd whole 30, kale and potato hash with a few eggs https://whole30.com/whole30-fast-easy-2/ Although the eggs look really pretty on the baking sheet, I cooked them separately because I knew I’d have leftovers that I would freeze. I’d rather cook the eggs fresh each time. Midday I was running around doing errands so I had fruit and nuts for meal two. Dinner was grilled ribeye and asparagus. Day

21 – Sunday 11/17 – Meal one was leftover potato kale hash with a few eggs. There’s one portion left that I’m freezing for later. I had a banana before going to the gym and had the best work out I’ve had in awhile. For dinner I made a whole 30 jambalaya, and froze extras for later. https://whole30.com/whole30-fast-easy-2/

Day 22 –Monday 11/18 – Meal one at home which was 2 eggs, zucchini soup and an avocado. I’m travelling for work this week, so meal two was in flight. I brought an RX bar, then had water and coffee. Upon landing, transporting to and then checking into my hotel, I then took a 4 mile walk which helped refresh and revive me. For meal three I ordered a salad for take out from a nearby restaurant which was spinach, chicken, dried fig, onion, mushrooms, almonds, and rotisserie chicken. I ordered with no dressing, and instead a small side of guacamole.

Day 23 – Tuesday 11/19 – Meal one was fresh fruit and scrambled eggs. Meal two was catered in and I went with salad with romaine, bell peppers, olives, onions, tomatoes, and two beef kebabs. Meal three was 3 chicken kebabs, and I had to wipe off a suspicious looking sauce. I also had some cucumbers and almonds. To round out the meal, as I was still hungry when I got back to my hotel,  so I had an rxbar and some nuts. It was annoying being asked about drinking water, but there were other people not drinking alcohol so I wasn’t alone, and no one asked too many questions.

Day 24 – Wednesday 11/20 – Meal one was again fruit and scrambled eggs from a cafeteria at work. Meal two was a salad with spinach, chicken, egg, onion, and balsamic vinegar. I wasn’t given options to order from, so I’m thankful something was compliant! Meal three was in the airport on my way home, so I had an RX bar, meat sticks, and an avocado when I got home. Reflections/NSV – My energy level was as close to tiger blood as it’s ever been over the weekend. Sunday was the best workout I’ve had for months. For the first part of this week, I definitely had more nuts and RX bars than I would like, and I really hope I didn’t unintentionally ingest any non-compliant cooking oils on my trip. However, work trips, dinners and celebrations are a requirement for me right now and I’m proud of doing the best I could.

Day 25 – Thursday 11/21 – Meal one was a smoothie with avocado, berries, banana and spinach. Meal two was a pumpkin mash, with canned pumpkin, banana, pumpkin pie spice and pecans. I had an RX bar as a snack, and then Meal three was leftover jambalaya with cauliflower rice. Weirdly, I wanted to give up today because much of my pantry was off limits. I think the sugar dragon is awake. I feel like I overate today.

Day 26 – Friday 11/22 – Meal one was leftover jambalaya and cauliflower rice. Meal two was an avocado, rx bar, and sliced cucumber. Traffic was awful coming home, so stopped for dinner at a restaurant….a first for the month, and ordered a burger and garden salad. Ordered with no cheese, and mixed everything together…lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, pickle, beef…so good!

Day 27 – Saturday 11/23 – Meal one was leftover kale potato hash (from the freezer) with 2 eggs. I didn’t eat until after noon, so I snacked on an orange later in the afternoon, and some fruit puree before the gym. Thanksgiving shopping happened today, and I’ll secretly do a few whole 30 compliant sides, although I’ll be done by Thursday. In anticipation of leftovers, and Thanksgiving itself, I want to have good food options to rebound. I don’t plan on going crazy on Thanksgiving, but I will have pumpkin pie, cranberry and probably some stuffing. At the store, we picked up some sausage to grill, and I made a side of sautéed mushrooms, asparagus and onion with garlic and rosemary. Feeling really good today.

Day 28 – Sunday 11/24 – After a yoga class, came home and made a scramble with my leftover veggie saute from last night – 2 eggs, asparagus, mushrooms and onions. The next meal was leftover sausage from last night with mustard. Later I had an apple, then just tea before bed.

Day 29 – Monday 11/25 – Meals one and two were both leftover jambalaya with cauliflower rice and an orange. In the evening I had a pureed fruit packet and some hazelnuts. A migraine started and I’m nauseous.

Day 30 – Tuesday 11/26 – I had a biometric screening scheduled today so I couldn’t eat until afternoon. For my first meal I had a garden salad, minus the cheese and croutons, and a hamburger patty with pickles, tomato and onion. My next meals was on old favorite. Chicken slow cooked with garlic, rosemary, apples, onion and celery. The celery is supposed to be cream of celery, but instead I pureed the cooked veggies and apple with a little coconut cream. It’s my “holiday” chicken. My head hurt off and on all day.

Day 31 Reflections/NSVs – Head still hurting this morning, but happy to have my 30 days complete! I plan on doing the slow roll approach. Although I’m sure things change over time, I’ve done the 10 day introduction in the past and have a good pulse on what agrees with me and what doesn’t. I don’t feel I need to go through a structured reintroduction. For Thanksgiving tomorrow I’m making some compliant sides and will have a few indulgences. After tomorrow, I’m planning on having my compliant left overs, and I have a whole 30 meal plan for the next few weeks to stay on track through the holidays. Mixed in are a few holiday events and parties, and I’m hopeful that having a plan will make healthy habits easy to return to. I’m allowing the freedom to be relaxed this next month, and then do a full whole 30 in January if needed. I feel more confident that I have before on sustaining good habits and finding balance.

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

@Coffeelover99  It sounds like you've recognized that a little bit of balance goes a long way!  There was an instagram post today from Renaissance Periodization about how there are up to 11 meals between Thanksgiving and New Years that could be "problematic".  But so many people are like: screw it, it is the holidays, I'm eating whatever.   This post really resonated with me because I'm definitely in the f-it camp and this perspective really highlights how just a handful of meals shouldn't be the reason to throw all self-restraint out the window.  I remember reading a statistic once that most "annual" weight gain actually occurs during the holidays (and is just never lost) and accumulates year after year.  But that doesn't have to be the case if people approached it more like it sounds you are :)

Screenshot_2019-11-27 Renaissance Periodization™ ( rpstrength) • Instagram photos and videos.png

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I was hoping to find some others that were starting during the holiday. I’ve reached out to a coach and she urged me to really think about if I wanted to start this time of year. My gut is telling me YES do it! But my logical brain is saying maybe you should just wait. But you know I think I’m just going to go for it! CoffeeLover and LittleG did you already start?

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Hi TriciaLeigh! I started this Whole 30 back in October and it ended right before Thanksgiving. My journal title (week one and two) is misleading, if there's a way to change it, I'm not sure how. Anyway, I agree with scoakley13, go for it! It took me a week or so to recover from Thanksgiving, and I got sick, but now I'm pretty much on track. I'm keeping my meals mostly Whole 30 based, with the exception of legumes, noodle soup and ezekiel bread this week. I wanted to be relaxed through the holidays for social obligations that all revolve around food. However, I'm making a big effort to abstain from sugar and alcohol. I like the earlier post in this thread from one of the whole 30 coaches with the math. From Thanksgiving to New Years, there's 108 meal opportunities, so if I do my best to eat well for 90 of them, then in my book I'm doing good.  In January, I plan on going back on a Whole 30 to support my sister and reinforce good habits from my November Whole 30 and December Food Freedom. If I was doing a real Whole 30 this month, I would have to eat before going to events, and then plan on bringing a compliant appetizer, dish or side. Good luck to you and cheers (with lacroix and lime twist) :). 

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