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  1. scoakley13

    Whole 30 bodily side effect

    @Bueller My guess is a hemorrhoid or anal fissue became irritated and the extra cleaning has irritated it more. My go to product for anything below the belt is A&D Ointment/Diaper Rash Cream. (Generic is fine for most things but I recommend brand name for this.) Great stuff and gentle enough for baby bottoms!
  2. scoakley13

    Whole 30 Journal - Weeks 1 and 2

    I started a Whole30 the Monday before Thanksgiving last year and went all the way through Valentine's Day (my boyfriend's birthday) and it was awesome! I encourage you to go for it!
  3. scoakley13

    SchrodingersCat needing the accountability diary!

    I started Whole30-keto hybrid about four months ago and have never felt better. I still do dairy here and there but stick closely to Whole 30 principles and limit my carbs to under 20 per day. I have so much energy now I feel like I’m on drugs (in a good way). Good luck and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
  4. scoakley13

    lactose intolerant

    I don't think it's true. Once you finish your Whole30 and begin eating dairy you may experience some stomach discomfort until your body gets used to it again. My understanding is that your stomach develops a protective lining in order to aid in digesting dairy and that lining can go away during your Whole30. However, it builds back up again as you continue to reintroduce dairy. I've done multiple Whole30's, 21's and even a 75 over the past two years and I eat dairy almost daily with no issues.
  5. scoakley13

    Whole30 and seizures

    I am neither a doctor nor a medical professional of any kind. Low carb diets have been used to successfully treat epilepsy and seizure disorders for many years. Whole30 isn't necessarily a low carb diet like keto is but your carb intake has probably been reduced since you've cut out added sweeteners/sugar. I'm not telling you to start a strict low carb diet but something (sugar) you've taken out of your diet since starting your Whole30 may indeed be contributing to the reduction in your seizures (sugar is evil). Good reads if you're interested: I do hope that everything continues to improve for you.
  6. Your dizziness may be from not having enough salt. If you were eating a lot of processed foods before you started your Whole30, your sodium intake has been greatly reduced and that can make you dizzy. When it happens to me I lick my finger, dip it in table salt and then lick it again. I usually do it a few times and it always helps me. Whole30 will get your hormones aligned if you stick with it but it takes a little bit. Right now your hormones are all wonky and that may be why your period is early even though you’re on the pill. That’s probably also the reason you’re not hungry in the morning. If you stick with it you’ll start waking up really hungry (happened around day ten for me) and that’s one way you know your hormones are starting to align. Lastly, there is no failing a Whole30. You decide to start it and you decide whether you finish. It doesn’t make you a failure if you don’t finish. It makes you human. I started my first Whole30 in July 2017 and ate ice cream on day five. I started again the next day and again lasted five days. Third time was the charm for me and I was able to go all 30 days. I wasn’t a failure the first two times - just a human who really liked ice cream.
  7. scoakley13

    Issues with leafy greens

    I dealt with digestive issues for a couple of years and ended up reading a book on Traditional Chinese Medicine hoping to remedy the issues. The book said to think of your stomach as a pot of stew. Anything you add to it has to be warmed up in order to "cook". So if we eat things that are cold or uncooked, it takes our stomach longer to heat them up and start to digest them. It really made sense to me because I can eat a steak and be fine. However, if I eat a salad I end up looking like I'm nine months pregnant within 30 minutes or so. Now I limit my salads (and only drink room temperature water as that cools your stew down also) and it has helped me tremendously.
  8. scoakley13


    1. You need to check your attitude because the moderators on this forum are volunteers and deserve a little respect. Shannon definitely goes above and beyond with her explanations of how things work and has been a tremendous help to a lot of us who Whole30. 2. The Whole30 is free. All you need is the list of what's not allowed and the meal template. You may spend money on books or special products but neither is necessary in order to complete a Whole30. Changing and updating everything is expensive. I'm sure they could reprint the books every time a change is made if they decided to charge us to participate in the program. I didn't eat white potatoes during my first Whole30 because my copy of ISWF was published before they changed that rule. I accidentally (and happily) discovered the update by using the forum (for free) and didn't have to buy a new, updated copy of ISWF. 3. I run, hike or weight train five or six times per week. I've done multiple Whole30's, random Whole21's and even a Whole75 and have never eaten a pre or post workout meal. They're not necessary for me and they might not be for you either. Or you may need to do it the original way but you may be better with the new way. Only you can determine what works for you in that regard. So yes, you will need to do a little research and figure out what works best for you.
  9. scoakley13

    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    You’re welcome!
  10. scoakley13

    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    In all of my years of Whole30'ing and Paleo, I've never found a sugar free Italian sausage. I buy a pound of ground pork and use my own spice blend. And when I say 'my' I mean Mel Joulwan's. I keep a little bottle of the mix on hand at all times. Good stuff!
  11. scoakley13

    Starting July 16!! Successes and woes!

    @Beckha99 Exercising is usually difficult the first two weeks or so on Whole30. I’m a (middle-aged, overweight) runner and the first 17 days I felt like I was running uphill both ways with lead shoes on. On day 18, I dropped a full minute off my average pace. So don’t get discouraged - it really does get easier once you become fat adapted. @Jihanna A pair of SuperFeet inserts should help. My ankle seizes up and I get shin splints if I don’t have them in my shoes. I like the berry but they have several options. They’re a tad pricey but worth it.,insoles,running
  12. scoakley13

    LadyWolf's Whole 30 Log

    I'm not sure if this recipe is close to what you're looking for but it's delicious!
  13. scoakley13

    Energy drink

    No worries
  14. scoakley13

    Energy drink

    @coachmandiep - I was trying to figure out why since it's not being used as a sweetener and decided to go look at the Common Additives sheet in the downloads. It says it's acceptable. I didn't think to look there before I posted my question. Sorry!
  15. scoakley13

    Energy drink

    Is inulin allowed if it's being used as a prebiotic and not as a sweetener? I sometimes use inulin powder to aid in digestion. I'm not currently doing a Whole30 but like to do one every few months or so. This is the powder I use. I mix it in water so I'm not using it as a sweetener but it is sourced from blue agave.