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  1. scoakley13

    Need some help DIYing it

    I've attached the two that I came up with for myself. I go grocery shopping on Friday night in case you're wondering why I started both on Saturday. menu planner 2.xlsx menu planner.xlsx
  2. scoakley13

    Starting whole30 6/1/18 They are absolutely delicious! I started another Whole30 on Tuesday and it's what I had for dinner the first night.
  3. scoakley13

    Achieving is believing

    Love this! And congratulations on all of your accomplishments.
  4. scoakley13

    FODMAPS Questions

    I have IBS-C and bloat after every meal regardless of what I eat. I tried low FODMAP a few years ago and it did absolutely nothing for me except make me realize how much I rely on garlic and onions for flavor. Drinking a cup of 100% peppermint tea after I eat is the only thing I've found that gets rid of my bloat 100% of the time.
  5. I read somewhere that men lose pounds and women lose inches. That kind of helped me stay off the scale and just rely on my measuring tape when/if I want to check progress in that area (pre and post-Whole30's, of course).
  6. scoakley13

    Started Tuesday, April 17th!

    I started my Whole42 that same day (I turned 42 on the 16th). I'm glad you're doing well and keep it up!
  7. scoakley13

    Alternates to Beef Sticks

    Yes! They are delicious!
  8. scoakley13

    tired + stomach issues - day 17

    I eat tuna salad every morning for breakfast for protein and fat and immediately follow it with boiled, plain sweet potatoes cubes for my veggie. I can't eat them together but I start on the sweet potatoes a minute or two after I'm done with the tuna salad.
  9. scoakley13

    Rural area....

    Click on my username and then hit the little envelope in the middle to send me a private message. Below is the book I own. It's the original one by the people who created Whole30. It might have more information than what you want but it's a great book. It also has all the rules and those simple recipes (that your child/ren would also enjoy) in the back. There's another book titled "Food Freedom Forever" that I think is for after your Whole30 and then a few recipe books but I don't have any of those.
  10. scoakley13

    Rural area....

    On your phone, hit the "HOME" link at the top of the page. Select "MENU" and there's a list of different pages. Select "RESOURCES" and there are a bunch of things you can download - the rules, the meal template, a shopping list (ignore the fancy stuff), etc. Also, I own "It Starts With Food". I've read it and it's just sitting on my bookshelf. If you feel comfortable, you can send me a private message with a mailing address and I will be more than happy to send it to you. I don't have any of the recipe books (I refuse to buy the cow when I can get milk for free on the internet) but the original book has some very simple recipes in the back that I used when I started my first Whole 30.
  11. scoakley13

    Rural area....

    @NikayaSmith - There was a poster on here once who said "We all hold each other up" and I thought that was the best thing I've ever read on the internet. No one is frustrated with you, no one is offended by anything you've said. I appreciate your tenacity. It's inspiring. And for the record, I'm sick of eggs so I eat tuna salad everyday for breakfast (fat and protein) and then eat plain, cubed, boiled sweet potatoes right after (for my vegetable). I don't like the two together so I finish the tuna first and immediately eat the sweet potatoes.
  12. scoakley13

    Rural area....

    I live in a small town that only has a Kroger and Walmart and I refuse to order food online. I'm also a single mom on a tight budget and I'm not paying $10.00 for a bottle of $2.00 salad dressing. I've successfully completed three Whole30's in the past year. You don't need fancy sauces and a gourmet kitchen so you can prep 7 course organic meals. I promise. I don't like butter and have never really cooked with it (even my pre-Whole30 days). I cook with olive oil. So pork chops, eggs, etc. can be cooked in olive oil. People talk about the heat point of it and how other oils are better. Blah blah blah. I've never had any issue with olive oil. Any time I roast anything (meat, veggies, etc), I just drizzle it with olive oil, salt and pepper. I'm a big believer in "low and slow" so I typically set it at 350 and just keep an eye on it. This is a staple in my house: You don't even need a Dutch oven if you don't have one. I've used disposable aluminum pans covered with aluminum foil before and it still turned out perfect. That blog is also one of my favorites for recipes. Everything I've made has been simple but so delicious. Just learn the rules of Whole30 because not all of the recipes are compliant but can usually be adjusted. A lot of recipes I use do call for ghee (tastes so much better than regular butter) so I make my own. I buy organic butter when it's on sale for the same price as non-organic. I couldn't find cheesecloth locally so I did have to purchase that on Amazon. It was only like $4.00 though and has lasted me over six months. This is the recipe I use for ghee: I have found an extra low sodium by Starkist that is compliant and the same price as the other tuna. Just make sure you read the label - mine reads "tuna, water, sea salt". It shouldn't have anything else in it. The place that you bought your tuna might even let you exchange it. I've been able to that that before at both Walmart and Kroger when I've grabbed the wrong item. You can do it and you don't have to do it fancy and you don't have to do it expensive.
  13. I couldn't function without peppermint tea.
  14. scoakley13

    Tuna with vegetable broth - start over?

    You're not because I thought the same thing. My tuna reads: tuna, water, sea salt.
  15. scoakley13

    Muscle Cramps

    I take a magnesium supplement for my bones/joints and a potassium supplement for my muscles (regardless of whether I'm doing a Whole30 or not). I jog, bike and hike and the two supplements keep me pain and cramp free.