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  1. scoakley13

    Energy drink

    No worries
  2. scoakley13

    Energy drink

    @coachmandiep - I was trying to figure out why since it's not being used as a sweetener and decided to go look at the Common Additives sheet in the downloads. It says it's acceptable. I didn't think to look there before I posted my question. Sorry!
  3. scoakley13

    Energy drink

    Is inulin allowed if it's being used as a prebiotic and not as a sweetener? I sometimes use inulin powder to aid in digestion. I'm not currently doing a Whole30 but like to do one every few months or so. This is the powder I use. I mix it in water so I'm not using it as a sweetener but it is sourced from blue agave.
  4. scoakley13

    Mighty Bars

    The only compliant one you listed is the Chicken, Egg Yolks and Apple Bar. The Bison Bacon Cranberry one has brown sugar and the last two have honey.
  5. scoakley13

    Pandora’s Whole 30 log

    Congratulations! You look great! I don’t comment much (I’m more of a lurker) but I’m proud of you for finishing after your struggles during your first round. You really do look great and I know your clothes being too big feels great.
  6. scoakley13

    Reintro v2.1 - Day 16 Breaking the Rules

    I weigh myself every morning. I completed my first Whole 30 in August 2017. I didn't do it to lose weight but was hoping to gain control over binge eating. I too am an obesity survivor - I'm 5'2" and weighed 225 pounds in 2008. I was 168 pounds when I began my first Whole 30 and am now 145 pounds. I'm in better shape at 43 than I was at 23. I run and hike and eat compliantly about 95% of the time. I never say I'm doing a Whole 30 because of weighing myself but it keeps me on track and I don't plan to stop. Don't be like me, kids.
  7. scoakley13

    Can you develop an allergy?

    My understanding is that your stomach develops a protective lining when you consume dairy on a regular basis. The lining sheds when you go without dairy for a while. One of the mods discussed it once but I couldn’t find the thread. The same thing happened to me after I completed my first Whole 30 - horrible stomach pains, gas and loose stools whenever I ate dairy. It settled down and I was able to eat dairy again after a week or so of regular consumption.
  8. scoakley13

    Need some help DIYing it

    I've attached the two that I came up with for myself. I go grocery shopping on Friday night in case you're wondering why I started both on Saturday. menu planner 2.xlsx menu planner.xlsx
  9. scoakley13

    Starting whole30 6/1/18 They are absolutely delicious! I started another Whole30 on Tuesday and it's what I had for dinner the first night.
  10. scoakley13

    Achieving is believing

    Love this! And congratulations on all of your accomplishments.
  11. scoakley13

    FODMAPS Questions

    I have IBS-C and bloat after every meal regardless of what I eat. I tried low FODMAP a few years ago and it did absolutely nothing for me except make me realize how much I rely on garlic and onions for flavor. Drinking a cup of 100% peppermint tea after I eat is the only thing I've found that gets rid of my bloat 100% of the time.
  12. I read somewhere that men lose pounds and women lose inches. That kind of helped me stay off the scale and just rely on my measuring tape when/if I want to check progress in that area (pre and post-Whole30's, of course).
  13. scoakley13

    Started Tuesday, April 17th!

    I started my Whole42 that same day (I turned 42 on the 16th). I'm glad you're doing well and keep it up!
  14. scoakley13

    Alternates to Beef Sticks

    Yes! They are delicious!
  15. scoakley13

    tired + stomach issues - day 17

    I eat tuna salad every morning for breakfast for protein and fat and immediately follow it with boiled, plain sweet potatoes cubes for my veggie. I can't eat them together but I start on the sweet potatoes a minute or two after I'm done with the tuna salad.