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Shoping List for Beginners


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What recipes do you like/are comfortable making?  Totally possible to do Whole30 without any "special" products, so don't feel like you need to buy a special, say, approved salad dressing if you don't want it/won't use it.  (Nothing wrong with buying special products, nothing wrong with not buying them either.) 


Meat / Eggs / Fish that you like and will prepare/eat  (Me: eggs, chicken, and ground meats.)

Vegetables that you like and will prepare/eat (Me: asparagus, broccoli, bags of greens, jars of artichoke hearts, bags of frozen vegetables)

Cooking / Eating Fats that you like and will prepare/eat (Me: Olive Oil, Olives, Avocados.)

I know this post comes off as slightly unhelpful, but it's so variable.  If you don't like/won't eat/ don't know how to prepare a certain type of food, although it might be a staple for someone else, it won't be useful in your personal journey.  

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Hi Morgan! 

I usually go to Pinterest and choose 2-3 recipes to meal prep for the week that look good and grab the ingredients for those. Then I’ll pick up eggs, chicken sausage, chicken breast/thighs, frozen salmon filets, compliant frozen veggie mixes, sweet potatoes, avocados, and olives. I’ll also grab a few veggies that I know I’ll eat, like red peppers, broccoli or asparagus. I like to make sure any of my “variable” (not in a recipe) purchases will either keep well or will definitely be eaten because grocery shopping on Whole 30 can be expensive and I don’t like wasting food. Just make sure you grab proteins, fats and veggies in each trip so that you’ll get all your nutrients and be satisfied!

If you love salads I’d grab a primal kitchens/tessamaes dressing or two. Don’t worry too much about buying the Whole 30 approved packaged foods though (like dressings, mayo, ketchup etc) as I’ve found I don’t really need them. I stick to spices to add flavor, that way I won’t get stuck in a dressing/dip habit and go back to Hidden Valley after a whole 30. 

Good luck on your whole 30!! Don’t overcomplicate it. Go for things without labels, and if it has a label make sure you read it. You’ll do great!! 

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