Day 1 today!

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My husband and I are starting our Whole 30 Journey today! We already eat fairly healthy and clean but removing dairy will be the biggest challenge as we eat quite a bit of cheese and cream cheese. Thank God for coconut milk, coconut cream and ghee! I'm excited to experiment with all the yummy recipes! 

I suspect dairy is our biggest culprit in inflammation so I'm curious to see how we start feeling. I had a recent bout of reactive inflammatory arthritis and my husband has type 2 diabetes that is not really controlled very well by meds or "eating right." 

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!


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Welcome, Tami (and husband)! 

It sounds like you have a very real WHY you are doing this Whole30. Hold on to that as you go along. There may be moments when you're not as motivated as when you started, but my experience is that the people who are clear on why they are doing the Whole30 and reintroduction are most likely to embrace the journey and learn from it. I love hearing you say "I'm curious to see how we start feeling." That curiousity will serve you during this self experiment. As you notice them, try to reflect on NSVs (non-scale victories!)-- maybe your sleep will improve, skin might get a little clearer, achy knees may be less achy.... :)

You may have read this article already, but if you haven't, it's full of great tips! https://whole30.com/dietitian-success-tips/

Best to you and your husband on this journey!

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Hi Tami!


I'm on Day 3. I went through the program 3 years ago... it made me think about food differently in a good way. Trying again!


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