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WHOLE30 is amazing and Imitation crab is evil


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I finished my first WHOLE30 adventure 2 days ago and have been feeling so good that I decided to keep going for a few more days before very slowly introducing only some of the banned foods back in. I decided to try to keep off of sugar and gluten and reintroduce some grains and dairy while keeping my diet veg and fruit heavy. Seriously, I feel soooo much better. My acid reflux is 95% gone, and it was pretty bad, daily bouts even with PPIs, I feel lighter and have tons more energy than I did a month ago, it’s been fantastic. I’m even getting much better at cooking, I’ve had lots of practice this last month  

Anyway, today, day 32, I picked up some imitation crab at the grocery store, they were out of Dungeness crab and I was craving some melted ghee with shellfish. Big mistake! Within an hour of eating it my acid reflux came back and my stomach felt really bloated. I looked up the process for imitation crab and turns out the fish is heavily processed and mixed with wheat and/or corn. Ugh... I feel like I just undid 31 days of work and I’m shocked at how quickly my body reacted to it. I didn’t eat much, around 3 sticks of it. I hope I’ll feel better again by tomorrow but looks like I’m going to keep away from gluten and grains, as well as any processed foods. Bummer, I did not intend to reintroduce any foods today. 

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