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  1. Are you on a round? Pimms isn't compliant, no alcohol is. Ginger wine also not, and lemonade probably not depending on ingredients, but I don't imagine there's a compliant one.
  2. The above recipe is amazing - I keep a jar in my fridge, even off round.
  3. Salt can make you thirsty, and too much of it can be toxic, but dehydration is actually treated with salt - your body dehydrates, sweats out the salt, and that's what causes the worst of the sickness.
  4. Pineapple juice can be excellent for coughs. I know that we're discouraged from drinking juice generally, but he could try a few sips after coughing?
  5. Sorry for huge pics! They're not mine, they were posted in a group I'm in.
  6. This tuna carries the Whole30 logo (even on their website ) but Chili Lime variety contains coconut sugar. Labelling error?
  7. OFFFF THEEEE RAAAAILLLLLS OK, this whole mid-week staycation motel thing has really thrown me. M1 and M2 yesterday were as planned, but instead of planned M3 we decided to try a new restaurant in the area, I had planned on the salmon with potatoes and greens and sririacha bernaise but when I got there I went "screw it" and got the seafood pasta. Then I ordered a dessert for maybe the first time in 10 years? Plus there was wine. All worth is, it was amazingly delicious, and aside from a slight, but well deserved hangover, it doesn't appear to have wrecked me. However, as I have n
  8. Hi Ang, just saying hey from a fellow Aussie - I've done multiple rounds (I have food triggered vestibular migraines) and am now working on a "food freedom" that is mostly W30 but with deviations. I'm tracking it all in the post-Whole30 section. I love having fellow Aussies to share compliant finds with (we seem to miss out on a lot of the good stuff the USA gets!)
  9. So last night went off the rails a bit - they didn't have the salad (or any salad) on the menu so I ended up going "stuff it" and having the ribs with slaw and baked potato. It was delicious, and I'm not sorry LOL. I am, however, sorry about the wine - at least my head is. Blergh. We're back at the hotel tonight but will eat here first and only go there when it's time to settle in for bed. M1: boiled eggs, baby beets, rocket and mayo (I am loving this combo!!) M2: Chowder M3: Pork chops with roasted veggie medley (tomatoes, eggplant, zucchini, celeriac, carrots, snake bean
  10. OK, so no connected toilet in the house til Thursday, so we have a hotel room. It's been a bit of a trial and we're exhausted, so tonight we're eating at the bistro at the pub - I'm having a Mediterranean salad (zucchini, eggplant, capsicum, olives, rocket, feta cheese and balsamic and oil) will grilled lemon herb chicken strips. This is one of those "I know the cheese isn't compliant and I doubt the chicken will be but I have thought about it" meals.
  11. All the uh-oh, is it Covid symptoms are gone today, I think it was my body trying to stooge me because we had tradespeople over. I was sooooo tired last night, so early to bed. Annoying that I had to get up 3 times for the toilet, because I had to come all the way downstairs, where we had to leave a light on, and the toilet is rudimentary at best so it really woke me up each time. Managed to get back to sleep though and did actually get a decent sleep. If we don't have a proper, working toilet tonight we are going to grab a local hotel room for the night. M1: boiled eggs, baby beets,
  12. Another weekend gotten through. We had bathroom renovations starting today and it is STRESS, but at least for the mess the houses is in, I have full kitchen access. Turns out to be a bit bigger than we expected, but it will be worth it in the edn. Because we don't have a shower for at least 2 weeks, we will be going to the local public pool to have a swim and then a shower, either first thing in the morning (depending what time they are going to start each morning) or after work. The extra exercise will be welcome and maybe even habit building. I'll also be getting up much earlier th
  13. Saw the GP today and have a referral for full blood panels, as well as tests of my sore arm. Dinner was a scotch fillet steak with a ghee fried egg, sauteed broccolini and zucchini and white sweet potato chips.
  14. Still cranky, but coming to terms with the fact that it's actually life that's bothering me, now that I don't have a permanent food/booze hangover I'm starting to realise that I'm not happy with a number of aspects of my job etc and it's all getting me down. Here's to working on that, eh? Spent the weekend getting the house ready for renovations in the bathrooms and laundry - the whole place is a bun-fight but I still have full kitchen access so it should be ok. Yesterday's food was: Leftover scotch fillet with cauli fried rice and hot sauce Pistachio and pomegranate crust