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  1. Dijon Mustard

    I find that organic dijon tends to be compliant
  2. Shakeologt

    Beachbody makes me so mad. They try and use the Whole 30 to get people on board, and preach clean eating. while selling the most processed shakes out. It's such shameful tactics.
  3. Netflix - What the Health

    Even the vegans I know are labeling What the Health as shameful, cherry picked fear-mongering.
  4. Kimchi vs the no added sugar requirement

    Saw that at Woolies the other day! They have refurbed and have a whole new range of stuff you otherwise never would have seen at a big chain.
  5. Members Mark. Smooth and Creamy Almond Vanilla Milk

    That's the nutritional profile. What are the ingredients?
  6. Olive Oil Substitute

    I really like avocado oil...
  7. Cold waxy coconut milk

    Sounds like the fat has separated out?
  8. Start date 7 August!

    ARGH!!!! I now have 2 inescapable, uncontrollable set menu dinners next week. Wednesday and Thursday.
  9. Home canning and curing meat

    I frequently brine and cure bacon without any sugar - it isn't necessary for the process, it's just an added taste. I do like to add other flavours, I did a 100%cocoa coffee cure for some loin bacon recently which was great.
  10. SWYPO Question

    In doing research to get ready to start my W30, I see this sooo much. It's like playing telephone, the food list gets passed along with none of the actual theory or rules and people create all sorts of things are dub them "Whole 30 compliant" when they're plainly not.
  11. Start date 7 August!

    Gearing up to kick off next week! The plan for this weekend is to make and freeze plenty of compliant beef and chicken stock, smoke fish for breakfasts/lunches, get some compliant bacon curing, and do some meal prep.
  12. August 7th Start Date

    I'm quite looking forward to kicking this off! Plan for this weekend is to make and freeze a few litres each of compliant beef and chicken stock, smoke some fish and get some compliant bacon on to cure and pre-prep some breakfasts.
  13. So I woke up this morning knowing I have 2 events in the next 2 weeks which won't be compliant, but determined to make every other day compliant until I can property start on 7 August. Make tea in travel mugs as usual, green tea with lemon myrtle for me, black tea with a sweetener and milk for the hubster. The sweeteners we use are these tiny little pill things, and I fumbled one. I was pretty sure it rolled under the microwave, no biggie, popped out another and off we go. Start drinking my tea on the way to the train station and lo and behold - it must have dropped into my cup. so the very first thing to pass my lips on the very first day I decide to commit was non-compliant. I drank it anyway. It was too darn cold out to not have my tea on my walk. PS - sweetened green tea is pretty gross.
  14. This is old, but Mae Ploy Green Curry Paste is in Australian supermarkets and is compliant, Just in case anyone else is looking.
  15. Recommendations for Chicken Broth?

    I'm really looking forward to making my own broths and freezing them for later use. Luckily I have a big chest freezer! I have found a couple compliant ones in the grocery store in a pinch, but man are they expensive...