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  1. SchrodingersCat

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Good morning day 22! Very cranky this morning, though not diet related, I'm sure. Coffee is helping, somewhat. I was just thinking, last night was the first time this round I have had white potatoes, and I've had very little sweet potato, too. Not really sure why, I've just been avoiding them. I have a bit of a history of restricting foods, so I need to make sure that isn't a factor. I'm not really missing them though. OOF, my pelvic bones are SORE after that ride! I hope they get used to it, I really enjoyed it but I'm not sure if it's worth walking bow-legged. Might make myself something snazzy for lunch, I've been on the leftover train, which is all very responsible, but I feel like something just for me. Maybe poached eggs on broccolini with hollandaise. We shall see. Really not sure on dinner. It's a chilly old day here, so something warming would be good.
  2. SchrodingersCat

    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    I'm the same with the working from home. I love it. I hate what it's doing to the world, but for me personally, if I could stay working from home forever, I'd be happy. I am exercising more, my house is clean, my yard's in order, I've got stuff done that I've been putting off for literally years. And the cooking is fantastic!
  3. SchrodingersCat

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Thanks guys!! @doubledee it's good to see you around! I love to log, it has become a daily ritual for me, and I like going back and seeing what I ate previously Plus I get to chat to lovely people like you! @ShadowInTheKitchen I feel like I'm so much more in tune with how I'm feeling now, it's a real eye opener. Maybe it will stick this time around! Day... 21! 3 weeks down, and it really doesn't feel like it! So I got out there this afternoon and serviced my bike, made sure it was in working order (it was!!) then went and got a shiny new helmet (purple, like my bike) and went for a ride! Only 30 minutes along the bike path on the river, a bit of gentle hills and enough to get my heart rate up! I forgot how fun (and hard!) bike riding was. Plus how even wide saddles aren't very comfy , hoping I'll get used to that! I'm lucky to have a long bike track near my house with really nice scenery. Meal 1 was the last of the turkey stew with cauliflower Meal 2 will be potato latkes, shredded Greek lamb shoulder topped with roasted cherry tomatoes and coconut sour cream, with braised broccolini and beans.
  4. SchrodingersCat

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    So here's a thing - Not drinking during lockdown is making me cranky. Not because I want a drink, that's not bothering me at all, but because I sleep great, don't have vertigo or general malaise, and I'm sooooooooo bored. There's only so many walks I can take, my house is clean, my garage is empty and organised, my food is prepped, I'm learning ASL, I'm playing Xbox, and I'm soooooooo boooored. I'm much better at doing nothing with a glass in my hand. Thing is, I don't even want a drink. My husband is still drinking on weekend nights and the smell of wine on his breath makes me a little queasy sometimes. This isn't about me craving alcohol, it's about me feeling better than I have in months, having energy and having NOTHING to do with it! ARGH!! Maybe tomorrow I'll line up a good playlist and go for a long drive.
  5. SchrodingersCat

    Lowered Cholesterol, Lost Weight, Improved Mental Health!

    Amazing!! And very inspirational! I'm so happy for you.
  6. SchrodingersCat

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Meal 1 was small, and meal 2 is late so I had a mini meal of the leftover beef sausage and a couple of dill pickles. I had water first and waited to make sure I was really hungry, but I was. I had a lovely bath this afternoon, I don't do that often enough. Not sure what I'm going to get up to tomorrow, if the hubster is studying again (which he was today and I think he is tomorrow), nd the weather isn't awful, I might pack the doggo up and take him for a hike.
  7. SchrodingersCat

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Day 20! I have to say, this has been my easiest round so far, but probably due to the 100% of meals being at home, no office, no invites. It does limit the chances of messing up. But I also haven't craved anything, despite being pretty cranky. Meal 1 today is leftover buffal chicken ribs and slaw Meal 2 will be 7 hour slow roasted lamb shoulder with roasted root veggies and sauteed brocconili and beans
  8. SchrodingersCat

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    I did your 30 minutes, plus mine, plus 40 more! I took the doggo for a long walk because I knocked off at lunch, and ended up walking too far one direction before realising we had to walk back, lol. The perils of a good playlist! Meal 1 was turkey stew with cauliflower Meal 2 will be buffalo chicken ribs with chimmichurri/mayo slaw - yum!
  9. SchrodingersCat

    Ready for R1!! Start 5/24

    KILL ALL THE THINGS!! Haahaa I'd suggest a workout to burn some anger, but that did the opposite for me
  10. SchrodingersCat

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Ugh, of COURSE I immediately get told I have a teleconference on Monday, lol. Ah well.
  11. SchrodingersCat

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Day 19. Ugh, had huge post written, accidentally deleted. Long story short - NSV, bought super cute t-shirt in Paris last September, immediately come home and put on a buttload of weight, just tried shirt, it fits. Woot! FRIDAY! Not that weekends mean us doing any more leaving the house than during the week, but the no alarm is nice. No ideas on food today. Meal 1 will be leftovers of some description, I have a sausage, and I have chicken tikka masala. So one or the other. Fridays I tend to like something a little fancy for dinner, but I'm currently at a loss for what that might be. Thinking I might take Monday as a leave day and have a 4 day weekend. Just coz.
  12. SchrodingersCat

    Kirbz's Whole30 Log

    Congrats! That's an amazing list of non-scale and scale victories!!
  13. SchrodingersCat

    Round 4 - FIGHT!

    Dinner was one of my beef sausages (got too full for two), sauteed cabbage with balsamic reduction, pan fried broccolini, and roasted celeriac and radishes.
  14. SchrodingersCat

    Today was day one!

    Welcome and congrats on getting started! Lockdown has got a lot of us needing a round I hope you find this forum as great a resource as I have!
  15. SchrodingersCat

    Shadow’s May 2020 Whole30

    Cilantro is such a weird thing, apparently some people carry a gene which makes it taste soapy to them! It's really one of the most divisive foods out there. That hash sounds really good! I love the sweet and spicy combo.