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  1. No. More. WINE!!! All food has been compliant and I'm still feeling good. But back on track until my birthday. M1: sauteed broccolini and asparagus with fried eggs M2: A snacky veg platter with tzatziki, and meatballs with dipping sauce M3: Macadamia an lemon crusted flake with broccolini, asparagus and sweet potato chips
  2. UGH. OK. So. I stayed compliant food-wise all weekend, but had wine all 3 days. It's that slippery slope, and it was a weird and emotive weekend. Back on track 100% today, however. Didn't do a lot of food prep- yesterday was a couch and movie day, hubster needed a decompress. M1: Tuna patties and carrot soup. M2: Not sure yet, need to have a browse and see what's there. M3: baked turkey drumsticks with gravy, mashed cauli and potato, and sauteed broccolini
  3. M2: Salmon patties with mayo and a whole bunch of fresh off the plant sugar snap peas my neighbour dropped over. M3: Rib eyes on the Weber, Weber sweet potato rounds, asparagus and broccolini with pesto Got my garden planted - oregano, thyme, parsley, coriander, basil, pak choy, silverbeet, spinach, tomatoes. I still need to get an eggplant, capsicum and a cherry tomato. Also mowed the lawn, jarred up my sauerkraut, neighbour also brought me a ton of carrots, still covered in dirt, so I scrubbed them up and now they're in the pot for carrot, celeriac and ginger soup. Fun
  4. CONFESSION TIME - I had wine last night. It wasn't a slip, it was a conscious decision to join my husband for a couple of glasses on a day where we got some pretty.... shocking news. It needed unpacking and mulling, and wine was appropriate. The small victory is that it was only wine, I didn't use it as an excuse to have anything else non-compliant. SO Day 1! Still woke up stupid early UGH. But it's a nice day and gardening is on the cards. Feel a bit dusty from having wine but that's deserved and I'll learn from it. So long as it was just that one night, and doesn't become the weekend
  5. OH, and I forgot my big complaint - I love sleeping well, I love having energy but DAMMIT body, please go back to sleep when I wake up at the crack of dawn!! I'm not a big morning person, I don't want to get up, and I'd like more than 6 hours sleep PLEASE! I go back to sleep ok if it's dark when I wake up, but when the sun is up, I am too.
  6. Thank you! I think loving to cook and make delicious meals makes this SO much easier, plus it's my lockdown hobby and I have time from working at home. Yeah, I sit here in our lockdown with 300 cases a day and look at other places in the world where they have thousands and are open but with really high cases and hospitalisations, and I don't know which is worse. Hubster and I both have significant underlying conditions, and even vaxxed I'm scared what getting Covid would mean for either of us (especially him). Anywho. It's Friday! as per last week, this means looking forward to waki
  7. Same!! I'm now realizing that even if I didn't drink much of an evening, it was affecting my sleep and making me feel a bit crappy in the morning. I like waking up feeling good. I did just realise that my Day 31 is my birthday, however, so that's going to be... interesting.
  8. M1: Thai curry pumpkin soup and leftover char sui pork M2: salmon cakes, spicy mayo and rainbow slaw M3: Crispy skinned chicken marylands with sautéed carrot, broccolini and not sure what else yet. I'm finding I'm a lot less hungry and my meals are getting smaller. Still fitting the template, but I am usually a volume eater and now I'm stopping when satisfied. It's good! I have to say though, day 4 of mid-afternoon gastric distress is getting a bit old...
  9. Day 11. We just recorded the highest day of cases since this time last year, when we were in our first really long lockdown. I don't see how we're getting out of it any time soon, and I'm starting to really worry about Christmas, as my parents and family are in another state, with no cases, and with a hard border with my state. If I can't go home for Christmas, I'm going to really lose it. We're seriously house shopping there right now, because we're sick of this. Anyway. Sigh. Another nice day today I believe so there will be the lunchtime walk, and some Ring Fit later. I have
  10. M1: Red Thai curry pumpkin soup (missed a protein serve with this meal) M2: Spicy chicken breast with rainbow slaw and chimichurri mayo M3: Lamb koftas with lemon tahini sauce, grilled sweet potato rounds, and baby spinach, rocket and pear salad with balsamic vinaigrette and toasted pine nuts. Hour long walk (GLORIOUS day, it was just delightful and the doggo was so happy to be meeting other dogs and getting pats), and Ring Fit (loving that actually, it's quite the workout).
  11. Thanks @MadyVanilla it's good to see you back! No headache again this morning! Yay! I've got to say though, I'm sleeping well until I get woken up and once I'm awake, I'm awake. I know a lot of that is other stresses (lockdown corona etc - I wake up and just want to check the news) but I really miss going back to sleep, and I think it's impacting my energy later in the day. Good weather here so aiming for a lunch walk, and some Ring Fit in the evening. It's a silly game but surprisingly challenging, and making me move a lot more of my body than I do just walking. Knees are a bit cra
  12. Hey hey, welcome back! Wouldn't it be nice if we actually retained out wealth of knowledge from previous rounds LOL. Go you getting started without the prep! I know what you mean about being mentally ready to go, and just needing to jump in there. Looking forward to seeing you around
  13. Yummm scotch eggs! I haven't made those in yonks and never thought about making them W30 friendly, but that would be easy! I'm inspired, I'll make some this weekend. I'm with you on the tiredness of an evening, I'm starting to feel good during the day but by dinner time I'm ready to eat then bed. Agree with the no alcohol paying off - I'm also at 10 days and the difference is huge.
  14. M3 was indeed fish, we had salmon steaks and seared scallops in a coconut lime sauce with stir fry Asian veg. Was yum, even H really enjoyed it!
  15. Depends on the other ingredients, you're not just looking out for sugar. What else is in them?