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Day 17 and ready to quit


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Hi! Let me give a little background story. I am a 30 year old mom of two who eats very healthy with occasional sweets. We’ve been eating 100% refined sugar free for 2 years and other than the occasional sweets we keep that as our focus. 
I started whole30 because I feel tired a lot. And we do sleep enough so I couldn’t figure out what it was. which is why I thought, maybe it’s food that triggers it, enter whole30.

Now, I am on day 17 and I have to say I am kind of disappointed. I haven’t felt any difference whatsoever. No cravings, no headaches, no energy.. nothing! 

I truly want to finish the program, but an added problem is ‘time and money’. I always cook my own meals, but with whole30 I spend so much time in my kitchen cooking and doing dishes. Which takes away time from my kids and business that I just started. And with that also the money. We just set up our business so we are super tight. I budgeted it in, but it’s still not enough to cover costs..

So with the time and money being tough, I just wish I would feel any difference whatsoever! I can continue for 3-4 more days before having to do groceries again and I am already anxious because of that receipt at the end.. ugh. I am just not sure if I think it is worth it since I don’t see any difference (and me already eating healthy..) 

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I get anxious about the groceries too. I did paleo on my own about a year ago and I was stressed everytime I went to the store, so I know the feeling. Do you have an Aldi? Aldi has helped me so much! My husband and I have agreed to spend a little more for these 30 days to see the effects. We have had great effects but dealt with a lot of tiredness and adjustments. And yes, many dishes as well!!

It is challenging because you are not seeing any payoff and investing a lot of time and energy. You have less than two weeks to be done with the Whole30, if you are able to do it for that time, you may feel better that you completed it. You've really come so far! 

If you like tuna, you can get that pretty cheaply, and other things I've done is make a tray of chicken from Aldi and eat that for lunch for a few days. Sweet potatoes are inexpensive and if you cut those up and roast them, they make a great filling meal along with your protein and fat. Slowcooker is helpful too. If you need more encouragement or a buddy to help you through these last few weeks, just let me know! 

We are on Day 27, and it's been on and off with feeling great and times, tired at others. We are busy though, two working parents with kids in activities. Overall, feeling really less foggy and a big change.

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Sorry you are struggling. Can you tell us about the past few days, what you've eaten at each meal and how much? Snacks?

How are your sleep hygiene habits? Are you turning off all screens at least one hour before bed or using blue light blocking glasses?

You say you've just started a business - how are your general stress levels? Stress can throw everything off. 

What are your caffeine habits? How much do you consume? Do you stop before noon?

A gentle reminder that it's a 30 day program, so give it 30 days. If you're stressed out about finances, check out this thread on budget shopping.
Make sure you're adding plenty of good fat to your meals, it gives you a lot of bang for your buck. Cabbage, onions, whatever meat or produce is on sale (don't forget canned fish, usually a great deal) are things I turn to when I really want to go on the cheap.

You can do this!

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