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Arbonne Digestion Plus


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Does anyone know if Arbonne Digestion Plus is allowed on Whole30? Furthermore is it recommended or should the lifestyle change itself help regulate this in general?


Package states "<1g added sugar" so answer is probably no, but wanted to get an idea of whether this could be good after Whole30 when trying to incorporate other foods to maintain general health. I'm not one to add many additional supplements, but with the craze these days, thought a probiotic couldn't be too harmful.

Thanks friends for your help and guidance - appreciate your time!

Ingredients are in attached image.

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 3.49.54 PM.png

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I could be wrong, but as far as I can tell it's fine... I don't see anything that screams "non-compliant".

Chicory, chamomile, and ginger are all compliant; bacillus coagulans is a beneficial bacteria; the enzymes all seem fine (including the papain from papaya and the bromelain from pineapple); the other ingredients also seem fine, since gum acacia is listed as allowed, tapioca starch is okay, and cellulose is plant fiber. My guess is that the tapioca starch is where the "added sugars" are coming from, since it's an "other ingredient" and is quite high in natural carbs/sugars.

In general, though, we ignore the nutritional panel (calories and carbs with sub-items) and focus on the actual ingredients (chicory root powder on through the tapioca starch).

A mod will certainly correct me if I'm mistaken :) 

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