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Question on supplements


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The "MegaMen" vitamin says it contains soybeans (automatically not compliant), and it also contains stevia leaf and caramel color, which also wouldn't be compliant. (Caramel color is a sneaky sugar.)

"Thermo Igniter" I can't tell, because the ingredients list is cut off so there could be something there. I'd personally prefer to get my caffeine from coffee or tea rather than from something with artificial colors, but I don't think the artificial colors are non-compliant.

The CLA looks fine, but there's no information about the source of the glycerin for the capsules. I'd assume it's not soybean oil, since there's also no note about it containing soy.

"Waterex" is not compliant, again because of caramel color.


For those that seem ok, unless a mod pops in to say something that's slipping my mind at this point, I'd say it's a personal call. I went out of my way to avoid the artificial colors and such during my own rounds, because I wanted to get the very most I could out of it all; but I also didn't go into this with a gym-ready body, nor did I have big plans where exercise was concerned, so I had no worries at all that I might not get everything I needed from my food (without supplementation). Again, that's a personal thing that might not apply for you, though :) 

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