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Orange Urine?

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Sorry for the TMI! Confused as to what this might be indicating. 
So, all day today my pee has been a very pale orange. I’m drinking plenty of water and I’m on day 11. 
Possibly relevant - I think I’ve had heat exhaustion the last two days; when I realized what it was I decided to quit yard work early. (Lots of sweating, stomach cramps, diarrhea, shivering, fatigue) I have been feeling a lot better this afternoon and evening. 
Is pale orange pee a whole30 thing? I want to read my body’s cues and give it what it needs!! 
thanks, and stay hydrated!!

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Hello I Have it too, and I am personally not worried about it.

Darker coloured urine happens when the body eliminates toxins and goes through a phase of acidity (due to this elimination process). It generally is darker in the mornings.

I am on my 9th day of W30 and experiencing darker urine. I tested it with ketones levels strips, and turns out in am in ketosis, which justifies the darker colour. 

Throughout the day, it gets clearer as I drink loads of fluids to support the eliminating process.

Basically, cutting off carbs and processed foods from your diet is very beneficial for your body. It gives it the opportunity to "clean up" your insides. The "waste" then is eliminated through sweat, breath & skin (your tongue should be white in the morning no?), urine, and poop!

Note that supplements (such as Vitamin C or multivitamins), as well as foods heavily charged in beta carotene can contribute to changing the colour of your pee.

Doctor's advice is always a safe bet, But I hope my insights help and reassure you :-)

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